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The one-day tour seems not enough to explore the hidden beauty of Bali. One of the great places to visit is Mount Batur. Just make sure that you don’t miss every single amazing things and attraction. Joining our Mount Batur camping tour is the best option to enjoy this mountain maximally. Let’s check first what makes this mountain attracting to visit and the reason why you have to take our camping tour.

Great Nature Atmosphere

Most mountain lovers know that they can enjoy the great nature atmosphere. In this case, Mount Batur offers its beauty and quietness atmosphere to the visitor. Just imagine that you are about to get fresh and cool air at the same time. By following Mount Batur camping tour, you have a chance to feel the atmosphere during the day, afternoon, and even night. Each of them offers different beauty sensation and worth it to capture in your camera.

Amazing Sunset

Another great thing if you are following our Mount Batur camping tour is that you can capture is the amazing sunset. Our professional and experienced tour guide leads you to go to the Mount Batur on time based on the itinerary. The purpose is to make sure that you can be the eyewitness of the amazing sunset from the peak of Mount Batur while enjoying a cup of coffee. Before that, you can capture the beauty of the tropical forest along the trekking route.

Great Food

Visiting Mount Batur with our Mount Batur camping tour is not only about enjoying the surrounding but also to get the best experience in enjoying the food. One of the unique things you can get is the dinner package where you are about to enjoy it outdoor in the peak of a mountain. Just feel the sensation of enjoying a cup of soup, the main course, dessert, and hot drinks in Mount Batur. Indeed, it is also memorable and worth it to share with your friends. Some of the foods are cooked there and it might give a different flavor.

Experience to Build a Place to Stay

You are not about to stay in a villa, hotel, or condominium. By the time you achieving the peak of the mountain, you have to build a tent as a place to stay. This is also a great experience, especially if it is your first time. You don’t need to worry because we give you the best quality of tent which is durable enough in any condition. The most important thing, it is easy to build so you can use the tent right away. Definitely, it is one of the great reasons to join Mount Batur camping tour.

Great Trekking Experience

The trekking experience is also a great thing to try. The surrounding of the mount is extremely beautiful. You have a chance to capture the best objects such as tropical forest, waterfall, wild animals, and many more. The trekking route is also challenging and you need to prepare your energy to achieve the peak of the mountain. Just imagine that you are about to go to the place 1.717 meters above sea level and you will stay there for 2 days and 1 night. Our professional and experienced Mount Batur camping tour guide knows well how to please their clients. They will show you the best trekking route to Mount Batur before experiencing the other great things at the peak.

Amazing Sunrise

The next amazing thing you have to capture is the amazing sunrise. You will be the eyewitness of how the sun comes out slowly and you see it from the peak of a mountain. We want to serve you with the best Mount Batur camping tour. This is including when you are enjoying the sunrise. Because of that, we serve you with delicious breakfast package to accompany you while enjoying and capturing the beauty of the sunrise. Indeed, it will be your most unforgettable moment which might want to do again next time.

Experience of Bathing in a Hot Spring

Because we want to give you more than you are expected while following Mount Batur camping tour, the sunrise and sunset are not the only interesting attraction you can get from the tour. It is also the chance for you to get a new bathing experience in a natural hot spring. The hot water will make you comfortable during the cold weather in the mountain. In specific, we will bring you to a great natural hot spring namely Toya Devasya.

Great Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner   

Indeed, the food is also our best service during the Mount Batur camping tour. The price is including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The eating time can be your most memorable time because you are about to enjoy it at the best time. For example, we give you breakfast while enjoying the beauty of sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur. Moreover, you can also enjoy the delicious dinner while capturing the remarkable sunset at the peak of Mount Batur. Even, you are about to eat lunch at a restaurant close to a beautiful lake.

So, what you are waiting for? Just check our Mount Batur camping tour package and join it right away. You will get all the things explained above and it will be your best traveling experience in Bali. We will set up all the things you need by providing you with the best and flexible itinerary. You just need to focus on the exploration so you get all the interesting objects and attractions during the time at the peak of Mount Batur.



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