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Mount Batur Bali Volcano Trekking Review is some reviews about Mount Batur trekking, it was reviews about sunrise trekking tour, mount Batur trekking on day time, sunset trekking or camping tour from each visitor who been come and do trekking at mount Batur Bali Indonesia. The best reviews about mount Batur trekking you can find on TripAdvisor. Why on TripAdvisor? Yes actually TripAdvisor review is really helpfull peoples for find the right tour service provider and fake review is cannot posted on this biggest traveler site in the world.  

There are many kinds of reviews about mount Batur trekking on TripAdvisor. The reviews post with multi rated that we can found on Mount Batur Kintamani Bali review, the review include from excellent, very good, average, poor and terrible. More than half from the reviews we can know Mount Batur if mount Batur is one of the best place in Bali you must visit and from the review we can also know if mount Batur Bali Indonesia is really safe to visit while you stay in Bali. On this moment mount Batur trekking is become of one of the best outdoor activities in Bali choose by travelers and mount Batur Trekking is really recommended tourist activities in Bali.

About our mount Batur trekking tripadvisor reviews:

Our company use mount Batur sunrise trekking as the best program and from 2012 we are already more than 100 reviews about our service while do mount Batur trekking in Bali island. More than 90% of that reviews excellent categories, 5% reviews with very good categories, 2% reviews with average categories and less than 1% of terrible service. Most of our customers is tell how good our service from the beginning until the end of the tour. Some of the different review about us with the others companies including of our equipment and our breakfast. For mount Batur trekking we always provide walking pole and headlamp, where the other companies only prepare basic flashlight for them. Some of our customers is also told if our breakfast is much better than others group.

Our mount Batur trekking guest also tell about our mount Batur trekking price , where our price is really reasonable and we provide many kinds of packages that you can choose depending with what you need. Our main package is private tour for mount Batur trekking, the mount Batur trekking private tour price is start from USD 40 or about IDR 600.000 / person. Another from private tour we also offer service with sharing in the small group, that we created special for you who come to Bali alone, or for those of you who come Bali with lower budget.

Beside from that thing, we have enough experienced mount Batur trekking guide and they will be very glad to giving the best service for make your mount Batur trekking become unforgettable. Reviews about their service you can read on our TripAdvisor ‘’BAGUS BALI SUNRISE TREKKING’’. After reading some reviews about our mount Batur trekking tour service, we thing you not need to afraid to chose us as your Bali trekking provider. In case you still worried or have any inquiries about mount Batur please contact us through our details below:


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Our reservation will very pleased to answer all of your inquiries! Okay that is a few information from us about mount Batur trekking review. We are looking to be your guide specially for mount Batur trekking in Bali.


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