Mount Batur Private Trekking

Mount Batur Private Trekking

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Do you want to have the best trekking experience in Mount Batur? It’s easy to do. The mount batur private trekking is the answer here. With this package, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur freely. And, it will become the best experience you ever had.

Mount Batur itself is quite famous. It stands 1717 meters above sea level. It has beautiful scenery. The sunrise view from the top of this mountain is considered to be the most beautiful sunrise you can see in the world.

At the top of the mountain, you also can find many monkeys live freely. We have to admit it, that this is quite a different experience than you can get from trekking in other mountains. The monkey is quite calm. But, it would be better, if you stay away from them. Let your guide deal and make contact with these animals. There is also a hot spring. You also can find Luwak coffee plantation.

In order to enjoy all those beauties, you need a good mount batur private trekking. With the private trekking, you can have your own time. You can really enjoy each of the beautiful spots you can find during your trekking in Mount Batur. So, if the private trekking is the best choice, how can we find the best mount batur private trekking?

The Reliable Company

The first thing you must do is finding the private trekking package from a reliable mount batur trekking company. There are many trekking and tour companies you can find out there. But, the best one is those that receive good response from their customer. You can read these responses and reviews at TripAdvisor or similar website. And, one of the companies that you will find is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. This company gets a good score.

We have to admit that the mount batur private trekking from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking has everything that you need. The best and experienced guide, private driver, accommodation, meal and water, hiking equipment and medical insurance, are provided by this company. So, you can hike without worrying about anything. Just go and enjoy.

The Service and Accommodation

The next thing you need to find is how their service can help you to hike Mount Batur. There are many things you need to consider here, for example, the transportation. This is actually one of the most important things. Why?

The transportation will help you to go from the hotel where you stay to the starting point at the foot of Mount Batur. Comfort is the first thing you need to consider here. The comfortable car will help you to save more energy and preserve your physical condition. You will need them to walk through the trekking path in Mount Batur.

The mount batur private trekking must have, at least, air-conditioned car with a private driver. Of course, the driver also must be able to speak English fluently. So, if you need something during your trip from the hotel to the starting point, you can always ask the driver.

Meal and drink are included in the accommodation part. You can read about what you will get, usually for breakfast at the top of the mountain while waiting for the sunrise, on their tour itinerary. You don’t need a full meal, because you still need to move your body to decent from the top of Mount Batur.

You can take a look at the mount batur private trekking from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking for the best example. They provide a banana sandwich, cookie, fruits, boiled egg, and hot drinks. These seem simple. But, it’s quite satisfying. This menu can replace your energy. They also can satisfy your palate.

Water is also an important thing you need to consider. The mount batur private trekking from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking provides enough water to drink until you reach the top. Of course, you also need to carry a bottle of water, if you think you need more. So, make sure you get enough of water, so your body will be able to climb without experiencing some problems.

The Price

The private trekking package usually has a more expensive price than the standard package. However, you can see it as the price you need to pay for better service and experience. Moreover, you will travel in a small group. Therefore, you can really get the best experience more than when you use the standard package.

However, you can even get a cheaper price for mount batur private trekking, if you know where you are looking for. Fortunately, you come to the right place. This website offers the private trekking package with the most affordable price. So, you can get what you need here.


Private trekking service is definitely the best service for you. It has many benefits you won’t get from other packages. But, one thing for sure, the private trekking service will be able to give you the best trekking you can get. It’s indeed a little bit costly than the standard package. But, that’s worth to pay. For that reason, the Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking service will become the best choice for you.

They provide the best mount batur private trekking. The service is satisfying. They also give you the best safety and protection during your trekking. Therefore, you don’t need to wait longer. If you plan to enjoy the best sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur, use the service now.




  • 01.15 – 03.00: pick up at your hotel with private AC car (we will send you the excact pick up time a day before the tour)
  • 03.15: break at restaurant nearby mount Batur for having pancake served with hot tea and coffee,
  • 04.00: arrive at mount Batur trekking start point, meet with our mount Batur trekking guide and trekking to the summit point is begin,
  • 05.30 – 06.00: arrive at peak of mount Batur
  • 06.15: breakfast time, breakfast we served include of banana sandwich, boiled egg, some cookies, fresh fruits and hot drink (tea, coffee, or hot chocolate),
  • 07.00: continue the trip with walking around the main crater (long trip) or just going down with shorter trek (short trip)
  • 08.30 – 09.00 arrive at finish point / car park
  • 09.00 Visit to Bali coffee plantation or turn you back to hotel.




  • 1 PERSON: USD 70
  • 2 PERSONS: USD 40 / PAX
  • 3 PERSONS: USD 35 / PAX
  • 4 PERSONS: USD 30 / PAX
  • 5 PERSONS: USD 25 / PAX


  • 1 PERSON: USD 80
  • 2 PERSONS: USD 45 / PAX
  • 3 PERSONS: USD 40 / PAX
  • 4 PERSONS: USD 35 / PAX
  • 5 PERSONS: USD 30 / PAX


  • 1 PERSON: USD 90
  • 2 PERSONS: USD 50 / PAX
  • 3 PERSONS: USD 45 / PAX
  • 4 PERSONS: USD 40 / PAX
  • 5 PERSONS: USD 35 / PAX


  • 1 PERSON: USD 100
  • 2 PERSONS: USD 55 / PAX
  • 3 PERSONS: USD 50 / PAX
  • 4 PERSONS: USD 45 / PAX
  • 5 PERSONS: USD 40 / PAX


Note: Please contact us for pick up at different places 



  • Private car and driver
  • Private experienced mount Batur trekking guide
  • All entrance fees (including also entrance fee to mount Batur : IDR 100.000/person)
  • All food and beverage
  • Enough drinking water
  • Walking pole and head light


  • Jacket
  • Sports shoes
  • Sun Cream
  • Enough money


  • UBUD: 02,15 AM
  • KINTAMANI: 03.00 AM

Let’s contact us if you need more information:



WhatsApp: +6282144554458




top rate on TripAdvisor

Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking is experienced trekking tour company in Bali

Based on 1599 reviews
Sunrise/Sunset - Highly Recommend Kliwan was an excellent guide. Very friendly and took great pictures. We didn’t want to wake up so early (most tours start at 1:30a pickup) so we did the sunset/sunrise package. The tour started from DPS airport which was convenient to be picked up directly after landing in Bali as well. You can never predict the weather, but the sunset was beautiful despite a lot of clouds. But the sunrise is definitely the better view with the sun rising out of the ocean horizon. We like to hike and camp and thought the camping accommodation was basic, but sufficient. I may have brought a sleeping bag liner, pad, and a blow up pillow next time. They provide a sleeping bag, pad, and pillow, but I I like a little more cushion in the pad/pillow. But if you’re tight on space, you definitely don’t need it. The hike was tougher than I thought, but not technical. There are hundreds of people that do it every day so even beginning hikers can do it. But prepare yourself for a short, but tough climb. It can be accomplished by anyone, just build in time for lots of breaks on the way up.
Maria E
Maria E
A 5 * experience!! It was a 5 stars experience from picking us up to make it to the top of Mount Batur. The driver and the guide were very professional with great knowledge and experience they make us feel very safe at all times. Our driver was Wayan and our guide was Tana.
Mt Batur jeep+hiking combo We booked the private jeep tour + hiking to the top for 2 people. Waking up at 2.30am is never a nice experience but was def worth it! The transfer then the jeep brings you half way and then there is a further 45 min to walk to the top. Be prepared though the walk up is not easy on sand like lava stones. So take the walking stick offered by your guide. The sunrise and the view from the top is great. It was busy when we did it but I guess that's the downside of any popular activities in Bali. What made the experience great though is definitely our guide Gede who was super friendly and was a great photographer ! Many thanks.
stephanie v
stephanie v
Amazing... We had a wonderful experience with our guide Tana. Very friendly guy and took us to a super beautiful place where we watched the sunset with 2 other people. Not in the mega hustle and bustle on top of the mountain. Definitely recommended to climb the mountain with guide Tana. It was a very beautiful experience
Ophelie O
Ophelie O
Amazing Mount Batur sunrise trekking with Dul Amazing trekking and moment for the sunrise. Good breakfast with a magical viewpoint. Perfect organisation. We were lucky because we had the best guide, Dul. Very kind, so funny and always in a good mood. He made the experience even more exceptional.
bernard d
bernard d
Hike with Carik We had Carik as our guide and he was amazing. Very friendly and easy to chat with. He took great care of us and it was such a lovely hike. Would recommend to anyone visiting Bali
Lim S
Lim S
Private Tour Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, Coffee Tasting and Natural Hot Spring Had an amazing private 2d1n camping tour with guide Jatayu. He made sure everything was ok and I was pacing well hiking up and coming down from Mount Batur. I did not had to worry about my meals, camp and hydration has he has everything well prepared, and just enjoy the hike, the view and the overall experience. I also enjoyed trail running down Mount Batur with Jata. Jata also takes amazing videos and photos throughout my trip and never had to worry about missing any good shots! Also, shout out to my driver Yoga for being endlessly patient with the Bali traffic and being so punctual! I am glad I have experience the other side of Bali with Bagis Bali Tour! Would recommend!
David J
David J
Private hike on Mount Batur Had an incredible private hike with Tana today. He was a great guide, friendly, knowledge and went at my pace which was nice as it was a super hot day! Thanks again Tana!
Evi L
Evi L
Superb tour packet Good trip with thoughtful tour guide. Good skill in taking pictures for this moments. Not to difficult mountain to hike. I will come back to this tour.
Monica N
Monica N
Jata the Best Tour Guide We had such an amazing time doing the Mount Batur Sunrise Hike with Bagus Tours. Our guide Jata was one of the most sweetest, friendliest people we have met on our trip and he really made the experience special for us. He made sure everyone was hydrated and to slow down or stop if anyone in the group got tired. Once we got to the top he cooked us a delicious breakfast and even surprised us with his fantastic photography skills. He was extremely warm and caring, he shared so many personal stories and we had so much fun running down the mountain with him. The driver was also very punctual and patient and he took us to a coffee plantation tasting which was another nice and fun activity. This was really a once in a lifetime experience, possibly our favourite in Bali, thank you to Jata and Bagus for such a great time! We will remember you Jata, thank you for making our trip so memorable. We definitely recommend the hike to anyone else visiting Bali!
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