Get Your Guide for Mount Batur Trekking

Get Your Guide for Mount Batur Trekking

Get Your Guide for Mount Batur Trekking

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Get Your Guide for Mount Batur Trekking

Tips To Get Your Best Mount Batur Guide


Bali sunrise trekking grabs world attention globally. Before this time, there were just few people came to enjoy the beauty of the nature. People were more interested with the beach and to have window shopping. However, trekking recently is so ‘yummy’.


Before we come to the detail of mount Batur trekking, let us comprehend the meaning of trekking. Some aspects in trekking are similar with ‘hiking’. But there are differences that make those two words used separately and differently. It is true that the activities of the two words are ‘walking’. The differences lie on the path and the length. Both have the same aim that is to seek a pleasure. But trekking is wilder than hiking.


The reason of that statement is hiking involves the previous track. It means that in hiking activity, there is a path that guides us to the destination. While in ‘trekking’, the destination is more natural and probably doesn’t have path. That is why trekking usually takes longer time. Of course trekking is harder than hiking. Trekking is now popular because of that challenging reason. People will be excited dealing with the unknown path with few mazes that can triggers our brain to work in fun way.


Mount Batur Trekking As Vacation


In this time, stress reliever is not just something exciting. In the traditional way, we used to do something fancy like partying, gossiping and etc. Because people started to be bored by those fancy activities, trekking become a golden alternative. We are seeking a pleasure, and by trekking, yes we will get that.


Get Your Mount Batur Guide


The amusement comes from the sceneries around. Furthermore, Mount Batur (in Bali Island) has a virgin natural view. We will climb the mount as in Bali trekking tour with our own feet. That is something that we seldom do in daily life because usually we off to work by vehicle (car, motorbike, taxi cab, etc).


As stated in the first paragraph above that trekking is wilder than hiking, we need a very credible mount Batur guide. We cannot walk by ourselves because we can be lost. Although we have the modern tools like GPS, we need the real human guide to show us the way. Besides, we can talk to him for real. That is something that we will not get from robotic helper. So, besides the sophisticated and modern tools, we need the real human guide to accompany us to go up there in the Mount Batur.


Selecting Cool Mount Batur Guide


In guiding our Bali sunrise trekking, there are several requirements to be the best guide that we can choose. We can’t just take the guide randomly because the path in trekking activity is wilder than that of hiking. The requirements of the guide in Bali sunrise trekking tour are:

First, the guide must possess mountaineering skill.

The path in trekking is harder than the other path. The mountaineering skill is needed to face the steep grade ant other difficulties during the trekking.

Second, the guide must have bravery.

During the activities, we don’t know what we will meet. Some wild animals might show up. Thus, the brave mount guide can protect us from the animals. This bravery thing is also advantageous to face the surprise or unintentional situation that might happen.

Third, the guide must be communicative.

This occurs to the trekkers and also the people around the area. If we have question, he must strive to answer with the simple explanation so all the trekkers can understand easily. To support this communication requirement, the guide must be able to speak in at least two languages. They are the foreign language (at least English) and the local language (at least Bahasa Indonesia).  If we are just having chit chat in spare time, it is okay to use dictionary or ask the interpreter to translate. That can build intimacy among the people. However, in trekking activity, the caution must be delivered rapidly so the trekkers can take action as fast as they can if there is a danger.

Fourth, the guide must be kind.

This is personal but prominent. Why this requirement is separated by the communicative one? It is because they are two different things although it supports each other. If the guide is communicative but delivers the information with the arrogant behavior, it must kill our mood and the journey is no longer fun. The stress reliever is changed to be a stress factor, nope, dont let it happen. Fifth, the guide must have the sophisticated gadget so we will not lose in an unknown forest. We never hope something happen to us during the journey.


Why Choose Bagus Bali Sunrise for Your Mount Batur Trekking Guide


However we cannot guess what is going to happen even just the next second. Prepared guide is seriously needed. There are so many travel agents that offer good guide with fine personality. In fact only Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking that gives the complete package includes the fun personality of the guide. While trekking, he will explain the environment.


No just that, the guide can give an advice to us about the next destination if we are confused about the next plan such as Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs package. That is the good combination that gains popularity in social media. After enjoying the sunrise, we can go to the hot spring and have another fun time there by sitting in the gazebo and enjoy beverages.


Reasonable Price


For all the vacation plans, we need to provide the financial supply. Everything needs money but Mount Batur trekking tours price with Bagus Bali sunrise trekking will not cost us a very high payment. With the perfection of the guide, we still can get the reasonable price that will not make us broke in just one journey. The importance of taking the reasonable price is we still can save some money for another important thing.


That is why Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking http://­www.bagusbalisunrise.­com/ is the most perfect and suitable for all of us. We can enjoy the ‘luxurious’ service with the best price. So, what are you waiting for? Let us get Bali trekking tours together and inhale the fresh air in mount Batur, Bali.

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