Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour

Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour

Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour

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Bali Sunrise Trekking and Tour

A Great Bali Sunrise Trekking Experience in Mount Batur – One of the main reasons why people love hiking or climbing the mountains is due to the view. Yes, the views to be found once you are on the summit is incredible, you may never see them in any other places. Moreover, you get can a chance to see the change of sky colors from the dark to the light due to the sunrise. Interestingly, one of the best sunrise views in the world can be seen in the area of Bali, particularly in Mount Batur. So, if you have a chance to visit Bali in the near future, you should not miss this one out.



Of course, before starting to climb up, you need to do some mount batur trekking preparations first. Yes, to join this Bali sunrise trekking, you must be sure that you are in healthy and fit conditions. Besides, there are also some important tools to be provided starting from the warm outfits from head to toe, hiking poles, tissues, foods and drinks, medications, flashlight, and still many more. It is not bad to bring a tent and sleeping bag in case you want to spend the night there.


Besides, make sure also to contact a trusted agency that provides tour packages for Mount Batur trekking. Bagus Bali Sunrise is a good answer for the experienced Bali sunrise trekking tour guides and great services it provides. Particularly if you have never been there before, this tour agency is the best answer. More importantly, you must also learn about the Bali sunrise trekking area well, in this case, it is Mount Batur. You may ask other people have climbed up the mount before particularly related the hiking trails whether they are easy or difficult.


In general, Mount Batur itself is considered a medium level mount to hike and trek in term of the difficulty. The height is approximately 1,717 meters above the sea level, making it the second-highest volcano in Bali after Mount Agung. Check also the weather whether it is the right time to go to the summit or not.


The Starting Point

The tour agency may pick you up in the evening to deliver you to the starting point of the hiking trails. The most recommended place to start the trekking is from Kintamani, Bangli District of Bali. Compared to Ubud hiking trails, this one is considered easier and even the barriers are not too obstructed. At the beginning of Bali Sunrise trekking, you must go to the registration post. You can also take advantage of this time to go to the toilet, take a bath, and more. Then, you are ready to go.


Climbing Up

Initially, the trail may be quite flat and easy. However, although it is relatively easy to pass through, you still need to be really careful. It is because the path is mostly made from rocks and sand that are sometimes really slippery and not stable. After walking for some minutes, you may arrive at the first stop to take a break, eat, and drink. It is recommended to bring your own foods and drinks. Yes, although there are many stalls around, the prices are expensive. Make sure to eat enough foods at this moment of Bali Sunrise trekking. Then, you need to climb up until the top.


In general, whether the trip is difficult or not, it depends on your stamina actually. So, when you think you are not able to continue this trip, you can stop in the first stop mentioned above. You should not worry since a stunning view is also available in this area. It is even possible to spend a night here to see the beautiful sunrise in the morning. But sure, it seems that the Bali sunrise trekking seems not complete without going to the top. Anyway, are you ready to continue the trip?


The Mount Batur Bali sunrise trekking trip commonly spends around 1.5 – 2 hours to reach the summit. This is actually a relatively short time compared to the hiking on other mountains. You may reach the summit area or the last post approximately 2 hours before sunrise. Use this moment to take a rest, eat, and drink. That’s why; there is a suggestion to bring a sleeping bag in the previous paragraphs. So, you can just sleep if you feel so sleepy during Bali sunrise trekking.


On the Top

The sun comes out from the east. Of course, this is the best time ever during the trip you conduct. The view of the sunrise seen from Mount Batur is considered one of the best sunrise views in the world. There is golden radiation from the sun that passes through groups of the cloud. Meanwhile, in the morning, the fog is still really thick surrounding the mount that makes the scenery more and more beautiful. Interestingly, you can see some other summits from this spot including Mount Rinjani in Lombok. Use this time to take some pictures and they can just make the Bali sunrise trekking in Lombok the best moment ever.


Let’s Go Down

After some hours, it is the time to leave the mount. The trail of going down is just the same with the area of you climbing up. So, you should not worry since this trip must be much easier. The trip is ended by having breakfast in a restaurant that has been cooperated with Bali Bagus Sunrise. After that, you can go back to the hotel and take a rest after the incredible Bali sunrise trekking with us.



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