Great Adventure In Exploring Bali

Bali Trekking Exploration

Great Adventure In Exploring Bali

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Bali Trekking – Bali Exploration

Bali Trekking Exploration

Bali trekking tours are number one mount exploration activity. It is no longer a secret that outdoor activity is more interesting. Take an example, Bali sunrise trekking. At dawn, or even before that, people go out to the mountain peak just to see the first sun ray.


The era before this era, people had experiments in science to invent new easy way of anything for example, communication. The technology that is developed time to time gives us the easier and easier way to get in touch with our loved ones. First by inventing a cellular phone that can be brought everywhere we go.


Then, the following is texting with short message service. Now, people can ‘meet’ the relatives that lives far away by video call and have real time message with chatting application. Now, maybe we have reached the highest technology in communication. Even, we don’t have to meet people in real life, just have video call then we meet whoever we want.


However, people feel that this is not completely right. This whole technology thing reduces the frequency of friend and family meeting. They began to miss the warm and the closeness while they’re together with family and acquaintance. Finally, people want to go back to the traditional way to enjoy life, to meet the loved people and go somewhere for real.


Exploring Bali More

Instead of looking at the picture in the internet, now it is more fun to explore it in real world. It takes maybe around 1-5 minutes to browse the pictures of nice places in the internet. Even, it takes no more 30 seconds, if the internet is good, to find what we are looking for in the browser.


But that is so much different from the real life exploration. So, people start to have expedition. Bali, an island that is under Indonesia government, has attractive nature. Everyone knows about how beautiful Kuta beach is. This beach has white sand. The sea faces the west.

When the sun sets, Kuta is the most perfect place to spend the rest of the day. Next place that is scary but give exotics is Mount Agung. This mountain is the highest mountain in Bali. The predicate, on the contrary, make people curious to climb and to know what it is in the volcano.


Now then the other exotic mount that can be a good choice is Mount Batur. When people catch the sunset in Kuta Beach, otherwise, people have Bali sunrise trekking in Mount Batur and see the light rises up. Mount Batur is 1.700s meters high. The eruption that happened in 1910s mainly formed this mount. The special thing of this mount, compare to the other mount, is the lake nearby. From the top, we can see two beautiful things: the sunrise and the water shine below.


Mount Batur And Its Exotics

Admiring Mount Batur from the far distance is good. But, we will know more about this gorgeous mountain if we see it from the near distance. Although, there have been many people gone up to the Mount Batur, this outdoor activity is still called trekking. The path of the route is left virgin. No one makes the path permanent.


The visitor can have the route whatever they want. If one side doesn’t work, they can always trek the mountain from the other sides. For people rarely go to gym, this activity can make your body work. But don’t forget to have a little exercise before the expedition starts to warm your body up.  In order to catch the ray’s spectacle and no to be late, you can start to trek at dawn.


Choose the suitable shoes for climb the mountain because the slippery shoes will not help. During the expedition, people have to follow the mountain guide. He is the one who knows the best rout. He also knows how to face any unintentional occurrence.


Some people say that the trekkers don’t need mountain guide. But usually the new trekkers forget at least one thing to bring then the trekking activity will not be as perfect as they dreamed of. The mountain guide will bring the equipment that trekkers might need. So if you forget something, the mountain guide will have spare.


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking And Hot Springs

After the trekkers reach the summit, they will witness more than one natural beauty. The sunrise will be the first beauty. Then if they see below, the eyes will focus on the lake. The sun rays will meet the water and the beautiful reflection impresses everyone who sees that. When the trekkers get down from the mountain summit, they can drop in the hot spring. There are gazebos and some places offer snack and beverages. You can enjoy the sceneries while relieving the tiredness.


What Makes Mount Batur Hot Spring is Recommended?

This enjoyable moment makes mount Batur sunrise hiking and hot springs reach trend in world search. Those all dreamy stuffs will not sound so dreamy if you can make them come true. With Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking, everything you need is cared by the professional one. You don’t need to worry about the safety and a bunch of things that people usually forget. The route to the summit is also guaranteed as a safe route by the guide. The guide already has experiences to go up there and can choose the challenging but safe route.


The Mount Batur trekking price might make you wonder how much you will spend in Indonesia. From now you can save money to plan this wonderful journey. And for sure, with Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking, you will get the good price with super fine service. This can help you manage your finance in the future.


You can save more money for the other needs. You still can get the pleasure by doing trekking adventure and you can save some left. How about arranging the other adventure with the saved money? That sounds great. After you have your previous adventure, you can also invite more people to join the next expedition. Visit http://www.bagusbalisunrise.­com/ to help you find the further information including the pricelist.


Bali Trekking Exploration

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