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Lempuyang Temple: The Gate Of Heaven Above And Below
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Lempuyang Temple: The Gate Of Heaven Above And Below

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Bali trekking tour is the perfect way for you to taste a new experience. As we know that Bali is already famous and so many people really want to visit Bali. Bunch of activities you can try in Bali. They are rafting, mountain exploration, surfing, observing Balinese cultures, watching Balinese traditional dance and etc. Yes, the traditional dance and the culture thing are still on the list because Bali keeps the traditional culture alive until this recent time. The modern things cannot erase the traditional one. It even supports the traditional things because by activity like uploading photographs in social media, the world knows more about Balinese cultures.

However, Bali trekking tour always has extra fun to offer to the tourists. Trekking makes us happy to see the fresh nature. It also makes our bodies work because we move our body to follow the trekking path. We even move harder if we get more difficult track. Besides, Bali offers the kind and friendly people. Not just the tourism business people, but whole people in general. Bali becomes tourism industry area since long time ago. The inhabitants are very conscious that being kind to the visitors is one of the important assets.

Visiting Temple

In Bali, most people are Hindu. It is a legal religion in Indonesia. Hindu people pray in the place named pura. Pura is temple that made of stones with the beautiful engraved all over the building. This gorgeous place can be visited as the tourism object. But, because this is a religious place, there are many rules that we have to follow. These rules are prevailed in whole temples in Bali.

The rules are: no kiss, no romance activities between a couple; wear the dress that cover the whole body (no sleeveless and short pants/skirt), while visiting temples your mind should think positive, no bad talk or bad language like profanity, women in period are not allowed to enter, early children are also not allowed to enter, and the last is no playing with the holy sculptures in the temples.

Just follow those rules and we are going to be okay in this Lempuyang Bali tours package. The super famous temple in Bali is Tanah Lot temple. But for your information, it is not the only beautiful temple in Bali. There is this perfectly beautiful temple named Lempuyang temple. But to get there, we must make our bodies work a little.

Lempuyang Temple, The Gate Of Heaven

If Tanah Lot temple has openly sea view (because it lies in the edge of the sea), Lempuyang temple has Mountain View. Lempuyang temple itself refers to not just one temple, but a group of temples that lie around mount Lempuyang. These temples are categorized as the oldest group of temples. It is also known as the home of Hyang Gni Jaya (Hindu’s God). The temples, as well as Mount Lempuyang, sited in the east Bali. It is under Karangasem area and exactly sited on the slope of Mount Lempuyang.

Mount Lempuyang itself lies near the very famous and the tallest mount in Bali, Mount Agung. The very first temple you will meet or at the bottom of the temple complex is Pura Penataran Agung. And the last or the top temple is Pura Lempuyang Luhur. It is the representative of the whole complex. Between Pura Lempuyang Luhur and Pura Penataran Agung, there are Pura Pasar Agung, Pura Telga Sawan, Pura Madya and Pura Puncak Bisbis. The label “gate of heaven” comes from the view of the pura gate that lead our eyes to the great Mount Agung view. When the weather is good, brigth and clear, we can see Mount Agung stand tall covered with clouds around it. it is perfectly the gate to the heaven. It is also like a bridge that connects the earth to the sky.

Not just that, this label is perfectly suit to the place because after our eyes enjoy the view up upon us, we will enjoy the different view that is the water palace called Tirta Gangga that is included in the Lempuyang tour package. It is located near the complex of the temples. After we see the great view above, we can enjoy the shine of water below. That is exactly the ‘gate of heaven’.

The Preparation To Go To The Gate Of Heaven

Those promising heaven’s views have to be paid with the long trekking. The very first impotent thing from the whole preparation is your health. We can go there if we are not in a fit condition. A weak before visiting Bali, you have to notice the food that you consume every day. The suggestion from the doctor is that people have to eat good real food. Reduce the junk and fast food. It will make our body fresher. The amount of the food is also important. You are not allowed to have much food. Just ‘enough’, don’t make your stomach too full because it will make your body hard to move.

Beside the food, at least two weeks before the expedition, you have to go to gym to train your muscle especially in feet area. The amount of the staircase is 1700. If you choose not to train your muscle, you might end up hurt your own knees. This staircase is also known as ‘Dragon staircase’. As you picture how a dragon looks like, yes, the staircase is just like the dragon’s body that tortuous.

The next preparation is as mentioned above about the dressing rules. You need to dress properly according to the rules. But the guide from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking also bring sarong (Malayan fabric) to cover for them who probably forget to wear the clothes as the rules say. Wear the comfortable shoes. High heels shoes and boots will not help you. Choose the shoes with the non slippery material and with the very low heels to avoid hurting your knees. You will be fine if the basic needs are fulfilled. Then just start hiking and take good pictures as something to memorize. If you think of an expensive Lempuyang tour price, you are wrong. It is because we has a hot deal on Lempuyang tour price.

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