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Bali Hiking Recommendation

Bali Hiking Recommendation

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Some Hiking Recommendation in Bali

Bali Hiking Recommendation

Do you need a good Bali hiking recommendation for your next adventure in Bali? Fortunately, you have many options you can choose for your hiking destination. But, if we have to choose the best destination, there are at least 4 popular destinations for hiking lovers. Here is some recommendation from us:


Sekumpul Waterfalls Trekking

This is the simplest and easiest choice. This place is really beautiful. In fact, Sekumpul Waterfalls is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. You can enjoy an amazing formation of seven waterfalls here. This will become the best goal you can choose for your hiking.


You can start your hiking from Sekumpul Village. You need around 40 minutes of hiking to reach the location. The route is quite easy, in our opinion. First of all, the road has already made really well for hiking. There are also many signs that can help you to find the route. Plus, the route has a complete safety facility for hiker protection.


The main reason why we choose this place as the best Bali hiking recommendation is the route and the goal itself is beautiful. We have already described what kind of waterfall or goal you can get from this hiking. However, the hiking route is also amazing. You will walk through the forest.


Many trees and fresh air are accompanying your hiking. The beautiful scenery around your hiking route will relieve your stress. Basically, the process to reach the waterfall is another good point you can get from it.


Mount Batur Hiking

Another good Bali hiking recommendation for you is Mount Batur. In fact, maybe you must try this mountain first before you hike other mountains. The mount Batur hiking route isn’t that difficult. You can do it by yourself. But, we recommend using a guide. The guide and good service from the trekking company will help you a lot. They keep you away from the many problems you might face during your hiking.


The main destination in Mount Batur is the sunrise at the peak of the mountain. It will become one of the unforgettable moment in your life. It is not only beautiful. It is “majestic.” You also can visit hot spring, coffee plantation, Batur Lake, and many other interesting spots.


Now, as the first Bali hiking recommendation, you can use Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking for your adventure. They have a good Mount Batur trekking package. You can get everything, from transportation, equipment, accommodation, and of course, experienced guide.


Mount Abang Hiking

Maybe, you won’t find this mountain on other Bali hiking recommendation. It is true that Mount Abang trekking isn’t as popular as Mount Batur sunrise trek or Mount Agung trekking. However, Mount Abang hold amazing spot and scenery you won’t miss in your Bali hiking tour.


The first great thing you can find here is the hiking route itself. Compared to Mount Batur and Mount Agung, the hiking route in this mountain is more like a forest route. Therefore, it gives you a more challenging route to take. You will need more energy to go on this route.


However, once you reach the peak, you will find beautiful scenery. As the second highest mountain in Bali, the peak will take you to the land above the cloud. Therefore, you feel like entering a different world here. And, the sunrise view is obviously amazing.


So, even though you won’t find this mountain on Bali hiking recommendation, but you must put it in your list of adventure in Bali. One thing to remember, choose the right time to climb this mountain. If you go on the wet season, the jungle route will become more difficult. And, there is a high possibility that there are many clouds at the top of the mountain. If it happens, you won’t be able to see the sunrise and scenery around this mountain.


Mount Agung Hiking

Mount Agung is the highest as well as the most sacred mountain in Bali. Therefore, we can say that this mountain will become the final and top destination for Bali hiking recommendation you can get. The atmosphere and experience you’ll get are different.


Unlike other mountain and hiking route which take less than 3 hours, Mount Agung hiking need more than that. In order to reach the peak, you need at least 6 hours of hiking. Just look at the Mount Agung package you can find in this website. You will see that climbing starts right around midnight.


Mount Agung is definitely not for the beginner. You need to have at least several hiking experiences. But, you don’t need to worry, if this is your first time. You just need a good Bali hiking recommendation for the Bali hiking tour service you need. And once again, Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking can provide you with what you need.


The Hiking Package

Now, are you interested to try an amazing hiking experience in those destinations? You don’t need to search anymore. This website has everything that you need. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking has all packages where you can explore those 4 amazing hiking destination safely and leisurely.


The package includes everything that you need. You will get transportation to get you from your staying place or hotel to the climbing starting point. The guide is very fluent in English, so you will have a friend to chat with during your hiking. Plus, you can full accommodation. So, what are you waiting for? This is our best Bali hiking recommendation for you.

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