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Doing a Cheap Mount Batur Trekking

Planning a cheap Mount Batur trekking is a fun thing to do with your friend. Here are the tips for those who want to cling the Mount Batur. The plan here can be considered as budget climbing, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. The trip started around the afternoon, staying overnight, and going to the top of the mountain early morning.


Bringing the needed equipment is necessary when planning a cheap Mount Batur trekking tour. Food and drink are essential so you should bring enough. You can bring three water mineral bottles, 1 wrapped lunch, and 1 pack of bread. As for the supporting equipment, there are some that are necessary and some are optional. The necessary equipment is LED flashlight, small gas lighters, a pack of tissue, and plastic bags. The optional equipment and supplies include a power bank, a camera, a bottle of instant coffee, and a bag of mint candies. Don’t forget to download a GPS application like Backpacker GPS Trails Lite to help you explore the mountain. You can bring additional equipment, but make sure it is necessary and not too much that could make you uncomfortable.

The clothes you wear are also important when having a cheap Mount Batur trekking. For the pants, you should bring one training pant and one leisure pant. For the upper clothes, you can bring one comfortable t-shirt to wear. The most important thing is to bring a thick jacket to protect you from the cold weather. Another important thing is to use shoes with great grip for mountain climbing and trekking. When you go to the entrance of the mountain, you can put the training pant in your bag.

When you decide to have a cheap Mount Batur trekking, then you can skip the service of the mountain Batur guide. It can save you around Rp. 500,000, perfect for you who want to do a budget mountain climbing. Once the equipment is ready and your team is all prepared, then it is time to go to the mountain.

The climbing

If you don’t know the place to stay overnight, you can try to ask the guard on the mountain climbing post. Around the area, you will find a Pondok or Balai that you can use to sleep and take a rest. Ask for permission to stay there politely because the post is quite cozy with clean room, TV, sound system, good lighting, electric source, and toilet. Make sure that you reach the post around 6 P.M so you can catch the sunrise at the top. Once you reach the post, you should pay the climbing fee for Rp.100,000 per person and you can stay overnight. During your stay here, you can use the time to eat the packed lunch and planning your way up to the top. You can also decide whether to bring your bag or not. Set the alarm for 2.30 A.M to continue your cheap Mount Batur trekking.

Once the alarm wakes you up, you can eat small snacks and bring a bottled coffee. Make sure you empty your bladder and get ready to start the cheap Mount Batur trekking around 3.10 A.M.Change your leisure pants with the training pants. You can bring some money because there will be one or two sellers that offer you with small food and drink at the top.

There are three options to reach the top of the mountain. The first is that you can use a guide, which is not needed since your plan doesn’t include a guide. The second is to follow anyone that climb the mountain because all of them have the same destination. The third option is to use the GPS application mentioned before.

To use the recommended Backpacker GPS Trails Lite during your cheap Mount Batur trekking, you have to turn on your smartphone and make sure the power is above 80%. Activate the data service and GPS on your smartphone. Then, run the app to see the interface. Touch the MAP option and press the O button and + button on the top left of the screen. Once the location is set, there will be a blue dot and your route will be ready. The blue dot is your location and you will see the route, which is the red-dotted line

If you follow the route, you will reach the first checkpoint. There is the next checkpoint, which is the top of the mountain and the app doesn’t have the route for it so you have to find the way by yourself or simply just follow other climbers. The route to the top will be quite steep (around 60 degrees of slope level) and you can reach it for around 40 minutes. The trek is also rocky and sandy, so you have to be careful on each step. Once you reach the top, your cheap Mount Batur trekking will reach its climax and you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise view.

Additional information

If you do the cheap Mount Batur trekking without stopping, you might reach the top around two to two and a half hours walking. So, you will reach the top around 5.30 A.M. Once you reach the top, you can enjoy the bottled coffee or buy it from a small, non-permanent warong. You can also explore the mountain crater by yourself and take several photos. In total, you will spend around Rp.100,000 to climb Mount Batur.

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