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Bali Trekking Tour - Day Tour
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Bali Trekking Tour - Day Tour

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Bali sunrise trekking is a magnificent journey. There are so many places to be trekked in Bali. But let us focus on this gorgeous mountain called Mount Batur. This mount has the incredible view. Although this mount is not the tallest, it has it's own attraction that can make people amazed. The tallest one is known as Mount Agung. However, it needs more struggle to get there. Mount Batur is a pleasing alternative. To start Bali trekking tour, we have to know about Bali first. Bali is an island that located in Indonesia archipelago. It is very popular because of its natural tourism objects. There are beautiful beach with white sand, good lakes that visitor could ride a boat, beautiful mountains and etc. Many people are attracted to its beauty and decided to make Bali as the vacation destination. To plan to go to Bali, you need some preparations, they are:

  1. Moneys

This trip of course cost you a price. Always bring extra money just in case there is something emergency.

  1. Bring Enough Clothes

Usually people bring too many clothes. Just remember to bring 'enough' clothes, not too many. Bring extra clothes but make sure that all the clothes you need can be packed in one bag. Extra bags are also needed to save some important things like ID card or passport and for bringing the other things.

  1. Other Things

Because one of your vacation activities is trekking, bring a pair of shoes with fine grip. It will help you to walk better. Then you need head lamp to see better in darkness. But if you bring enough money, you can just leave the small things then buy it in Bali.

One Day Sunrise Trekking Tour

There are some options to do trekking tour, they are: go to the summit by riding vehicle (it is the fastest and the easiest), go to the summit by doing manual trekking (some routes are available based on your capability), have sunrise trekking in one day tour, have sunrise trekking with camp (it will take longer than a night). If you don't have a long time to stay, the best option is a day tour. Here is the example of schedule arrangement as your reference.

At 2 o'clock in the early morning, the guide will pick you up at the hotel where you stay. It will take around one up to two hours for the road to get to the climbing point. At 3.30-4.00 am the guide will lead a short meeting and explain about what to do and what is not to do for safety reason. At 4 o'clock you will start your journey. It needs about 2 hours to reach the summit. So, at 6 you will enjoy the sun rise. Actually it depends on your condition. If your condition is really good and strong, you could reach the summit faster than the plan and otherwise. Before go on this journey, keep your body in a health and good condition. It is also important to be happy so the journey will be fun. Then about an hour you can enjoy the mount Batur sunrise and take good pictures of the environment there. At 7 you will enjoy your breakfast on the mountain top. The breakfast will be prepared by the guide. He will teach you how to cook in a volcano steam.

An hour is enough for breakfast then at 8 am, you will descend the mountain. In about 2 hours (just like when you climb up the mount) you will reach the dale (around 10 am).At 10.00-12.00 is your free time to do anything you want. You could enjoy the hot spring at once order the snack and beverage. You can also order lunch in the hot spring area. At 12 you could visit a coffee plantation or other places that may attract you. Then at 13.00 to 14.30 will be your road back to the hotel.

That is the example of the one day tour itinerary that you can choose as the reference to arrange the best tour. The length of the hiking time is actually modest based on the trekkers’ condition. Some trekkers can climb exactly in two hours. Some others are maybe slower than that. But the difference of time might not be too long that you can still finish the journey in one day. Just make sure that you get good service include an excellent guide from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. It is not impossible to do this Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs without a guide. But hire a guide could protect you from:

  1. Local people who do not want to tell the truth. If you go without company of a guide, you probably ask the direction to the local people if you lost. If they tell you the wrong direction, you will reach the summit longer than what you’ve already planned. Some of them might also tell you that the climbing is too hard and make you give up. Usually they do that on purpose to make the trekkers hire the guides they know.
  2. The unguaranteed guides that offer service. There are a lot of unguaranteed guides who will be happy to take you to the top and cost you higher than the standard guide cost.

Without a guide, you can save about $30 dollars. But seriously, no one suggest that. Hire a trusted guide! The guide with good experience can handle any situation. The guide will bring the equipment that you need including the unripe breakfast. There is also a situation that you may never have before like the arrival of the sacred monkeys. On the mountain, there are monkeys that are known as sacred animals. They are docile but for those who haven’t met them before, it will become a problem.

The guide will help you to overcome this situation and any other possible situation. Just relax and trust the guide from our company will handle everything. More importantly, you don’t need to worry too much about Mount Batur trekking price because Bagus Bali sunrise trekking has a super hot deal for you.

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