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Mount Batur Solo Trek
2019-01-30 12:10 104 View

Mount Batur Solo Trek

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Mount Batur is one of famous tourist destination in Bali. Trekking will be the main activities here. The mount batur trek is not that difficult, but it’s quite challenging, especially if you plan to try mount batur solo trek. This is absolutely a great option, for you who want some adventure. However, just like when you hike other mountains, you also need to make a good preparation before tackling Mount Batur trekking route. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Find Out about Mount Batur Trekking

Firstly, find the mountain you are going to challenge. In this case, you need to know more about Mount Batur. You can find it on the internet. But, if we have to simplify the information, the mount batur height is 1717 meters (5,633 feet) above the sea level. And the route for mount Batur solo trekking is around 11 km (up and down) from the foot of the mountain to the peak. Make an adequate physical and mental preparation before solo challenging it.

The trekking route is physically challenging. However, it is not a difficult trek that requires enough knowledge about finding the route. The route has been provided by the local and tourism organization. So, you just need to follow that route. Of course, find more about what you need to do on that trekking route is important. This is also the reason why trekking review will become your best friend.

The mount batur trekking review will help you to understand the situation from the solo trekker point of view. You can use their experience during your solo trekking. It proved to be really helpful information that can keep you away from the problem, either the nature problem or problem with locals.

  1. The Trekking Outfit

This is actually the most important thing that you need to prepare. Correct trekking outfit will help you a lot. It won’t only make you comfortable. But, it also protects you from many problems in the mountain, from weather to bump, if any.

There are two types of outfit you need to prepare or wear for trekking at Mount Batur. Wearing jacket or even winter outfit sometimes is necessary, especially if you also want to try mount batur sunrise trekking ubud. The temperature on the trekking route and peak of the mountain can reach below 14 degrees Celsius (57.2 F).

However, after the sunrise, the temperature will rise significantly. This is the reason why you should bring two types of clothes, clothes for protection from cold weather and comfortable clothes to hike in warm/hot weather. If you hike when the mount batur weather is bad, the situation can become even worst. So, the hiking outfit is what you need to prepare first before starting your hike.

Hiking shoes are also important. The trekking route in Mount Batur isn’t too difficult. But, when you reach the base of the crater or about 20 minutes of hiking time before the peak, the trek becomes much more difficult. A good hiking shoe will help you a lot in this part.

  1. The Hiking Equipment

You don’t need trekking pole for mount batur solo trek. But, you still need flashlight or headlamp, if it’s necessary. Snack and water is also a must, for all hiking. For solo trekking, you need to get all of these equipment before you start your hiking. There is a village at the foot of Mount Batur. You can buy everything that you need at there.

However, if you use guide or purchase trekking package, everything that you need will be provided by the trekking company that you hire. The guide and porter will carry all of them for you to the peak of the mountain. So, you also can reduce the weight you must carry to the top. It is more comfortable this way, actually. But, if you want to have a solo adventure, you can see the extra weight you are carrying as the part of your adventure.

  1. Camera

Are you leaving just for hiking? That’s not a wise decision. You can’t miss the beautiful scenery during your mount batur sunrise trek without guide moment as well as when you reach the top. So, the camera is a-must-to-bring equipment. You can bring a simple camera, such as a digital camera, or a Smartphone with a high-resolution camera. If you have enough space, bring digital SLR camera for a better result.

GoPro camera is also a great choice because it can give you a better view than a standard camera. However, don’t bother to bring a tripod. It will only give you a problem. Unless you are a professional who wants to capture the best picture of Mount Batur and its scenery, a tripod is a must.


Basically, those are what you need to know about mount batur solo trek. If you prepare everything carefully, you won’t have any problem. For more information about Mount Batur trekking, you also can find them all here. We gladly help you with all the information that you need.

Moreover, if you want to have comfortable trekking, you also can use our mount Batur trekking service. We have many interesting Mount Batur trekking packages you can use. And, we won’t only help you to reach the peak. We also give you the best tour that you can get, for example, a chance to enjoy the mount batur hot springs. So, enjoy your solo trekking and having a great and comfortable experience in challenging Mount Batur with us. Guaranteed, you won’t forget this experience.


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All About Mount Batur Trekking

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