Bali Trekking And Tour Guide

Bali Trekking And Tour Guide

Bali Trekking And Tour Guide

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Best Bali Trekking and Tour Guide

Bali Trekking And Tour Guide

Bali is a famous tourist’s destination that seems like it will never go out of style. There is always a new way to enjoy Bali. This is of course not without a reason, Bali itself providing a lot of thing to explore in every corner of the island.


There is various kind of exotic seaside spot you can visit if you like beach and ocean. There is also a lot of cultural heritage, such as temple, dances, and rituals that has been around since centuries ago. And there is also a great landscape of nature throughout the whole island. This make Bali is a perfect island that can suit for almost every tourist’s need.


One of the popular tourist’s choice activity in Bali is trekking and hiking. Bali has some active volcanoes, some of them have known as the best spot for trekking in Bali. One of the most popular mountain for trekking is Mount Batur.


Mount Batur The Most Popular Spot For Trekking

The most popular spot for trekking in Bali is in Mount Batur. This 1717 meters-peaked mountain is located in Kintamani, Bali Regency. It’s known for its unique calderas, beautiful Lake Batur, and of course a popular spot for trekking.


Up until now, Mount Batur is still an active volcano. The last time Batur erupted was in 2000 and recorded have been erupted at least 26 times in total. The calderas, which being a part of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks Network, is located on the northwestern side. One of the caldera is considered the biggest caldera in the word, this caldera is 13,8 x 10 km wide.


The second one is smaller, just about 7 km in diameter, and located inside the first one. Both of these calderas showed a long history of Batur’s big eruptions. Some expert believe that the calderas formed during a massive eruption that happened around 29.300 and 20.150 years ago.


Lake Batur also became the main attraction for those who visit Mount Batur. This beautiful lake is located in the caldera and have an amazing view. This crescent shape is often became the main resting point for hikers and trekkers as well as the most picturesque spot.


If you enjoy exploring local culture and unique rituals, there are some things you can explore here. There are 15 villages around this mountain, all of them mostly rely on tourism and agriculture. One of the most famous village is the Trunyan Village. Trunyan Village is famous for their Trunyan Cemetery which will show you how the local treat the deceased ones.


Finding A Tour Guide For Mount Batur Trekking

After reading some of the facts about Mount Batur, it will be hard to not wanting to visit. Based on the experiences, hiring a tour guide will be the best way to enjoy your journey on exploring Mount Batur. There is a lot of touring service out there but one of the most trusted one is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking.


As an experienced traveling agency, Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking have a lot of advantage to offer. This Kintamani based company offers a great selection of touring package, one of them in Bali Trekking Tours and Bali Sunrise Trekking. Those package are designed to help you enjoy your journey exploring the Mount Batur, especially those who interested in trekking tours.


One of the best view you can enjoy in Mount Batur is a stunning view of sun rises while surrounded by green forest and mountain.


After your sunrise trekking, there is plenty of things you can do in Mount Batur. For example, you can rest in one of the hot spring. Besides helping you to rest your muscle and entire body, hot spring also believed as a good way to keep your skin health. The hot spring also located very close to the Lake Batur. It makes it a good way to enjoy the beauty of this gorgeous lake.


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Price By Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking

Then how about Mount Batur sunrise trekking price? The good news is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking offers an exceptionally affordable price for their Bali Sunrise Trekking package. You also can rest assure during your journey because the package is already include everything you need right after leaving your hotel, during your trekking, until then back to your hotel again.


Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will provide a driver to accommodate your journey to and from Mount Batur. During your tour you will also accompanied by skilled and friendly English-speaking guide. This will assure you to know every detail of your journey as well as Mount Batur while visiting it.


Price of each package is varies depend on your chosen tour package, number of visitors, and your picking up location. For example their private tour for Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is USD 40/pax for 2 person if your hotel or picking point is around the Kintamani area. The price will reduce to USD 25/pax for 5 persons.


If your hotel located in Ubud area, you don’t have to worry, because Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will pick you up there as well. You can get a package of USD 45/pax for 2 person and USD 30/pax if you come in a group of 5. This package will take care of your transportation to Mount Batur, your sunset trekking plan, until the moment you came back to your hotel.


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking & Hot Springs

There is also another package that give you more chance to embrace Mount Batur even more. For example, there is a Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring package. This package will give you addition 2 hours to enjoy the hot spring after your trekking. You can get this package start from USD 50/pax for a group visit.


There is of course more package that can suit your dream vacation even more. More information about the packages available and the price list can be found in There you can find a lot of information about Bagus Bali Sunrise and their service that will certainly help you during your journey to explore Bali.


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