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Lempuyang Temple Bali Entrance Fee
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Lempuyang Temple Bali Entrance Fee

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Pura Lempuyangan Luhur or internationally known as Lempuyangan Temple is one of the highly regarded temple that has been around for a long time. Often in line together with the mother temple, Besakih Temple, Lempuyangan temple is one of the most important place for Balinese Hinduism. Not only for its spiritual value, this temple also located in an amazing location which made it one of the most famous place to do trekking tour in Bali.

Where Is Lempuyangan Temple Located?

Located in East Bali, in Lempuyangan Village, Karangasem Regency, this temple sit up above the mountain area, about 1.175 meters above the sea level. It takes more than 1.700 steps of stairs to get you into the main temple. The staircase that will lead you to the temple is surrounded by beautiful forest, unique animal, as well as several smaller temples. This fact makes Lempuyangan Temple one of the best way to embrace the both cultural and nature side of eastern Bali while doing trekking or hiking.

The view from the area below is actually pretty amazing but it get way more stunning once you reach the peak. This is why hiking and trekking became one of the most chosen way to enjoy Lempuyangan Temple. There is a belief that only those with strong spiritual value can actually reach the top and deserve the amazing view from the peak.

The view around the staircase is exceptionally beautiful. This makes your climb feels a lot more enjoyable despite a lot of step you should climb. If you are lucky, you might also meet the grey macaques. You don’t allowed to touch or feed them, but they can be a good refreshment to see during your long climb.

It most likely to take around 2 hours until you finally reach the top, where the Lempuyangan Temple exists. Once you get there you might see some pilgrimage alongside an amazing-looking dragon staircases. Beside the dragon staircases, there are also several other picturesque spots, including the top of the stairs and the sight of the neighbor Mount Agung’s slope. The main thing you can definitely enjoy in this temple is the sense of calmness which make it a perfect hideaway from crowd and city life.

Lempuyangan temple is not as big as Besakih Temple in term of size but it offers something that cannot be found elsewhere. Calm yet mystical vibe is perfect for those who search for a place to soothe mind, body, and even soul. Unlike the other temple, Lempuyangan Temple is considered less crowded and it makes visitors can get around easier.

Lempuyangan Temple Bali Entrance Fee

It is obvious that Lempuyangan Temple is a great place for those who want to enjoy trekking while exploring Bali culture and spiritual aspects. Consider how much Lempuyangan Temple can offer to its visitors, there is no wonder why it became one of the most famous trekking destination. I t also gain a lot more recognition by international hiker or trekker community which made it an obvious choice for a lot of people out there.

The next question that comes to mind is of course how much it cost to get in there? How much the entrance fee to get in Lempuyangan Temple? The good news is the entrance fee is only IDR 10.000 / person. You can totally get in to the temple without spending much money, besides for the parking fee if you are bring your own vehicle. This way you only have to prepare for your transportation fee and another additional thing to bring to help you enjoy your trekking journey.

An Easiest Way To Explore Lempuyangan Temple

Another question that most likely to pop in your mind is which way you can get in to Lempuyangan Temple. The temple is actually located quite far away from the city center. It will take around 2 hours’ drive to get there from the center of Ubud, and take around the same time from the center of Denpasar. Even from its neighbor Mount Agung, Lempuyangan Temple is actually 19 Kilometers away.

This make your journey to get there can be a little bit tricky and expensive, especially if you are new to the area. Some recommended to rent a private car or even minibus to get you there. This is of course only available to those who can drive and have confident to arrive without getting lost. If you get lost, another problem might surfaced as well, which is can you ask some help from the local?

All those possibility then lead to one of the ultimate best and easiest way to visit Lempuyangan Temple, which is hire a private guide. There are a lot of guide and touring service you can find around Bali, and it’s a must to make sure you choose the best and most trusted one.

Best Guide And Driver Service To Get There

Which touring service is the best? Which service will guarantee you to enjoy your journey of a lifetime? One of the most recommended service is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. This company based on Kintamani and offers a series of amazing tour package, including best Lempuyang tour package. Their package include all the necessity you need to enjoy your journey, from well-functioning vehicle and driver, as well as English-speaking guide.

Every package from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking contains a very thoroughly planned itinerary. This makes sure you can spend your precious time at the best service.  Their package also usually include breakfast or snack time as well as combination with another destination spots. Their package also guarantee you will be taken care of right after you left your hotel until te moment you get back in front of your hotel.

If you are interested and wanted to find out more about the Lempuyang Bali tour price as well as other packages that currently available, you can directly check our website . We also offer other package that cover other famous trekking spot, such as Mount Batur, caldera’s tour, hot spring tour, and even some camping package.

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