Fun Thing About Mount Batur Trekking

Fun Thing About Mount Batur Trekking

Fun Thing About Mount Batur Trekking

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Fun Thing About Mount Batur Trekking

Holiday in Bali must be a refreshing time. Every people has refreshing method that suitable them best. Somepeople will be refreshed when they watch horror movie. Others maybe refreshed only when they take a deep breath on a lake. Someone may love gardening to refresh theirself. There are so many activity to refresh body and soul. Mount Batur trekking in Bali is one example of activity that can refresh body, soul, and become closer to God at once.

Mount Batur, The Sacred One
Mount Batur trekking can start with arriving to Bali and go to Kintamani District. There, find Pura Jati or Toya Bungkah to start the journey. In this starting point, you’ll need to pay about IDR 100.000 for each person as the registration fee. In this place you can find guide that offer their help to find the right parth until summit. You’ll be better to have a mount batur guide, especially if this is your first mount Batur Trekking.

Mount Batur has 1716 m height from sea level. This is middle height mountain, but it doesn’t mean Batur unchallenging to hike. From the starting point, hikers will meet almost flat path. But time by time, it getting steep, more and more. Especially after you pass the first post.

First post is a place where hikers can rest for a while. Hikers that unable to keep walking, can stop in this place untill their team back. This post located after the half part of the journey. The next path contain almost the same properties: steep, rocky, or slippery sand. Around the path, the land covered by green plants that make the view so beautiful.

Usually, hikers start their journey before dawn. The purpose is to reach summit at sunrise. Of course, seeing sunrise on summit will give you very special feeling. Hikers that do mount Batur sunrise trekking can reach summit in 2 – 2,5 hours if they have fit condition. But new hikers may need more. So if usually sunrise come at 6.00 am, you can count the time you should start.

Before do the night trekking in mount Batur, you should know about what do you need to prepared before go hike mount Batur. You must bring good flashlight and extra batteries. This will help you see the path condition and avoid you from fall. When the fog covered the mountain, your flashlight will help you to see. Usually, in this condition, normal eye can’t see far. Some hikers wrote that in foggy condition, they only can see no more than ten meters even with flashlight.

Bring enough water to avoid dehydration. You’ll need it along the way. But don’t bring too much that will make your bag too heavy to bring. Save your energy with bringing only proper stuffs. You don’t need too thick jackets, cooking stuffs, or tents. Because usually people don’t stay on Batur’s Summit.
Bring your photography stuffs. The view from summit is too good to leave without documentation. Any angle you take will give you beautifull photos. The rock, the other mountain, the lake, the plants, and many more. They’re too beautiful.

As wise hikers, keep this sacred mountain clean. Never leave waste, especially plastic on it. Don’t destroy any rock and plants. Respect the Creator of the mountain with good attitude as a good hikers.

5 Fun Of Mount Batur Trekking
Mount Batur trekking do in a sacred place. But it doesn’t mean there’s no fun. As long as you do this trekking safely and wisely, here are five funs you can find in mount Batur:

1. The Widest Kaldera
Mount Batur has the widest kaldera in the world. The kaldera appear after the erruptions many years before. This make mount Batur different with other mountains of volcanoes. Coming to a mountain with special part like this will give you an unforgetable fun.

2. The Lake
Mount Batur also have a lake named Batur Lake. The shape is similar to a crescent. The lake itself is so beautiful, but lake that surround by mountains is more beautiful.

3. Beautiful View
Mountains always offer beautifull view even day or night. Mount Batur offer beautiful lamplights that comes from the villages around. They looks like stars at nights. As an active volcano, mount Batur has good quality soil. This is good for growing plants. Citizen love to live around this mountain to work as farmers. They can grow many kind of plants. That’s why there are so many houses around the mountain.
At the day, you can see the sunrise. Sunrise and morning sky combine with the mount Abang and the lake, is the best view from summit. Lots of hikers choose mount Batur trekking for this experience. After the sunrise, stay a little longer to see more. Look around. Every angle you do will give beautiful view that you won’t find in other places.

4. Challenging Path
The path in mount Batur is so challenging. It’s rocky in some part. It has sands that make the path slippery, too. Hiking in this mountain make your adrenaline flow.
Challenge yourself for this experience. Reach the summit and this will invite your convidence.

5. Be Thanksfull To Yourself And God
Seeing the mountain that has beautifull view after the challenging path should be a spiritual moments. Be thankfull to God that guide you so you got no accidents. God also give you strength to reach the summit. Be thankfull to yourself that can manage energy and mind to be sure and keep going until summit. You’re so lucky with this experience and chance.

Mount Batur trekking offer body and soul refreshments. Mount Batur has beautiful view and challenging path that guide you to get spiritual moment. The beautiful view will give you eye refreshment and good photos for your collection. Be thankfull to God that always guide you and give you chance to have a special experience. Be thankfull to yourself that has good mindpower so you don’t give up until reach the summit. Keep mount Batur clean and safe, so that more people can find fun on it.

Come on and join us! Your satisfied is our priority.



Bagus Bali Sunrise team.

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