Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour Review

Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour Review

Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour Review

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Read Some Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour Reviews Before Book a Tour is Must

Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour Review

Bali trekking tours are widely spread and viral in the internet. There are three things offered from one activity, they are: pleasure, health and intimacy. We will get the pleasure from the sceneries around the trekking path. The green leaves of so many trees treat our eyes. The natural colors of the nature always make our mind refreshed.


The pleasure also comes from the challenge to climb the mountain with our own feet. Actually, there is an easy route to get to the destination. We can use the vehicle and go directly to the mountain. However, that will reduce one of our main ways that is ‘walking’ and this journey is no longer called ‘trekking’.


To get the excitement of answering the challenge, we choose to walk. It also gives us the second thing, health. By walking, we will be sweaty. That is the sign that our bodies work properly. That activity can teach us about the time management. We will walk to hunt the first light of the sunrise. We must be quick. But remembering that we work with human body in this Bali sunrise trekking, we must set the interval to rest couple time to drink fluid. Then the intimacy can be gotten from how we share with our relatives during the trekking. When our friends need help with something, we can help them. From those, the intimacy is built naturally.


A Glance About Mount Batur

Mount Batur is not the highest mountain in Bali. The highest is mount Agung. Mount Agung is already explored since long time ago and people need to have a new attractive object. The public attention notice Mount Batur as great new object. Mount Batur, besides known as an active volcano, it is also known as a shrine. In Hindu believe, this mountain posses supernatural stuff. Mount Batur belongs to Kintamani District. It is sited exactly in Batur village. The height is around 1.700 meters.


Many reviews from the trekkers say that in two hours, they can reach the summit. That will be felt fast if we walk with good mood. It is important to keep our mind in a good mood before climbing the mountain. The guide can help to build nice atmosphere. Mount Batur promises adventure and unforgettable experience in witnessing the sunrise. Maybe some of us even haven’t done it before. Although Mount Batur is an active volcano, it is very friendly that trekkers can climb it safely without worry.


The story of the sacred mountain also gives us another spectacular feeling. To complete our morning on the top of the holy mountain, we can make our own breakfast atop. This one hits the popularity too because by planting the uncooked stuff in the soil, the breakfast will be served just like what we usually had with stove cooking. After that we can continue the Bali sunrise trekking and hot springs. A little word about the springs in mount Batur area, there are several that we can visit.


Some Review On Bali Sunrise trekking

Following are 3 samples reviews about sunrise trekking tour in mount Batur Bali. All reviews bellow you can use as tour advice for make your trekking tour more fun. Read see bellow:

1. Wonderful Experience in Bali Sunrise Trekking in Mount Batur

Some trekkers gladly share their wonderful experience in Bali sunrise trekking in Mount Batur. She is a domestic tourist named Leta. The guide took her and her friends to the mountain top to enjoy the sunrise. They had this experience in the beginning of May 2019. They didn’t plan to go up there. At first they just wanted to visit regular objects. Then the guide suggested trying trekking experience. Leta and her friends thought why not.


Because this is the very first time for Leta and her friends to climb a mountain, the guide gave some alternative routes that can be chosen based on their capabilities. It was crowded on the top. There was short line but it is paid by the amazing view. The guide had a very good taste in photography. Besides guiding Leta and friends, the guide took photographs for them. The guide also knew the good spots to take pictures. Unintentionally, this unplanned journey became the best experience for Leta and her friends. They thanked God that they decided to climb Mount Batur.


2. Hike on Rain But Still Worth

The next review is from Herdi. He, together with his friends, had the trekking experience in December 2018. They left the hotel early in the morning, exactly 02.35 am. It was raining that day. The rain had been running for all night long. But Herdi and friends had a strong will to stick with the plan to climb. There was a hope that in the morning the rain would stop.


Unfortunately, the rain loved Herdi and friends that much so it didn’t leave them. It was still raining. The guide then brought extra protections for them so the journey would be comfortable in the rain. It was beyond the Mount Batur trekking price.


They paid the fine cost, but the service and the protection were extra. It cannot be denied that the path became harder. The water made the path slippery. But thanked the guide could handle and gave the unforgettable adventure. When the sun rose, the rain was still on. Because the rain was not so swift and the clouds also didn’t block too much, the sun was still seen. Then about 20 minutes, the rain finally stopped.


Surprisingly, not long after that, the rainbow appeared. It was not so clear but it was perfect. It was perfect enough to pay the hard and rainy journey. The bonus of the journey was they went back to the hotel and dropped in the tomatoes garden.


3. Best Bali Sunrise Trekking Experience

The next review is from George. He and his three friends had Bali sunrise trekking experience on April 2019. He and his friends are travelers and asked for the challenging route. The guide took them from the hotel at 2.25 am. The four trekkers said that the guide had insight that made them increase their knowledge. The route was rarely taken by the other trekkers. On some spots they had difficulties. But they could handle that with the guide’s assistance.


On the way back to the hotel, the guide took them to through the forest where just five of them (plus the guide). They went across an old temple and saw the real Bali life. It was his wonderful journey and he thanked God that he took Bagus Bali sunrise trekking as his agent. Bagus Bali sunrise provides the service with friendly and kind staffs. Check and have an unforgettable journey.


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