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Mount Batur Group Tour

Have you heard anything about mount Batur group tour? Well, if you have not heard anything, you are about to know necessary information about it. Surely, you have known Bali as one of the Paradise Islands. Bali has attracted a lot of tourists and holidaymakers around the globe. Despite being known for its beautiful beaches and its scenery, there are still lots of tourist attraction in Bali which may satisfy your needs after being tired of working for a quite of time. If you are looking for some nature vibes in Bali, you can either do mount Agung or mount Batur.

Some Basics You Must Know Beforehand

Mount Batur is situated on the highlands of Kintamani. It is best known for its beautiful view and sunrise trekking path. Hence, if you would like to see the sunrise on the top of mount Batur, you would likely start your hike early in the morning. However, since mount Batur is one of the active volcanoes, you will need a guide. They will guide you so you will not lose your way there and they will assure your safety in case of a worst-case scenario happens. Joining mount Batur group tour is highly recommended. There is nothing more exciting than enjoying the view together with your friends or your loved ones.

Due to it is an active volcano, you will experience a unique breakfast when you hike your way on the mount Batur. You will be served boiled eggs. What is good about the boiled eggs is that it is heated and boiled on the lava-heated rocks. Do not worry, there are lots of mount Batur group tour which serve this kind of experience. Since you are about to hike very early in the morning, you will get a breakfast offered by the group tour. You will be equipped with some torches, flashlights, or headlights to help you see the way on your trek. You cannot be too careful when hiking in the dark, right?

A Fact You Would Like to Know

As mount Batur is an active volcano, it surely has erupted several times in the past. In fact, mount Batur was closed once in 2010 for tourists. It is because a year before it was closed, a group of tourists was surprised by the eruption while hiking their way up to the summit because they did not get accompanied by a guide. For that reason, mount Batur was closed for some time. However, it is still possible to do mount Batur without using a guide or joining mount Batur group tour.

On the contrary, if you are worried about the eruption, you can just simply join a mount Batur group tour. There is a professional guide assigned to accompany and guide the tourists in each group. The guides have hiked mount Batur almost every single day. So, they must have known the way around Mount Batur and the proper reaction in case the eruption happens. If you are up to a challenge, hiking your way to the summit of one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia is suggested. The rewards, which are the view and the experience, are worth it.

Preparing Yourself

Decided to join a mount Batur group tour, you will be instructed and informed about the trek condition and what things you should prepare before trekking your way up. However, there is nothing wrong in knowing what you should prepare before you are instructed, right? Mount Batur rises up to around 5600 feet above sea level so you have to do plenty of exercises because if you are not, it will be quite tough and difficult entertainment for you. It takes up about two hours to reach the peak of Mount Batur. Make sure you prepare yourself well enough to hike your way up.

The other things are quite common and simple. First, you need to prepare the hiking shoes. You are about to hike a mountain, it obviously has uneven grounds and surfaces. You will likely hurt yourself if you do not wear comfortable hiking shoes. The second is that make sure you wear multiple clothes. You will hike early in the morning. It will be quite cold and chilly if you just wear a thin cloth. The last is do not forget to bring a hat. You will be trekking down your way almost noon. A hat can be your protection against the sun’s heat. The mount Batur group tour will add several important preparations besides what has been mentioned before.

When is the Best Time?

Since you will hike a mountain and see the sunrise, it is best to avoid rainy season to hike mount Batur. Some mount Batur group tour suggests you visit between April and October because it is a dry season in Indonesia. When the sky is clear, you will experience the best view of the sunrise clearly. In addition, the rainy season will make the trek slippery. The chance of getting yourself hurt is bigger. Uneven grounds and surfaces combined with slippery trek is the obstacle you should avoid. Also, if you want to avoid the crowd when trekking mount Batur, July and August are the months you also should avoid. It is because those two months usually happen to be the busiest months on the trail. You can look online for mount Batur group tour which offers the best experience of trekking the mount Batur.

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