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Lempuyang Temple Bali
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Lempuyang Temple Bali

Who doesn’t know Bali? There are so many people make Bali trekking tour as their next plan. Bali is an island that has so many beautiful objects to visit. It becomes the most famous destination in Indonesia. This island has the strong culture that is still well kept by the inhabitant. It is true that modernism with high technology already swoops in this island too but somehow the culture and the tradition are still running. This one is maybe one of the reasons why Bali is very attractive. Besides the strong culture, the waves in Bali’s beach are perfect for surfing. People from different countries come and try the new experience in surfing in Bali.

Moreover, if you surf on the eastern beach in the morning, you will see glorious sunrise. Otherwise, if you want to see beautiful orange color of sunset you can surf on western beach. The nice hospitality also comforts the tourists. Bali is now tourism-oriented so the inhabitants are trained to be nice to everyone. They are nice to a new comer so if you visit Bali, you will feel comfortable in Bali trekking and tour.

Bali Tourism Industry

Bali starts to be the most visited island among others in Indonesia in the year of 1980s. Many people visit the island, enjoy great time there then tell it to their friends or relatives that there is a paradise named Bali. More people come to visit Bali time by time and make a turnover in economy. Before this big rise in amount of tourist, Bali’s economy is strengthened by agriculture. But since 1980s as mentioned above, the economy is 80% supported by tourism business and everything related to it.

To support the change of Bali economy priority, Bali upgrades its quality in music, painting, traditional dance (also the modern one as well) sculpture and all about arts. Some houses (or even most) are kept in Bali vintage design and become one of the uniqueness. Bali also has annual event, it is international festival for film.

Lempuyang Temple

You probably already heard about Tanah Lot Temple that lies on the edge of the sea. In fact, that is not the only temple that Bali has. There is another beautiful temple that offers a beauty of a holy place. It is Pura Penataran Lempuyang that simply known as Lempuyang Temple. It is a group of pura (Hindu temples) sited in Lempuyang mount’s slope. This is Pura complex environing Mount Lempuyang. This place is known to be the holiest place for Hindu and hugely regarded.

Let’s dig more about the history behind Lempuyang temple and who knows it makes you want to have Lempuyang temple Bali tour package. The building process of the prayers spot in the Mount Lempuyang is believed that it preceded almost all of the Pura in Bali. The temples around Mount Lempuyang are represented by Pura Lempuyang Luhur. The tallest temples are categorized in a group of temples, Pura Sad Kahyangan Luhur Lempuyang. This is counted as one of the six holiest places in the world. In Bali itself, this is the holiest place. This is intended to make Balinese people keep the balance between spiritual and non spiritual. Thus, this is a very important spot for Balinese people.

Lempuyang Temple Tour

The history makes this place more interesting. Moreover, the shape of pura/temple building is beautiful with Balinese engrave. People start to come, capture the moment there with their camera. The government realizes that this place attracts people outside at once is the holy place for Hindu people so in 2001, Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang is maintained. The government is really pleased that this place could be the important tourism destination. But the former visitors make mistake. They enjoy the great time so much and forget that this group of temples is a holly place for Hindu people. They break the rules. Because of that unwanted incident, now the government strengthens policy. All visitors have to be obedient to the rules.

  1. Do not use bad language. Bad language here means profanity or bad words. Hindu people are very careful to talk in the holy place. One of the ways to respect the place is to use only the good and positive words.
  2. Wear the proper outfit. The proper outfit to visit pura or holy temple is the outfit that covers your body well. Short pants, bikini and other clothes with the similar design are not allowed to wear while visiting pura. Before this rule is proclaimed, there was a tourist who wore bikini and did the yoga pose in pura. That makes the Hindu people angry.
  3. The third rule is for the girls and women. If you want to visit pura, make sure that you are not in your period. This one is also forbidden. This is a holy place that Hindu people use it to pray. The visitors have to be clean and in a ‘clean’ condition too.

Visit Lempuyang Temple With No Worry

Those rules make people afraid to go there. But if we go back and rethink about it, what is hard to follow? It is easy. Just act nice, dress properly and we will be fine. Don’t worry about it because in Lempuyang tour package, provided by Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking, there is already a nice guide who will guide you. The guide already has experience with the objects you visit. He will remind you if you forget about the rules. The guide also has ability in speaking local language (Indonesia and Balinese). It minimizes the misunderstanding between the visitors and Hindu people.

The guide also has ability in speaking English. If you come from English speaking country, you won’t lose any direction from the guide and you will be just fine. Ability in taking good pictures with good angles is also owned by the guide. While visiting the temple, you might be busy admiring the scenery or you want to capture the whole members of the trip, you can always ask the guide to help you. The package is complete, includes the guide. If you think about a very high cost, you are not 100% right. The package that is offer from us has a good price for lempuyang tour.

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