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Location of Lempuyang Temple
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Location of Lempuyang Temple

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Bali never loses its enchantment. It is proven by the number of Bali trekking tour that rose every year. This adventure activity is believed to be the fun way to enjoy days off. It has two benefit, they are: the treatment for our minds and the treatment for our bodies. Some people say that trekking will hurt our body parts. To overcome those problems that may appear, indeed we need physical preparation. Bali trekking tours is quite different with the other kind of tours.

It involves our body works more than the other vacation activity. For example, it will be different from shopping the Bali local products. To do that, we can go to the souvenir shop by taxi or bus, buy the things that we want, and then leave. Trekking will be much more complicated and harder than that. But those harder things gives you the taste of the adventure that can make your body work and make your brain trained to solve the problems that may come during the journey.

What Is Lempuyang Temple?

Lempuyang temple is one of the enchanted tourism objects. Different from the other temple, this one is counted as the oldest one. From the word, we will think that this temple is just one. Actually, there is one that lies on the peak named Pura Lempuyang Luhur. The locals say that this temple is the representative. Because it lies on the top, this will be the finish line of Lempuyang temple tour. Along the journey, you will meet 5 temples. To sum up, Lempuyang temple is substantively a complex of 6 temples with one main temple (Pura Lempuyang Luhur).

The other temples are Pura Madya, Pura Pasar Agung, Pura Puncak Bisbis, Pura Telaga Sawan and the last is Pura Penataran Agung. This temple is very sacred and the most regarded temple in Bali. This temple is the place for praying for Hindu people. This also reminds us that we can behave carelessly. There are rules that we have to obey. The seen rules are about two things they are the clothes and our behavior. The clothes that we wear should cover 80% of our body.

It means swimsuit, short pants and everything in the same style are not allowed. To make sure that you can go there is just wear something long to cover your legs and your sleeves. Second is our behavior. We have to act respectful. Don’t do romance activity with your couple, don’t step on the holy statue, don’t curse or use swearword and just be well mannered. Those are the seen rules. The unseen rule involves what we are thinking when we hike. Other rules are: very young children (baby, infant) are not allowed to enter and women who are having their period are also forbidden to enter.


Lempuyang Temple Location

In this text, it has not been written about the condition of the temple and the nature surrounds it. Lempuyang temple is as well as the Mount with the same nama ‘Lempuyang’. If you think that this temple’s located on a mountain, it is right. It is precisely on Mount Lempuyang’s slope. Mount Lempuyang (together with Lempuyang temple) is under Karangasem regency, Abang sub-district and Bunutan village. The formal address is Mount Lempuyang, Bunutan Village, Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency, Bali Province. It is in the eastern side of Bali.

If you choose go to Lempuyang temple from Ubud, it will need 2 hours to take you to the trekking starting point. When you trek to the temple at dawn, you might have a chance to see the first rays of sun. To go up there and reach the top temple, there is ‘Dragon staircase’. It is the different between trekking the temple and trekking the mount. If we trek the mount, there will be sharp stone, plants and everything about nature. But if we trek to the temple, we will step on the staircase. This will not reduce the adventure because the total of the staircase is around 1.700s.

The physical appearance of the staircase might be better than the sharp stone, but to step on 1.700s staircases, you need your full energy. Some of the trekkers chose not to finish reaching Pura Lempuyang Luhur. They can still enjoy the full cheap Lempuyang tour package by watching the panorama below. It is already a high place so they still can capture good photographs. The local believe that the capability of the trekker to reach the top temple is related to the positive mind and the behavior. The trekkers who behave badly might never succeed to reach the top. The trekkers who complain a lot also will be hard to reach the summit. The Hindu people trust that to ‘win’ this long and tall path, people have to be good, patient, with clean heart and mind. Those people with that provision will reach the top and deserve to enjoy the full God’s price in a shape of panorama.

After you finish this journey, you can descent the staircases. It will not be as hard as the way up. You can be relaxed. Then you can go to the water palace nearby, Tirta Gangga. Usually, it is already included to the Lempuyang tour package so you don’t need to pay extra money. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking will help you to organize your journey. The guide is also very supportive. When you are about to give up, the guide will gladly give you the positive suggestion. After the journey, you will enjoy your lunch. To make your lunch more delicious, the view of the lake will entertain you with its clear and transparent water.

Talking about the money that you have to pay for this adventurous journey, it is not same for every package you chose. But there is an estimate Lempuyang tour price that you can use as comparison. It will be around $48 dollars or around Rp700.000,-. Now you have the standard price to consider what the best is for you. But, will always give the best Lempuyang tour price that is very affordable and reasonable.

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