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Mount Batur Bali

Bali is internationally famous, as it is regarded as one of the most beautiful tropical island in Indonesia. May tourists come to Bali to enjoy the sunset or just by relaxing on the local cafes and restaurant. There are a lot of things that can be enjoyed on the central city of Bali such as Kuta and Ubud, they have plenty of entertainment spots as well as accommodation, local people also introduce the local spa and massage to the visitors, and sometimes you can also attend art classes that are run by the professional artist; you can learn to paint and to shape materials into artistry object.

However Bali is not only about sun bathing and participating in cultural and arts class, it offers more than that. You can do diving on the nearby beaches or in some specific regional island where the coral is still preserved to its original form. You can also visit some sanctuary if you like to see a project that tries to protect the endangered animals. Some of sport classes are also available, one of the most outstanding facilities that are offered by the local people is a yoga classes. It is available in every city, and in parts of the region the local people even create a special touring package where you can enjoy yoga for 100 percent.

Rarely people come to Bali to hike, because Bali is surrounded by active Vulcanic mountains which are considered as dangerous by foreign people. however, climbing the Vulcanic mountain in Bali is actually safe, because the government pay attention to the safety and notify the people about when they can hike the mountain and when it is too dangerous. For professional hikers who have experience, they tend to visit mount Agung; it need a whole day to complete the journey. Sometimes visitors who come to hike mount Agung will spare two days to prepare and to execute the trip. Often they will spend the night at the summit of the mountain, because it will be too exhausted to climb down the mountain just after arriving at the peak.

But mount Agung is not the only one hiking destination that you can visit, there is also Mount Batur which is regarded as the sacred mountain among the local people. they believe that the god is resting on the mountain, it is the reason why people are conducting annual cleaning on the mountain to maintain its natural balance. You don’t have to be professional in taking Bali Trekking Tours, because the journey is quite short and it is suitable for all ages. The location of Mount Batur is actually quite close from Kuta and Ubud, as you only need two hour driving to reach the village. The surrounding area is just like the rest of Bali village, where the people are still growing their rice paddies, small temples on their houses and friendly behavior. All facilities are available in Mount Batur, it provide accommodation, attraction, café and restaurant; so, you can asses almost everything in this area.

Many people come to Mount Batur to take Bali Sunrise Trekking, it is one of the famous attraction in the area. The tour start early at midnight when you are staying in Kute and Ubud, but it will start in early morning when you stay in a nearby hotel in Batur. The tour will take at least two hour to reach the peak, sometimes people can do it faster depend on their speed and fitness. You don’t have to have experience in joining the trekking because there will always be a guide who will help you with anything. They do not only familiar with the location abut also speak fluently in several languages so you can rely on them.

The price for the tour is varies, but most of them are affordable. If you want to have some private experience then you can hire your own guide who will help you to prepare everything, but if you have limited budget then you can also join a group where you can share the expenses. The first thing that you need to do in order to get an access to Mount Batur is to book the tour package, fortunately it can be done online as you only need to book them through the official website of  Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking at They provide a wide range of tour alternatives that you can imagine.

There are a lot of things that you can do at Batur, from Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs to experiencing water sport in the mountain lake. Visiting the hot spring is a must, because it can be a perfect remedy for your fatigue after climbing the mountain. It is belief to make you healthier and have beautiful skin. If you are not a fan of hot spring maybe you can join the cycling tour which is available on the nearby village. It is not only suitable for single person but also families that want to experience the local life of Bali people. if you tired, then you can visit the local cafes and restaurant that provide both traditional and international cuisine.

Mount Batur trekking price are not as expensive as you think, because you can share the expense with the other member who join the tour. What the tour is outstanding is the services that is provided for each visitor, if you are staying in central city like Ubud and Kute, then the guide will pick you up the hotel where you stay so you don’t have to worry about the transportation. The tour agent will also be willing to book the accommodation at Batur if you decide to stay for a night and take other cultural activities and attractions that are available at Batur. The access to get the experience are in your hand, you only need to choose the one that you like. Instead of wasting time in arranging the tour, the agent will help you in designing the journey that you like better.\


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