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Lempuyang Temple Tour From Ubud
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Lempuyang Temple Tour From Ubud

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Bali trekking tour begins to be one of the vacation objects since long time ago. There are so many natural objects that can be trekked; they are mount Agung, Mount Batur, and etc. The holy place that is usually used for praying catches the people's attention too. It is because the uniqueness of the engraved building blended with the stunning views gives the different impression. The routine in work days indeed needs something like that. It is to maintain our 'broken mind' and get a new energy to work again. Bali trekking tour is a good choice that so many people already proved that.  They gave good review in experiencing the adventure in Bali.

A Short History About Lempuyang Temple Bali

From the original words, Lempuyang is from two words, they are 'lampu' that means light and 'hyang' that means God. 'Lampuhyang' (later becomes Lempuyang) means the light of God that is bright. However, history always has more than one version. The other version says that the word Lempuyang comes from a word 'lempuyang' that means one of the seasoning plants for cooking activity.

This plant can be used for medication too. The other version says that 'Lempuyang' is formed from two words: 'empu' that means master and 'emong' that means to care of. According to this version, 'Lempuyang' means the master who takes care. Bhatara Hyang Pasupati delegates his three sons to keep Bali safe and balance so the disaster will not disturb and the unstable condition will be driven away.

Lempuyang Temple As The Trekking Destination

Not everyone knows about Lempuyang temple. But once the world knows, people are happily come to witness the beauty of the sacred temple. And people start to find out about the Lempuyang tours price on the internet and even over the direct phone call. This temple is located on the Bisbis hill's top. Among the other famous temples, this one is the oldest. The God who is believed to be in this temple is Hyang Gni Jaya. People already know about Tanah Lot temple, Besakih temple but only a few know about Lempuyang temple. Because of the recent high technology in communication, this temple gains its popularity as fast as a rocket chip. The trekkers spread and post photos in internet make the watcher feel curious about the temple.

Lempuyang temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali. It lies in the east side of Bali specifically in Karangasem area. It is on Mount Lempuyang’s slope. Lempuyang temple is a group of temples that surround that mount slope. What temples are in there? Let’s check it from the bottom. The very bottom of the temple complex or it will be the first you see if you are there is Pura Penataran Agung. As the name is similar with the mount name ‘Agung’, this temple offers Mount Agung’s view. When the weather is good, you can see the perfect and wonderful scenery from this temple. Above it, there are Pura Pasar Agung, Pura Madya, Pura Telaga Sawan. Pura Puncak Bisbis (random sequence). At the top of those entire temples there is Pura Luhur Lempuyang that is known as the representation of the whole pura/temple.

Get To Lempuyang Temple From Ubud

To go on the trekking activity, you have to know the detail information about it. The temple is up there near the mount so we will really climb the mountain to go there. There are a lot of staircases that connect the temples. The staircase is called Dragon staircase that if you don’t prepare enough for trekking the staircase, you knees will end up really hurt. Before you go on the expedition, you must do exercise to strengthen your body. You might want to focus on feet exercise. At least one week before you start to trek, you have to notice your food consumption. Eat a lot of nutritious food.

It is actually quite far from Ubud. But staying in Ubud can make your Bali vacation easier. Ubud is the perfect place to stay so you can catch your entire destination easily. It takes about 2-2,5hours to drive from Ubud to the starting climbing spot. From the parking area, it takes only about ten minutes to reach the Dragon staircase. To step on the staircase, you need 1,5 hours.

So, for trekking the staircase up and down you need 3 hours to complete. That is the rough calculation. In fact, when you are in there, you will stay to enjoy the sceneries, take pictures and etc. But you have to remember that there are rules in visiting this temple because this is a holy place that Hindu people use it to pray. The amount of the staircase is 1700. You need to wear comfortable shoes with no heels. The Lempuyang tour price that is started from Ubud charge you around $50 dollars. It can be more or less depends on the agent and the Lempuyang temples tour package.

If you take this Lempuyang tour package from Ubud, 8 hours will be great and enough for you to enjoy the beauties. However, if you need more time to finish, there is extra charge that you have to pay hourly. But just don’t worry, the charge is very reasonable. All you have to do is taking a deep breath, relax and do the trekking with no pressure because the good guide from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will wait for you until you finish your journey and take you back to Ubud safely. On the staircase, there will be a long line of the other trekkers so it is important for you to start the journey in the early morning.

Besides avoiding the long line, begin the journey in early morning gives a big chance for you to catch the sunrise. The good journey with hot deal of the price is only in . They also provide the great and friendly guide with good experience to help you in this journey. He will remind you about the rules in visiting these holy temples and bring extra tools that you might need. The guide also owns photography ability so you can take good pictures of you with the scenery.

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