Bali Trekking Tour Review

Bali Trekking Tour Review

Bali Trekking Tour Review

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Bali Trekking Tour Review

Read Bali Trekking Tour Review is Must


Before travel around the world, some people’s decided where to go after reading the review from other visitors. Reading previous reviews seems to be important now. Most of people’s believe that it is important to do some research before deciding where to go and what to do in future. This is because they afraid if what they imagine is not as good as in reality.


There is some websites can give you some details information about tourism destination. So you can get as many as information that you want about the place you will visit. You can find out more idea by searching on google or TripAdvisor for more trust.


Bali Trekking Tour Review


This moment, most people’s tend to plan their holidays far before the actual date. There are several reasons why they choose to do so. The first thing is because they need to arrange their day off before taking the vacation.  Especially for office workers, they bit hard to arrange free holidays from their job. It is also can be cheaper if arrange journey before the actual date. You also can look for the cheap flight, accommodation and tour package that are available online. If you are lucky, you might be able to get huge discount when booking the tour during early bird bit.


Hollywood Movie Have Beed Set In Bali


Traveling to the tropical island is one of the favorite destination among European people. So they can avoid the cold winter to a place where they can feel the warm weather every day. Bali is also favorite places to be visited, it is not only famous among neighborhood country but also Hollywood actress.


Just for you know, there is a Hollywood movie which is set in Bali. Since then, Bali become one of the most visited places in the world. It because not only provide you with tourism attractions but you can also learn the local culturewhile staying here.


Kuta and Ubud is Most Popular Place in Bali


Traveling in Bali, people will expect to have sun bath on Kuta or Ubud. They are enjoying the local café on the evening and having dinner near the beaches at night. However, Bali is more than that. You can join artistry activity such as painting and dancing with the local people. And if you are lucky, you may be able to join one of their annual celebration.


Bali is known for many cultural and religious celebration. This is part of religious activity as well as to attract tourist to come to Bali. To participate on the cultural event, you have to come to Bali at the right time. Make sure you have book of the access long before the day of your arrival.


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is Other Thing You Should to do


Spending time in Bali is not only about staying in Kuta or Ubud. You can also participate on Bali Trekking Tours that is provided by the local agent such as Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. Instead of providing services for professional hikers, this agent will also offer you a tour package which is suitable to the entire family.


One of the most favorite tour package that available for anybody is Bali Sunrise Trekking to Mount Batur. It is famous among local tourist and international visitors. In some review it has been ranked as one of the most fascinating tourism destination in Bali. It was given with 4.5 start from 5, which means that the tour are fascinating. Right now, it has been ranked by million of people that makes this number is trusted.


Why Mount Batur is Recommended for Hiking?


There are reason why people recommend hiking Mount Batur. First, the track is short, so it is suitable for those who have no experience in trekking and hiking a mountain. It is suitable for all member of the family, because the hiking last less than two hours.


The trekking is considered medium, you don’t have to bring any equipment to complete the journey. This is means that you don’t really have to take extreme measure in preparing your stuffs because you only need to bring your necessities.  The necessary thing you have to bring is layered clothes, rain coat, proper shoes, and some snacks, and your own camera.


Another reason why people choose to go to Mount Batur is because the air is much fresher when you climb it early in the morning. The mountain is surrounded by mountain and pedestrian which make the surrounding are fresh and clean. Climbing Mount Batur early in the morning will be less exhausted, because the weather is much cooler than in the afternoon where the sun is too hot to bear.


If you are not a person who can wake up early, then you might reconsider taking the afternoon tract which is also interesting. People climb Mount Batur early in the morning to see the sunrise view which is not available at the rest of Bali region, while taking an afternoon walk will allow you to see the panorama of sun set which is totally different from what you saw in Kuta and Ubud.


Think Also About Mount Batur Trekking Price


Mount Batur sunrise trekking price is considered cheap. This is because they are available in different type and services, you can get detail information about the prices you can access to If you want a private tour with private guide for your family, maybe you have to pay from extra prices. However, if you budget is limited, then you can join a group tour so you can share the expense together.


Hiking Mount Batur is not only about hiking, it is more than that. Many people give good review because the local village provide outstanding facilities which can be enjoyed with your family, friends, even by solo travelers. Most of the visitors enjoy Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs. With this package you can have relaxing hot bath after completing the tour. There are others things that you can also enjoy while traveling to Batur. It is like taking water sport course in the mountain lake, cycling along the rice paddies, camping and many more.


At this moment, the local village already provide variety of attractions. So will better if you stay on Batur area for several days to enjoy the village to the fullest. If you are arrived at the right time, you can also take part to mountain cleaning ceremony which is held two times a year. The ceremony is divided to clean the mountain from devil and misfortune. During that time, the local people will held parade and cultural and religious activities during that day which you can enjoy.

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