Bali Volcano Tour TripAdvisor

Bali Volcano Tour TripAdvisor

Bali Volcano Tour TripAdvisor

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Bali Volcano Tour TripAdvisor

If you are looking for a Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor, you have come to the right place! For your information, Bali is famous for its great and beautiful tourist destinations. Bali has so many tourist sites which will please your eyes and relax your mind and body. It is also known among tourist that TripAdvisor can give you references whenever you want to plan a vacation. Not to mention that TripAdvisor can also provide you with booking options. By using TripAdvisor, you can choose what kind of vacation do you want to do and you can even plan a vacation for groups.


If you are planning to do a volcano tour on the mountain of Bali, it is strongly recommended to use TripAdvisor. You can choose where Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor which you want to do. There are so many options and packages for you and your families. Not only you can go to a group, but you can also do this volcano tour alone. The TripAdvisor will provide you with any information related to the trip or vacation which you want to apply. The TripAdvisor will also provide you with the prices of each vacation. Therefore, we will give you lists of volcano tours in Bali.

Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Mount Batur has been known as one of the active mountains in Bali. Although there are other mountains in Bali with beautiful sceneries, Mount Batur always becomes the favorite Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor for the tourists. If you want to see the beautiful sunrise on top of Mount Batur, you can apply for this tour from TripAdvisor. No need to be confused about the pickup because this tour provides you with a driver plus a guide to aid you throughout the hiking. The guide will also make you breakfast on top of Mount Batur while you are seeing the sunrise.


The duration of this Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor is about eleven hours. You will get mineral water, one local guide to aid your trekking, head torch because you will depart around 1 or 2 am, walking sticks to help you hike the steep ways, hotel pickup and drop-off, and transportation. You will get breakfast on top of Mount Batur. The breakfast is eggs boiled on the steam of the volcano along with bread or fruits and coffee or tea. This tour also includes an entry admission to the tourist site so you do not have to bother to let out some cash.

Batur Caldera Trekking and Hot Springs Tour

If you want to enjoy to do trekking and watch the sunrise and also go to the hot springs of Mount Batur, you can apply this Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor. Unlike the previous vacation option, this tour only requires 9 hours hiking up to Mount Batur. You can also apply for this vacation for groups for you and your friends and families. This tour also has many inclusions in an affordable price. No need to be confused about language because you will get a guide which can speak English well so that he can guide you throughout the hiking.


Just like any other trekking tour, this Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor will provide you with transportation along with English-speaking driver. Because your departure to the mountain will start at 3.30 am, the guide will give you and your groups flashlights. You will also be given bottled water to keep you hydrated throughout the hiking. Once you have arrived at the sunrise spot, the guide will make you breakfast of eggs boiled in volcano steams along with bread, fruits, and coffee or tea. You do not have to let out some cash to get into the hot spring because this tour has already covered it.

Camp at Mount Batur Tour

If you want to enjoy both sunset and sunrise, you can apply for this Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor. Although it is a bit expensive than the other tour options, you will get an unforgettable vacation by choosing this tour. The duration of this tour is around 18 hours. For your information, this tour has already included all taxes and fees. You will also get a guide which can speak English fluently. This tour can be for groups or alone depending on yourself. If you love the idea of joining nature, then this volcano tour is perfect for you and your friends.


In this Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor, you will be given bottled water throughout the hiking process. You will also get meals prepared by the guide. The meals are for breakfast and dinner along with coffee and tea. You will also be given trekking pole to help you walk on steep ways up to the mountain. The mount Batur camping tent will also be given to you when you reach the peak. No need to be confused about transportation because you will get transportation along with a driver. The driver will pick you up and drop you off when you are done camping at the mountain.


From the lists above, you can see that the main goal or main attraction of the tour is for you to see the beautiful sunrise in Mount Batur. The hot spring also becomes the main attraction for the tourists to rest their body after the trekking. Nevertheless, there are still so many tours which you can find in the TripAdvisor. You can see the explanations, the Bali trekking tour itineraries, and the price of each tour. Visit TripAdvisor if you are planning to go to Bali for a vacation. Happy choosing the Bali volcano tour TripAdvisor!


Bali Volcano Tour TripAdvisor

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