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Mount Batur Height

Enjoying the sunny beach in Bali is an ordinary activity since the island is rich of it. You can find sunny beaches almost everywhere in Bali. So, why not trying something different?

What to See in Mount Batur and How to Get There

Aside from the beaches, Bali is also popular for its active volcanoes and of them is Mount Batur. Climbing the Mount Batur height to catch the sunrise on the peak of the active volcano will become an unforgettable experience. However, seeing the sunrise from the height of Mount Batur will not be the only thing you can do there. You can see many interesting things and spots around the mount and explore them.

It is quite easy to get to Mount Batur from anywhere in Bali by car. It needs about 2 to 2.5 hours from Kuta/ Seminyak while it only takes 1.5 hours from Ubud. Meanwhile, the best time to hike the mount is on April – September. This is because the Mount Batur weather during the months is good and Bali will be in the dry season at that time. Just keep in mind to not climb the mount on December and January since Bali enters rainy season and trekking on those months will be in vain.

What You Should Bring

Trekking always needs you to prepare things well. When climbing Mount Batur, makes sure that you have good stamina. So, what should you bring along the trekking activity? Well, make sure that you wear comfortable outfits. It will be better if you put on something you usually wear while doing outdoor activities. This will be very helpful if you wear trekking shoes since there will be loose rocks and gravel once you get closer to the summit. Sunrise trek Bali on Mount Batur will also require you to bring a hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, and light windbreaker. You also need to remember to bring a bottle of water and some light snacks.

Travel Guide – Is It Needed?

Is it necessary to have a travel guide when climbing Mount Batur? Well, for some people with trekking experiences might think it is unnecessary to go climbing the mount with a travel guide. Mount Batur solo trek is really possible to do. This will give you a chance to prove yourself as an adventurer and challenge your adrenalin. Reaching the top of the mountain without any help from a guide will be something you can proud of. In addition, you can spend as much time as possible on the mountain without being worried about the tight schedule arranged by the guide.

Though you can do Mount Batur sunrise trek without a guide, it is suggested that you hire one. It is quite easy to find a guide to accompany you to climb the mountain. The guide is usually included in the tour package that you join in. The guide will help you to pass through the easiest trek to help you reach the peak of the mountain without any difficulty. In addition, the guides are usually the professional ones and they know the trek well. So, it will help you to promote safety while climbing the mountain. The guide will also show you the best spots where you can take pictures to show off to your family and friends.

What to Do in Mount Batur

Once you have reached the top of the mountain early in the morning, you will have a perfect chance to see the beautiful sunrise from Mount Batur height. Just feel the fresh air and you will be amazed by the wonderful scenery around the mountain. The beauty of the nature around the mountain also offers many things you can enjoy. Just find out what you can do around the mountain while you have been satisfied with the beautiful sunrise seen there.

  1. Mount Batur’s Natural Hot Spring

Beside the sunrise, another thing that becomes people’s favorite when they are visiting the mountain is the Mount Batur hot springs. The hot water comes off the natural springs found below the mountain’s heated lava. While bathing and experiencing the sensation of natural hot water, you can also enjoy wonderful scenery around the springs. Just imagine the sensation of the combination between cold air of the mountain and the hot water. It will be very fantastic.

  1. Mount Batur’s Black Lava

Most Mount Batur Trekking Tour companies you can find in Bali also usually include this black lava area as one of their main tourist attractions. The black lava was formed during the former eruptions of the mountain. The eruptions that have been occurred for several times caused the mountain to release freezing stones and create black lava with an incredible view. The trails around the black lava area have attracted many people to do challenging activities there include cycling. The beautiful views of the black lava are also amazing spots where you can take pictures for special occasions such as pre-wedding photo session.

  1. Monkey Forest

When you descending down from the Mount Batur height, you might have a chance to see grey monkeys since the mountain is their original habitat. Most of the time, the monkeys are quite tame and do not attack tourists. However, you should be careful of your belongings since the monkeys like to steal foods brought by the tourists. You can take their pictures and pose with them. The best way to get their attention so that they will come closer to you is by busting out bananas or peanuts.




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