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BAGUS BALI SUNRISE will be the right choice for you nature lovers with hiking hobby, use for sport, or also for those who just want to remove the saturation of the noise from the city atmosphere.

Forget the beauty of the city, forget the beauty of the beach, let us take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the morning with fresh air, and feel the warmth of the morning sun with a cup of coffee with a different taste in the top of the mountain.

BAGUS BALI SUNRISE is the experienced trekking guide and tour service with mix of recreation, adventure, sports, as well as an introduction to the culture and customs in Bali.

Founded by Nengah Koma Irawan, the man who was born in the village of Batur, really want geopark Kintamani caldera region growing and increasingly known to the whole world.

Love the nature and promote Mount Batur Trekking as the main program, so for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur, do not hesitate to join us.

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Mount Batur Trekking Sharing Tour Group

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