A Joyful Bali Group Trekking Tour

A Joyful Bali Group Trekking Tour

A Joyful Bali Group Trekking Tour

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A Joyful Bali Group Trekking Tour

Bali Group Trekking Tour

The nature landscape in Bali is a complete package for find a peaceful. For visitors who seek for serenity, this island has secluded, pristine beaches, charming traditional villages, green forests. Bali also offer sacred sites such as temples or mountains.


In the other hand, if you have the desire to test your adrenaline, there are exciting selections to choose. Giving your adrenaline a rush around the God’s island is not merely having an adventure. You can enjoy both serene view and adventurous activities at once. Greeneries, small river, beautiful paddy field arrangements, and sandy beach are most likely seen during your outdoor trip. Isn’t it wonderful?


bali group trekking tour

Bali’s Outdoor Tourism Interests

There are numerous great options of outdoor activities to choose during your Bali trip. Rafting, camping, cycling, trekking, and hiking are just few to name. If you find just a perfect package, you will have the chance to do all those outdoor adventures.


Therefore, it is important to contact a professional tour provider to make the trip manageable and joyful. Besides several of tour package options, a provider generally offers private or group tour. The latter is just amazing for those who like to share excitement with more people. You can even possibly join a new group of people, all arranged by the provider.


The Benefits Of Bali Group Tour

All Bali’s excitements and adventures are best to share with your loved ones. Imagine enjoying the island’s beaches, iconic rice field arrangements, and exotic local culinary with your favorite people, the whole trip. There are actually advantages of having group tour around the island. The first is, group tour is a solution for you who travel on budget as it cost cheaper than the private. By saving the budget, you can allocate some extra money. All extra money you can you for visit others tourism place or save it for unexpected incident.


Except saving budget, travelling along with your loved ones certainly makes your bond stronger. Sharing all wonderful experiences in a new place will be a memorable moment for a lifetime. The quality time which is passed together will also allow you to arrange the trip based on your group’s interest only. You may hear new information about the destination all the time. All members in a group tour is likely to always pass information or details that others have not known yet. Communicate with the tour provider to make all the group members fully accommodated.


A professional tour provider is a must to manage your agenda runs smoothly. Even though group tour sounds super adventurous and exciting, a supervision from a provider is necessary, also to minimize potential conflict as each member can come with different ideas every single time. This is applicable on whether you with group of people you know or not. Bagus Bali Sunrise offers all convenience tour package, in private in group. Choose one which is the most suitable for you, simply visit the web http://bagusbalisunrise.com// to make the whole trip worthwhile.


Sunrise Trekking Tour

Bali trekking tours, especially Bali sunrise trekking is popular outdoor interest among tourists. Mount Batur is one of the most favorite sunrise trekking destination. It is an ancient, active volcano in this Hindu-majority island. There are calderas which are homes to nearly dozens of villages which is still practicing the inherited traditional values until today.


If you are interested in taking Mount Batur sunrise trekking, prepare yourself to be ready as early as 2am. From the starting point, you will be taken to walk hike up the track for about 2 hours. Comfort yourself in warm, layered fabric as the weather gets colder along the way to the summit. Also, wrap up your feet in a pair of good quality outdoor shoes, ones with a good grip.


Mount Batur Trekking and Hot Spring is One You Have to Do

You sure do not want to risk getting slipping or stumbling. Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring are just right perfect combination for your Bali outdoor activities. Imagine soaking your tired feet after 2 hours of hiking. Your tight muscles will get the chance to relax. The clear water of the Toya Devasya natural hot spring is believed to have healing effect for numerous skin problems. It is just a right spot for your tour group to recharge some energy.


Iconic sunrise view atop of Mount Batur has drawn a huge positive reviews. While witnessing the nature’s beautiful color of sunrise, you will be served light breakfast which is cooked with the volcano steam. A rare experience. Take advantage of the one hour given by strolling around the peak. From here, you can see monkeys play around the temple, Lake Batur, and smokes that creep out of the crater. Capture this precious experience as the place guarantee scenic pictures, even if you are not pretty skillful in photography.


After spending about one hour at the top, you will have to go descend back down. The weather will be warmer that you may need to take off the warm layers. A comfortable basic is obviously helpful to keep you cool.


What To Expect From A Tour Provider?

Professional tour provider comes with skilled staffs and pleasant services. You will be picked up and taken to the starting point by comfortable car with AC, fuel included. During the trip, a trained tour guide will accompany the hiking. Walking up the track under the dark sky is pretty challenging that you obviously need supervision from the guide.


Generally, Mount Batur trekking tour price starts from USD 25 / person. With that affordable price, you can enjoy the adventure, supported by good facilities. Some tour providers have coffee morning right before the driving to the starting point. Some also includes complementary safety equipment such as raincoat. Since the journey begins at dawn, you will be handed a flash light. However, it is recommended to bring a headlight as most of the time, you will need your hands free. For customers’ convenience, a crew with backpack full of bottled mineral water is ready to go along, so you do not need to burden yours with those bottles.



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