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Do you put the Bali trekking Mount Batur plan to your vacation and holiday list? If you have not put it, you are strongly suggested to put it on your list. You may wonder why you should put it. The simple answer is that: you will not regret it! Now you may ask more questions, “Why will I not regret it?” Well, folks, you are about to find out the reasons in this article. If you are into an adventurous and challenging vacation, you definitely should go to Mount Batur.

Paradise Island and Its Tourist Destination

Holidaymakers and backpackers around the world must have been known Bali for its beautiful and attractive tourist destination. This Paradise Island surely lives up to its name. Bali is an island where lots of tourist destinations spread almost everywhere. From beautiful beaches, sophisticated yet friendly city, to fresh air on the mountain, Bali has them all. If you are new to Bali, you may be attracted to its beaches first. On the contrary, holidaymakers who are tired of visiting beaches and wandering around the city may look for another refreshing tourist destination. Whether you are new or veteran, you definitely should do Bali trekking Mount Batur.

Beaches and city may be tempting, but hiking the mountain will get you natural vibe and fresh air which are totally different from visiting the beach and wandering the city around. There are two mountains which are quite famous and often visited by the holidaymakers and the backpackers: Mount Agung and Mount Batur. Let’s just focus on Mount Batur first. Before hiking and trekking Mount Batur, you need to know the information about it and you can proceed to make a plan for Bali trekking Mount Batur. Are you ready? Here we go!

Mount Batur

If you think that Mount Batur is a non-active mountain, you are absolutely mistaken. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. Although it is an active, mount Batur Bali volcano hike is still opened for tourists both domestic and foreign. It rises up about 5600 feet above sea level. At the peak, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. However, if you still worry about the volcano, it is not necessary. You just need to find a guide which will lead you the way to the beautiful sunrise you want so your Bali trekking Mount Batur plan will be complete.

You can trust the guide since they know their way and have familiar with the road condition of the mountain. They hike and do the trekking path almost every day. Instead of knowing the road condition, they also know what to do when the worst thing happens. Guided by a person like that surely will make your worry gone. Besides, you will be rewarded once you reach the peak of Mount Batur For the record, if you are an adventurous person, what does hiking and trekking on one of the most active volcanoes sound to you? If you feel challenged, Bali trekking Mount Batur plan is your answer.

What to Do and What to Prepare?

Climbing and hiking up your way to the top, you will get the beautiful view of the sunrise as your reward. Tired of trekking your way to the peak and see the sunrise view is one of the best feeling and moment you definitely have to experience. The sunrise view is not the only thing you will get. You will also experience having boiled eggs on the top of the mountain. It is not mere boiled eggs, of course. The eggs will be heated using lava-heated rocks. It is unique, isn’t it? Otherwise, you can get your breakfast once you climb down the mountain. You can search for a travel agent or tour agent which provides Bali trekking Mount Batur packages.

Since you are about to hike a 5600 feet mountain, the first thing you need is exercise. Make sure your body can take the toll of hiking such a mountain. If you are experienced in climbing a mountain, you do not have to worry. The second thing is hiking shoes. Uncomfortable hiking shoes can be a terrible pain for you. It is because the grounds and surfaces are not even. In addition, if the rainy season comes, it will get slippery and cause you harm. Bring your comfortable hiking shoes to avoid the issue to make your Bali trekking Mount Batur even better.

The third thing is torches or flashlights. Though you will likely be given by the guide, it is still a better idea to bring them on your own. The reason you should bring them is that you will climb your way early in the morning. You will not see anything in the dark unless you bring torches or flashlights with you. Moreover, it is recommended to get your clothes in layers. It will be cold and chilly in the morning. Done preparing things for Bali trekking Mount Batur plan, there is the last thing you should know.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to make your Bali trekking Mount Batur visit is when the dry season comes. It is around April until October. The reasons are to avoid the slippery trek which will be dangerous for you and to get a better view due to the clear sky. You can hike in a group to experience the beautiful sunrise together with your friends, families, or your loved ones.



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