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Mount Batur Tour – Best Bali Sunrise Trekking Tours

Bali has long been famous for its amazing beaches and beautiful natural landscape. More than that, the landscape is very supportive for outdoor activities. Bali sunrise trekking tours, hiking, camping, and rafting are some of the most popular interests. Manage your outdoor activities mindfully, to get the best out of your Bali trip by reaching out a reliable tour provider. That way, you will get the chance to enjoy an effective, whole day trip. Moreover, some providers also include more than one attraction in a single tour package.

Bali Trekking Tours

The Average Cost For Bali Sunrise Trekking Tours

Bali trekking tours are one of the most sough-after outdoor interests among tourists. Posts on travelers’ blogs and sites show that these attractions have gained positive reviews from visitors all around the world. These trekking tours are commonly charged around  USD 50 / person. You do not have to worry about the facilities and service since the package tour comes with excellent service and inclusions, all provided by trained, experienced crew.


Once you visit Bali, you may get confused by numerous selections of Bali trekking tours. Limit the options by finding out the best tours, ones that gain high positive reviews. Bali sunrise trekking is certainly worthy to try for. The sunrise trekking itinerary starts around 2 am. You will be picked up by the provider’s driver. The whole journey commonly lasts approximately 10 hours, depends on the package tour.

Bali Mountain Trekking Tours

Mountain trekking is among the most preferred tours in the island, especially Mount Agung and Mount Batur. The sunrise trekking through those routes will get you to a breathtaking scenery on the summit. It may get crowded on the top, but the atmosphere pays off all the efforts. Due to the high interest and crowd, you must be sure that the provider gives you a skilled tour guide. An experienced guide allows you to pass alternative route, if it is necessary, to avoid crowds. It goes the same way on the summit. An experienced guide allows to have a comfortable spot despite a lot of people flock there.


Mount Batur Trekking For Best Sunrise Trekking Tour in Bali

Along the trekking tour, visitors will not only see rocky path and mountain. You will also have the chance to see plantation, jungle, rice paddy field, and traditional villages. If you take Mount Batur trekking tour, you can enjoy natural hot spring just around the spot. On the peak of this ancient volcano, visitors can also see monkeys play around the temple. The calderas of the mountain are populated by numbers of villages. There, you can see the inherited local wisdom including the noted traditional cemetery known as Kuban. It is a cemetery where dead bodies are not burnt or buried. Instead, they are merely placed under a tree after a complicated funeral.


Overall, the Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring is a complete package of outdoor interests. You can enjoy adventurous mountain hiking, stunning view atop, and relaxing soak at the hot spring. The latest is beneficial for your tight muscle after hours of walk up through the top.


Arrange all these interests well. Contact a trusted provider to make the best out of the trip. Bagus Bali Sunrise is one of the reliable tour providers across the island that allows you to pick the most suitable package. Check all the offers by visiting the official site, . Mount Batur trekking price package generally starts from USD 50 / person.


A tour provider also allows you to go privately or in a larger group. Some even have the package of daytime and sunset trekking. Those can be solutions for you who cannot wake early in the morning.


Personal Preparation

1. Prepare Your Fit Stamina

A trusted provider is not all. You will also have to prepare yourself for a satisfying trekking tour. A well-maintained stamina is essential to make the whole hike up more bearable. Numerous reviews said that certain sunrise trekking in Bali has easy track. Even though so, a good stamina helps you to minimize the risk of getting injured or extreme fatigue.

2. List of Things You Should to Bring

Another essential preparation is private protection. Be ready with your sun glasses, sun screen lotion, and hats. If you happen to visit the island during rainy season, prepare a light raincoat or ask your provider whether it is already included. It is advisedly to check the weather before visiting the island. if outdoor adventures is your main agenda, then it is best to book the travel during the driest days. However, rain might still potentially occur in the night or dawn.


Extra bottles of mineral water are commonly prepared by the provider and carried by a crew. For more enjoyable trekking, free your hands from anything, including a flashlight which is handed by tour guide. Therefore, a head light is way more comfortable option.

3. Wearing a Comfortable Clothes

Wear warm clothes made of light fabric in layers as the weather is cold but is getting warmer when you walk back down. During the descend, you may need to take off the layers to just wear a comfortable basic under. A pair of good quality outdoor shoes with a good grip are also important to prevent slipping and stumbling, so the trip will be comfort and safe.


4. Don’t Forget to Bring Your Best Camera

Lastly, bring a camera as you do not want to miss beautiful captures atop. Mount Batur sunrise trekking is highly recommended for its gorgeous view. Visitors will witness the beautiful natural colors of sunrise between clouds. Meanwhile, light breakfast is served after cooked with volcano steam, obviously an exceptional experience. There are numbers of nice spots to get good, Instagram captures, even if you are not a photography enthusiast. Visitors are given chance to enjoy the summit scenery for about an hour before going back down.


Whether the trip will be your first or not, or whether you go privately or in a group, do not go without a supervision by a tour guide. A trained guide will take you to go through alternative route if necessary, notice every detail of the track, even captures some precious moments. More importantly, a knowledgeable guide reduces the risk of injury or incidents as he or she recognize the track thoroughly. Some accidents are reported due to the absence of a tour guide.



Bali Sunrise Trekking Tours

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