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Bali Trekking Tour

Have you tried the Bali trekking tour? If you haven’t, that’s too bad. Bali is indeed well-known for its beach and culture. There are even more than 60 world-class surfing spot on this island. however, in this beautiful island, you also can find many great and challenging trekking route in several mountains you can try.


Among many mountains you can find in Bali, there are three that can be considered to be the popular destination for trekking. They are Mount Batur, Mount Abang, and Mount Agung. Fortunately, we also provide the trekking package for enjoying these three mountains. But, before you start your Bali trekking tour, it would be better, if you know more about these three mountains.

Mount Batur

Stand at 1,717 meters above sea level, this mountain is the best choice for you who have no or less trekking experience. the mount Batur trekking is easier than the other two mountains. Therefore, you won’t have a problem. Just follow the instruction of your guide, plus prepare your physical condition. Trekking use almost all of your muscle. So, a good physical condition will also keep you away from injury and other problems.


In Mount Batur, there are many things you can do and see. The main goal to climb Mount Batur is enjoying the beautiful sunrise at the peak of this mountain. In fact, all the Bali trekking tour company offer this activity as the main activity you can try. Sunrise is one thing. other than that, you also can see the Batur Lake, enjoy hot springs, see the coffee plantation, and even meet the wild monkeys at the top of the mountain.

Mount Abang

Mount Abang gives you harder challenge than Mount Batur. The first challenge is the route itself. You will walk through the dense tropical forest here. It’s so physical-challenging as well as fun. the air is fresh. And, you can really rejuvenate your mind and body during your trekking in Mount Abang.


But, you don’t need to worry. This hard route isn’t going forever. After you go through the forest, there will be a flat and more comfortable route you can take. This will make the trekking much easier than before. So, you can relax and enjoy your Bali trekking tour here.


The time for reaching the peak of Mount Abang is around 2.5 hours. Therefore, you will start your climbing from the starting point at dawn. You will start climbing around 3 a.m. So, you can reach the top right before sunrise. At the top of this mountain, you can enjoy this beautiful sunrise view.


That’s not all. Mount Abang is also located close to Mount Batur. So, you also can see Mount Batur and Batur Lake from its peak. Moreover, when the weather is good, you can even see Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island. One word we can use to describe this view is magical. Therefore, do not forget to put Mount Abang as one of the destinations in your Bali trekking tour.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung is the sacred mountain of Bali. According to Balinese, they believe that this mountain is the center of the world. This is also the reason why all the temples you can find in Bali, face this mountain. Because of this sacredness, you put it in your Bali trekking tour plan and try the trekking route in Mount Agung.


Mount Agung is the highest mountain in Bali with the height of 3,031 meters above sea level. Therefore, the trekking route wouldn’t be easy. In fact, this mountain trekking route is the hardest among these 3 mountains. Mostly, it’s because of the length of the trekking route.


Usually, if you take the Bali trekking tour package, you will start your climbing at dawn. However, in order to arrive at the peak of Mount Agung right before the sunrise, you will need to start your climbing at midnight. It takes around 6 hours to climb from the starting point to the point where you can see the most beautiful sunrise on Earth, at the top of Mount Agung.


The Preparation

Now, you know the best destination for trekking in Bali. What you need to do next is making a preparation. It’s simple, actually. You just need to prepare like what you usually do when you climb other mountains. The first most important thing to prepare for your bali trekking tour is a physical condition. make sure you are in good condition and no injury.


Then, equipment is also important. You will need a jacket, hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, flashlight and maybe climbing sticks. If you use Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking, you will get most of them. This company provides the headlight as well as climbing sticks if you need it.


The last thing you need to do is using the best company and guide. They will help you with all preparation, fee, and other things. For this one, just like we said a couple times above, Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking is the best choice.


This company has experienced and English-speaking guide for you. They provide all the equipment that you need. They also give you a delicious breakfast at the top of the mountain. So, you can enjoy the sunrise while eating. Plus, their service is also affordable.


Therefore, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the best Bali trekking tour, you just need to use this company service. Then, you will have a chance to enjoy those three mountains for the best trekking experience you can get.

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