Mount Batur Sunrise Trek without Guide

Mount Batur Sunrise Trek without Guide

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Is it possible to have mount batur sunrise trek without guide?

The answer is impossible if you are a first timer. However, if you use our Mount Batur trekking package, you can use your great experience having a trekking activity with us to help your solo trekking. But, now let’s take a look what you need to do if you plan to go to the top of Mount Batur without getting help from a guide. It’s quite difficult, though.

Finding the Entrance

The first thing you need to do is finding the entrance. Without a guide, you won’t know where the starting point of your trekking is. You can ask locals, but we doubt that you will get enough information about the trekking route. In the end, you only waste your time to find the entrance, and that can take too much energy, that you will need to reach the peak of Mount Batur.

The best solution for this problem is finding the signboard. Some of the signboards will tell you that you can’t pass that point without a guide. Take this route for the starting point of your mount batur solo trek. This will at least give you information about the route you can take. But, there is another problem you need to face after you follow this route.

The Scam

Some of the locals will charge you for a trekking or entrance fee. And, if you read mount batur trekking review from many solo trekkers, they even had been attacked, because they don’t give money to these people. If we have to say, this is one of the risks you need to face. The most important question is how can you solve or avoid this problem?

There are two solutions you can use. First of all, carry enough money to pay them. We never guaranteed that they still let you through after you pay. But, at least, you can use your money to negotiate with them. If you can act friendly and harmless to them, with enough luck, you can slip pass through. And we need to remind you, there are several points that have these guards.

The best solution for avoiding this problem is using our service, one of the best mount batur trekking companies you can find in Bali. We will provide everything that you need in order to make your Mount Batur trekking become the best adventure you can have during your visit to Bali. So, what can we do for you?

What We Can Offer

Now, let’s put aside a bit your plan to have mount batur sunrise trek without guide. And, take a look at what we can provide for assisting your hiking.

  • Transportation

First of all, we have comfortable transportation. We use an air-conditioned car to pick you up from your hotel. You are going to have sunrise trekking. Therefore we will pick you up way before the sunrise. Depending on the location where you stay, you will be picked up around 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. in the morning.

  • Guide

We provide the best guide for you. This is the main reason why our service is much better than challenging the 1717 meters of mount batur height without a guide. Our guide will help you to avoid all the problems that we mentioned above. You can save more money and keep you away from danger.

Our guide also can speak English fluently. You can ask anything to our guide about Mount Batur and other things.  It is always fun to have a friend to talk with when you are trekking a beautiful mountain like Mount Batur, isn’t it? ‘

  • Accommodation

We also prepare equipment as well as the meal. So, you don’t need to worry about other things. Just prepare your physical condition, trekking outfit, and camera. We will give you hiking equipment and delicious breakfast on the top of the mountain that you can enjoy while watching the sky change its color because of the sunrise.

Moreover, our package also covers all the fees that you need during this mount batur sunrise trekking ubud. You don’t need to worry about the fee you need to pay to enter the Kintamani area. Or, if you also want some extra adventure, you also can take our package that will take you to a beautiful place in Mount Batur.

  • Extra Adventure

So, we don’t only give you help to reach Mount Batur peak and enjoy a beautiful sunrise. But, we also take you to the mount batur hot springs and even coffee plantation. Basically, we will give you an unforgettable trekking experience in Mount Batur that you won’t find from other services. Of course, you also can enjoy those two spots. Now, can you imagine how great your trekking will be?


Hiking Mount Batur without a guide is doable. But, you will need a lot of lucks and courage, plus money to be able to avoid any danger and obstacle that you will face. So, in the simplest word, mount batur sunrise trek without guide is only for you who have a lot of experiences.

Want more comfortable Mount Batur trekking? You can always use our service. We have everything that you need. You also get the best experience and maybe better experience than solo trekking. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us and use our trekking service. We always here ready for you any time you need help to enjoy the true beauty of Mount Batur.

Last word, skip your mind from plan to go mount Batur without a guide and please join us for better experience!



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