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Bali Morning Trekking Tour

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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking – Best Morning Trekking Tour In Bali


Bali Morning Trekking Tour


Bali morning trekking tour is very great to be real. It is different from what we do every day. Usually, we get up around 7 in the morning then having breakfast and head directly to the office to face papers, laptop and etc. This kind of tour offers entertainment in the very early morning where usually in the normal day we do work thing. Entertainment is very significant for workers. From our enormous schedule and timeline, we need to lay down and forget about all of that. There are so many people become stressed. Stress itself brings disadvantages in our lives.


One of them is aging quickly. We have to stop the wrinkle on our face through this great Bali hiking tour. When people mention Bali, our imaginations run wild. Bali, which is sited in Indonesia, has a very gorgeous scenery (obviously). Even a movie played by Julia Robert (Eat, Pray, Love) took place in Bali. On screen, we can see the green trees everywhere with the fresh air we can breathe.


Let’s be there in Bali for real. Kuta Bali may become the most popular place because we can enjoy the soft wave sea with white sand. But, we will take different destination this time and have a different experience other than enjoying beaches. Mount Batur, the mount that sited in Bali, is also an interesting spot. We can join Mount Batur sunrise trekking and witness the beauty of Bali sunrise. It is not a secret that Bali is loved by thousand people whoever visited. Almost all visitors remake the schedule to come again to Bali the other days.


Trekking in Bali Is Very Popular in Social Media

Bali trekking tour reach the trending topic in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. From those posts in internet, we watch the beauty of Bali especially Mount Batur. Mount Batur lies nearby the other mount (Mount Agung). To get to the mountain top, we will hike. Some good things we get from this Bali trekking are fresh air, sweat (that means we’re gonna have a good work out) and the scenery. So, it is a complete treatment for our soul and body at once. First, the information from the internet says that the sun rises at 6. To catch the best view of the sun rays, we will hike from 4.15 am.


It is probably hard to wake up that so early. But the sunrise and the journey are worth. The area are going to be less light. Its better for us to prepare some equipment to help us such as flashlight, rope. The medications are also needed in case there is something happens. Mount Batur guide is ready to assist us in our journey. He will guide us through the friendly path which less obstacle. But if there is a difficulty, he’ll be ready to give a hand.


Important Things You Should to Know About Bali Morning Trekking Tour

This Bali morning trekking tour will make our bodies fully work. In order to reach the mount top on time, we set the schedule of break time. During climbing, we’ll stop for break about three times. It is important to recover our energy. Exhale and inhale deeply, drink enough fluids then continue to climb more gradient path. Albeit the guide choose the most friendly road, there are still difficult path where we have to strive harder to climb it. We’ll meet the difficult track in about 30 to 35 minutes after the first step.


We need to stay close to the group so if someone slips, we can give a hand. Staying close with the group also help us to keep on our track because we don’t want to be lost. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will do the best for our trekking adventure and has a lot of mountain climbing experiences, so we are cared by the right hand and there is nothing be worried about.


When we almost reach the top, the area will not as dark as the beginning of the journey. The sun starts to show the fluorescence first. Then, the brighter one will come after it. The color will be orange with the touch of golden shine. Once we are on the Batur summit, we can watch the process of the sun rising clearly. It comes from behind Mount Agung (nearby mount). If we head down, another beauty is waiting that is the picture of the sun fluorescence reflected on the lake. The position of Lake Batur is on Mount Batur slope. Up and down are equally beautiful.


Some of predecessors could only hike to the foothill. It was because they couldn’t manage the break time so well. Other possibility, maybe it was their first time to get there and didn’t ask Mount Batur guide’s help. With the good time and equipment management, we can make it to the final destination, the mountain top. Once we stand on the big place, we feel incredible.


Mount Batur Trekking With Breakfast At Top

It proofs how far we can try and with pride we win. Also, our tummies will shout and ask for meal. After the long journey, we will be so hungry. This one is the greatest part: having breakfast atop. We will cook without stove. It is not that we bring the ripen food, but the volcano will help us to cook.


For bread and other opened food, we can seal it with aluminum paper then place it in the sand. Not long after that, the food is ready. It takes no more than 10 minutes. While eating, we can also use out time to shoot the most wonderful morning with our cameras. Put it on our social media with good caption to share the spirit of mount trekking so the watchers will be inspired to have nature exploration too. Few monkeys might come.


Usually, they ask the food left. Just give them and they will be okay and calm. From the top, we also can check the paths. We will decide which path we will take as our way home. The descent is the closure of our Bali morning trekking tour, and with we can have the other wonderful journey with various packages that are reasonable.

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