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Mount Batur Private Trekking
2019-02-06 21:09 30 View

Mount Batur Private Trekking

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Do you want to have the best trekking experience in Mount Batur? It’s easy to do. The mount batur private trekking is the answer here. With this package, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur freely. And, it will become the best experience you ever had.

Mount Batur itself is quite famous. It stands 1717 meters above sea level. It has beautiful scenery. The sunrise view from the top of this mountain is considered to be the most beautiful sunrise you can see in the world.

At the top of the mountain, you also can find many monkeys live freely. We have to admit it, that this is quite a different experience than you can get from trekking in other mountains. The monkey is quite calm. But, it would be better, if you stay away from them. Let your guide deal and make contact with these animals. There is also a hot spring. You also can find Luwak coffee plantation.

In order to enjoy all those beauties, you need a good mount batur private trekking. With the private trekking, you can have your own time. You can really enjoy each of the beautiful spots you can find during your trekking in Mount Batur. So, if the private trekking is the best choice, how can we find the best mount batur private trekking?

The Reliable Company

The first thing you must do is finding the private trekking package from a reliable mount batur trekking company. There are many trekking and tour companies you can find out there. But, the best one is those that receive good response from their customer. You can read these responses and reviews at TripAdvisor or similar website. And, one of the companies that you will find is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. This company gets a good score.

We have to admit that the mount batur private trekking from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking has everything that you need. The best and experienced guide, private driver, accommodation, meal and water, hiking equipment and medical insurance, are provided by this company. So, you can hike without worrying about anything. Just go and enjoy.

The Service and Accommodation

The next thing you need to find is how their service can help you to hike Mount Batur. There are many things you need to consider here, for example, the transportation. This is actually one of the most important things. Why?

The transportation will help you to go from the hotel where you stay to the starting point at the foot of Mount Batur. Comfort is the first thing you need to consider here. The comfortable car will help you to save more energy and preserve your physical condition. You will need them to walk through the trekking path in Mount Batur.

The mount batur private trekking must have, at least, air-conditioned car with a private driver. Of course, the driver also must be able to speak English fluently. So, if you need something during your trip from the hotel to the starting point, you can always ask the driver.

Meal and drink are included in the accommodation part. You can read about what you will get, usually for breakfast at the top of the mountain while waiting for the sunrise, on their tour itinerary. You don’t need a full meal, because you still need to move your body to decent from the top of Mount Batur.

You can take a look at the mount batur private trekking from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking for the best example. They provide a banana sandwich, cookie, fruits, boiled egg, and hot drinks. These seem simple. But, it’s quite satisfying. This menu can replace your energy. They also can satisfy your palate.

Water is also an important thing you need to consider. The mount batur private trekking from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking provides enough water to drink until you reach the top. Of course, you also need to carry a bottle of water, if you think you need more. So, make sure you get enough of water, so your body will be able to climb without experiencing some problems.

The Price

The private trekking package usually has a more expensive price than the standard package. However, you can see it as the price you need to pay for better service and experience. Moreover, you will travel in a small group. Therefore, you can really get the best experience more than when you use the standard package.

However, you can even get a cheaper price for mount batur private trekking, if you know where you are looking for. Fortunately, you come to the right place. This website offers the private trekking package with the most affordable price. So, you can get what you need here.


Private trekking service is definitely the best service for you. It has many benefits you won’t get from other packages. But, one thing for sure, the private trekking service will be able to give you the best trekking you can get. It’s indeed a little bit costly than the standard package. But, that’s worth to pay. For that reason, the Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking service will become the best choice for you.

They provide the best mount batur private trekking. The service is satisfying. They also give you the best safety and protection during your trekking. Therefore, you don’t need to wait longer. If you plan to enjoy the best sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur, use the service now.

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