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Mount Batur Legend

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Mount Batur Legend

Tourism in Bali is not only about the coast. But, it also highland tour like mountains. A number of mountains in Bali are even well-known among local tourists and foreign tourists. One of famous mountains is Mount Batur. This mountain is also famous for Mount Batur trekking where tourists will travel to the top of the mountain to be able to watch the sunrise.
Mount Batur is one of active volcanooes in Indonesia. The first eruption of Mount Batur occured in 1804. In 1917, volcanic eruptions occured several times. It killed thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of homes. Anumber of people left in Batur Tua village were forced to flee to Batur village. Batur Tua village is located at the base of the Mount Batur caldera. Pura Ulun Danu at the valley of Mount Batur was also moved to Batur village.
The impact of the greatest eruption hit Batur village in 1926. Pura Ulun Danu Batur was effected which could not be forgotten by the local community at that time.
Based on the fact, this mountain has erupted more than 25 times. Even so, there are always many climbers who come to Bali’s highest volcano.

The Legend Of Mount Batur
There’s something interesting from Mount Batur. A story from Lontar Susana Bali said that the peak of Mount Batur is the peak of Mount Mahameru. The peak of Mount Mahameru was moved to Mount Batur by Batara Pasupati. He wanted to build Sthana Betari Danuh.
Sthana Betari Danuh is the palace of Dewi Danu. According to the Hindu’s beliefs, Dewi Danu is the goddes of water ruler. That’s why a temple was built on Mount Batur in honour of Dewi Danu. In the temple, there is a white fabric that encircles an object as a symbol of water.
For the local people, Mount Batur is the symbol of female. And Mount Agung as the male symbol. When you reach the top of the mountain in Mount Batur trekking, you can see Mount Agung at sunrise. It’s so beautiful.

Mount Batur As UNESCO Geopark
As Indonesian, we should be proud because Mount Batur is one of the UNESCO Geopark areas. Geopark is area recognized by UNESCO since it has an extraordinary geological heritage.
The criteria for Mount Batur Geopark based on Geopark Global Network include beautiful natural scenery, high and rare scientific value, and high educational value. However, the geology of Mount Batur was created from a number of eruptions that made it look like it is today.

Mount Batur Trekking Path
There are quite a lot of trekking tracks leading to Mount Batur. One of the most favorite among tourists is through Toya Bungkah village. This path becomes favorite as the distance is closest to Mount Batur.
The Mount Batur trekking will begin at around 4 a.m. You have to be here at noon. It’s better for you to spend the night at the village before. Instead of renting a hotel room that is far from the starting point. In Toya Bungkah village there are lodging with varied prices. In fact, there are some of them put the charge for only 100 thousand rupiahs per night. The price could change every time. Make sure you check the price often on travel website or app.
So, the first you will begin the trip with motorcycle from Toya Bungkah village to the point where the motorbike cannot be used anymore. You can pay sum of money to the guide for around a few hundred thousand rupiahs. Many visitors must use mount Batur trekking guide. Arrive at the starting point of the Mount Batur trekking, you will make a real ascent. The more upward, the track will be more steep.
The trekking to the top of mountain needs 1 to 2 hours. During that time, you can take a break if you feel exhausted in a resting post that is available at a number of climbing points. Around 5.30, the climbers usually reach the top. If the weather is good like no clouds, you will be able to see the sunrise easily.

Activities In Mount Batur
After doing Mount Batur trekking and watching the sunrise, you can do some activities in Mount Batur like:
• Boil Eggs In A Mound Of Land
One package with the Mount Batur trekking is boil eggs at the top. There is a thin puff of smoke coming out of the mound at the top of mountain. Just bury the eggs in the mound. Wait for a few minutes. Then, voila! The eggs are cooked and ready to eat. You can bring your own raw eggs with handle care and boil them yourself.
• Camping
Trekking without camping is none. You can set up tents to rest with friends. So, you can enjoy the view at the top of Mount Batur longer. The condition you should know when camping there is that during the day the weather is very hot because there are no trees. And at night, the air temperature will drop to the low level. Just be ready for the weather change.
• Capture the great scenery.
This is a lovely activity that everybody wants to do nowasays. The beautiful view at the top of mountain and the Lake Batur below is very loveable to be captured. Grab your cameras now!
• Soak Off In The Hot Springs after Mount Batur Trekking 
The fatigue you feel after the Mount Batur trekking can quickly release by soaking in hot water. On the slopes of Mount Batur there is a hot spring that is open for public. After paying the entrance ticket, you will deserve for welcome drink, towel, soap, and shampoo. Soak off for a few minutes. Then, you can take a shower in the bathroom provided.
• Downhill Cycling
Cycling downhill the summit of Mount Batur is an activity that is popular among the tourists. Not only the tourists, but also the downhill bicycle lovers. The track of decline is quite enough to stimulate adrenaline.
So, do you ready for the Mount Batur trekking?

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