Besakih Temple

Besakih temple was originally built in a village called Hulundang Basukih, and is now known as the village of Besakih.

Besakih name is taken from the word "Basuki" which means "savior".

According to the story Besakih built by Rsi Markandya and followers around the 11th century. At that time, Rsi Markandya want to go to Mount Agung to build a resting place. However, the construction process is interrupted because of the death of his followers due to an illness. To save his followers then Rsi Markandya create a place of worship to God as savior.

Located in the village Besakih Besakih, District Rendang, north-west of Mount Agung about 62 km from downtown Denpasar.

When in the travel of Ngurah Rai airport takes about 2.5 hours drive to the east.

Besakih is one attraction that is unique compared to other tourist attractions. This temple became famous for the temple complex which was established there, and became known as the Main Temple in Bali.

Besakih area is very broad, so if you want to know more of this temple, you may have to spend up to 1 hour to get around in this temple.

Besakih comes from a very old age, because of the many relics of megalithic era such as menhirs, stone throne, pyramid terrace structure found Besakih region whose existence is kept stable until now.

Attractions Pura Besakih is an activity center for Hindu religious ceremonies in Bali and is one of the favorite tourist destination to the island of Bali,

Been to Besakih, the aspirant spiritual activities, will provide spiritual and magical nuances so thickened, but the spread of the natural landscape of height, looks so beautiful. For the tourists who will visit the temple area, you will be accompanied by a local guide, they set up a guide for the regional organization Besakih, and for their services, will incur additional costs of around Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 100,000, depending on your number.

And it should be noted every visitor who enters the sacred area in Bali, let alone such a large temple Besakih are required to wear fabrics and scarves, the location provided a place to rent or you can bring your own. Restrictions for women when menses for entering the temple area.

Near the temple Besakih are climbing Mount Agung program which is very famous and be one of the most challenging adventure in Bali.


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