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Lempuyangan Temple Tour Cost And Price
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Lempuyangan Temple Tour Cost And Price

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Located in the eastern side of Bali, Lempuyang Temple is known as one of Bali most important temple. Not only has been around since ancient era, this temple also highly regarded, along with the mother temple of Besakih. Beautifully placed at 1.175 meters above the sea level, around the area of Mount Lempuyangan, this temple became one of the most important place in Balinese Hinduism. As one of the main temple in Bali, Lempuyang Temple gains a reputtation as a great trekking and hiking spot.

Get To Know Lempuyangan Temple

Lempuyangan Temple or locally known as Pura Penataran Agung, this temple is a holly grail for hikers and trekkers. Even if the beauty of this temple can be enjoyed from the mountain’s feet, you can see its best view from its peak. To get to the peak of this temple, there is a staircase that consists more than 1,700 steps. During your way through the stairs you can enjoy a beautiful view of its surrounding, that including some other temples, green forests, as well as some unique animals.

Once you get into the highest step of the stairs, you better see around and enjoy bird-view sight of the surrounding as well as the slope of Mount Agung. To get into the main courtyard of Lempuyangan Temple, you have to climb another 1,500 steps more. The locals believe that thos who climb with a heavy heart will never reach the top and this picture someone’s spiritual strength. This is why you better not complain during your climb and also behave respectfully. Only those who strong enough to get into the top can enjoy the stunning view from the peak.

Once you get into this temple, you can directly spot some pilgrimage around the area. There will be some priest springkling some holy water to the prayers. You may find a picturesque dragon staircases. Lempuyangan temple is not as big as Besakih Temple, but it offers a more calm situation and surrounding. This is the perect destination for those who like both hiking and temple that far from the crowd.

There are plenty options that you can choose to get you into Lemouyangan Temple, but one of the best way is by using a private tour guide service. This way you can have a well-planned itinerary without taking a lot of effort. It is also important for you to find a trusted guide that fluent both in English and local language.

Finding The Best Tour Guide And Lempuyangan Tour Package

The next question is where can you find the best Lempuyang tour package and guide and tour package that both trusted and affordable. One of the best recomendation you can get is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. This Kintamani-based company offers a great package for those who want to enjoy their best experience in Lempuyangan Temple. One of their best package is the combination of sunrise trekking at Mount Batur and a tour to Lempuyangan temple.

You will start your journey by spending 4 to 5 hours trekking to the peak of Mount Batur. After some briefing, you will guided until arrived safely at the spot you then enjoy a breakfast. After finishing yur journey trekking through Mount Batur, you will have second breakfast to prepare you for the next journey at a beautiful lake-view restaurant.

It will take around 2 hours before you will finally arrived to the Lempuyangan Temple. You will be guided to enjoy the best view and the best spt around the temple area. This package also offer you a visit to Alas Arum Coffee plantation before you get back to your hotel. In this place you can try the famous Luwak cofee as well as some other unique drinks.

One of the best thing about this package is you can enjoy 3 different amazing spots in one package. This single package will get you various kinds of experience from different famous spot in Bali. Another advantage is that this package will take care of everything ever since you get out fro your hotel. You can ask to be picked in your hotel and they willmake sure you arrived at your hotel safely after the tour done.

This package also include some of the necessity in it. First your journey will be accompanied by a private air conditionered car as well as private guide. All hiking aquipment and entrance fees will be fully covered. You will also get coffee break as well as twice breakfast. This package also include sarong and a donation to Lempuyangan Temple.

All you have to prepare are shoes or sandals that suitable for trekking, some spare clothes, jacket, and a hat if it necessary. Also don’t forget to bring some sun cream and additional cash in case you want to buy some souvenirs. Aside from all those everything will be taken care.

Lempuyangan Temple Tour Cost And Price At Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking

Another good news is even if Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking is one of the best Bali Trekking Tour service, Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking offers a considerably affordable price. Lempuyang tour price for each of its package is also adjusted by the number of visitors asnd make the price can be even more affordable for a group tour.

The price for 2 persons is only USD 70/PAX and USD 65/PAX for 3 persons package. This will be get cheaper if you come in larger group, for instance the price will be USD 60/PAX for 4 persons tour and USD 55/PAX for 5 persons tour.

If your hotel is located in Kintamani area, you will be picked up by 3 A.M. For those who stay around Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Legian, Canggu, Candi Desa, or Padang Bai you will be picked earlier at 1.30 A.M. and if you stay around Ubud area at 2.15 A.M. There is no additional charge for different picking spot. Details about the price and itinerary can be found at our site. There you can also find more about other Bali Trekking Tour package, such as Mount Batur sunset tour, camping tour, hot spring visit, as well as a tour to another gorgeous spots around Bali.

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