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Bali Trekking Adventure

Bali trekking adventure may become one of our choices to entertain ourselves. Vacation is a really crucial activity in our daily lives. If we were machines that work every single day (even minute because at home we often think about a bunch of deadline, meeting and etc), we need to be repaired. Vacation is the tool to repair our mind. After vacation, we will be fresh just like a new machine that ready to work. Let’s see map and take a look at Bali Island that is located in Indonesia. At glance, it is just like other islands. But if we zoom in closer, we will see many beautiful spot. Bali is really famous with the great beaches and the unique cultures. But there are other great spots that are ready to be explored. The green color in the map shows the trees and the mountain surrounds. It must be challenging to explore those forests in our Bali trekking adventure. Those places are already loved and added to the bloggers travel plan. Almost all bloggers would love Bali and plane to go back there someday.

Mount Batur sunrise trekking now becomes popular topic in social media. How to get there to Mount Batur? Don’t imagine a helicopter because helicopter cannot make our bodies work. We take the fun way to get there that is by hiking. And for sure, this will be our fun Bali hiking tour ever. Some advantages that we can get from hiking are the health, the amusement and the adventure. We get the health from the climbing activity. It burns our fat and strengthens our muscles. While hiking, we can exhale the fresh air that hasn’t been polluted. To have a perfect Mount Batur sunrise trekking, we need to find out the time of the sunrise.

Indonesia is tropical; the sun will rise perfectly at 6 in the morning. But if we don’t want to miss the move of the sun, we need to get there earlier. 4 am will be perfect to start hike. The environment in that early morning will be blackout. Thus, we need light tools. But don’t worry because Mount Batur guide will bring them for us. For you who haven’t been there may worry about the track and the path. But we can ask the guide to find the easiest way.

Because this Bali trekking tour involved human bodies, we have to manage our energies. It is impossible to keep climbing without stop for a drink. Otherwise, we have to be in the summit in time so; we can set the interval to stop for drink (every half on an hour). And we have to stick with the plan because if we are late, we will miss the first rays. The first 30 minutes of the journey may be easy. But with the gradient path, it will be a little bit difficult. Be careful of the slippery and steep paths. To avoid something unwanted, we have to choose the mount friendly shoes. For women, make sure that your shoes are without fancy heels. But we are in the right hand because the guide guides Bali trekking for whole his life. He already meets so many obstacles and we are sure he is fast and trained to find the solution. That is why Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking becomes number one in arranging this kind of trekking because of the great experiences they already have.

When we are just 15 minutes away from the top, the magical things began. It will be around 5.30 in the morning where the sun will slowly show its dark golden light. The darkness around us will be soon gone step by step. The shadow of Mount Agung will move. Have you ever watched mountain painting with the sun rises in between two mounts? It is not exactly like that, it is just more gorgeous and real. We can also see the sunrise reflection on the lake Batur. It is located below the mountain.

The whole views and beauties can be enjoyed if we are on the top. Previously, some mount hikers felt tired and had stopped their journey because of many reasons. One of them gave up because they hiked too fast without stop for drink. In the end they regret for stop trying. When we almost stop trying, remember that this hiking may not be repeated someday. Just a little more, walk carefully and end this Bali trekking adventure with triumph. The guide is ready anytime we need help.

Once we reach the top of the mountain, more magical feelings come rush in. The first, we thank God for His art work. We will know that God is the most brilliant artist. We usually start to work at 8 in the morning with nothing in our pocket. At the top of mount Batur, it is 6 am and we are already in a wonderland. Catch the golden rays and record through our device, and then we can take a super deep breath.

The next stop will be breakfast restaurant. But we won’t find any. The best restaurant above is the volcano itself. What breakfast menu do you like? We can have the high protein and popular menu, eggs. Some fruits and bread are also great to be enjoyed up there. All we need to do is just plant the food in the sand. The heat that comes from the volcano will make the food cooked. That will be the most beautiful breakfast: at the top of the mountain, surrounded by golden rays with extremely fresh air.

After we recharge our energy, we can capture great pictures because the darkness will fade out. When the sun light becomes so bright, we can see that the mounts (Batur and Agung) are covered by the mist. If we are lucky, few monkeys may show up and ask for food. We can give them some of our breakfast then leave for descent the mount. The descent will be the end of Bali trekking adventure and we can plan the next trekking with for a more challenging adventure.



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