Lempuyang Temple Day Tour

Lempuyang Temple Day Tour

Lempuyang Temple Day Tour

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Lempuyang Temple Day Tour

Bali is known as a tourist paradise for some obvious reasons. It offers a complete package of exotic beaches, beautiful nature, as well as well-preserved culture. This makes Bali a perfect destination for every dream destination. One activities that gain a lot of popularity lately is trekking. Bali has some amazing mountains and hills which make it a perfect trekking route for the adventurers.

One trekking spot that currently gain a lot of popularity is Lempuyangan Temple, locally refers as Pura Lempuyangan Luhur. Located in Easter Bali, in Karangasem area to be precise, this temple sit up in the hill. This temple offers a perfect combination of Balinese cultural heritage and green surrounding, make it the best spot for Bali Instagram tour.

What Can You See In Lempuyangan Temple

As we mentioned above Lempuyangan Temple located in Karangasem Regency and one of the most famous trekking spot in East Bali. Sit up above the slope of Lempuyangan hill, this temple offers a unique way to enjoy a temple which is by trekking. There are approximately more than 1.700 steps of stair you have to climb before finally able to see the stunning bird-view from the temple above.

As your climb the stairs, prepare yourself to be greeted by a stunning green forest around. Your way to the top will be accompanied by a very beautiful and calm surrounding. The magical and untouchable image of nature around it makes Lempuyangan Temple one of the tourists’ favorite. A lot of exotic trees from different species can be found along the slope. The beautiful nature undeniable become the main reason why a lot of trekker enjoy their journey in Lempuyangan Temple.

Another good news is this temple is currently also active as a spiritual shrines as well. Lempuyangan temple also considered as one of the most important place for the Balinese Hinduism. It is often sit together along the great ‘mother’ temple, Besakih Temple. This is why you can see a lot of pilgrims are doing rituals or praying during your visit to Lempuyangan Temple.

As it sits on a hill, you can expect a very stunning view from above. This makes the whole temple complex consist various picturesque spots. This is perfect for those looking for memorabilia to share on social media.

Things To Know About Lempuyangan Temple

There are a few thing you better know before begin your journey climbing up the hill. First, since it’s a holy place, it is recommended to wear something that not only comfortable for trekking but also decent. Woman in their period and mourning family are also prohibited to enter the courtyard. While enjoying your journey, make sure you follow the rule and respect the sacred place.

Another rule you better know is an unwritten one. The pilgrim believe that only those with pure heart deserve to enjoy the beautiful view up in the temple. Visitors are not allowed to complain or say that they are tired during their climb. Locals believe only those with strong spirituality and strong mind will able to make it to the top. It is also prohibited to say any bad words or say any negative thing during your visit.

If you are from Denpasar it will take around 2 hours’ drive to take you to Lempuyangan Temple. It makes the best way to get there is by renting a car. If you decide to drive by yourself, there are various route you can try, mostly consist the route that will lead you to Karangasem area. As the route can be tricky and too hard for you, it is recommended to hire a driver as well. Another recommendation is to hire a Bali tour guide as well. This will make your journey safer and well-planned.

Find The Best Guide To Lempuyangan Temple Day Tour

There are a lot of tour guide and service you can find around Bali. Due to Lempuyangan Temple rising popularity a lot of them also offering their service to those who want to explore the temple. Even so, you have to know that not all of them have a standardized service and a good reputation. They might be offering you the same service but it doesn’t mean they will give the same quality of service.

This is why you have to be careful while deciding which service you are going to use. For example they can give you a very affordable price compare to others but not cover a lot of necessity during your tour. This is why you have to make sure what you can get for every budget you spend on your journey.

Besides the price, it is also important to check the plan of your journey. The reputable touring service will give you a detailed and well-planned itinerary. This will give you a very thorough information about what you are going to do during your tour. Make sure you choose the best service so you do not regret about it later on.

Lempuyangan Temple Day Tour By Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking

Which company recommended for a day tour in Lempuyangan Temple? One of the trusted service you can find is provided by Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. Based on Kintamani, this company offer various type of tour package, including Cheap Lempuyang tour package. Their packages will make sure you get the best service that will make your journey way more enjoyable.

Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking is the right Bali trekking company who offers a selection of package that can be sited to your need. Not only that, they also give a detailed itinerary that you can check on their website to make sure every hour of your journey worth the price. In their itinerary you can see how dedicated their service is. For example, they will take care of you for the entire tour, from picking up you at your hotel until you come back safely to your hotel.

Information about Lempuyang tour cheapest price also can be found in their website. In the website you also can check on some other packages they offering. Including Mount Batur Trekking, temple tour, and hot spring package.

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