Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking and Hot Spring

mount batur sunrise trekking and hot spring tour

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking and Hot Spring

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mount batur sunrise trekking and hot spring tour

Mount Batur volcano sunrise trekking and hot spring should be one of adventure in Bali that you must try. The sunrise that you saw from the top of mount Batur will give you worth waking up at 01.00 until 2am (depend with where you stay in Bali). This Batur volcano trekking can being one of the most popular activities you can do in Bali Indonesia. The trek was definitely crowded at the top and on the way down, it cause this hike attracted so many people and the views surround the area are one of a kind.


How Much Is Our Mount Batur Trekking & Hot Spring Price?

We offer mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring package with price start from USD 40 per person. Actually our price is much cheaper than the other companies. The price for private tour mount Batur and hot spring is also depend with your hotel location, if you stay in Ubud area we offer price from USD 45/person and USD 55/person for those of you stay around Kuta area.


A few discount is also applied if you do reservation for more than five people. Although our price for mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring is cheaper than the other company, the standard service will same even better than the other companies. On this moment the entrance ticket to this Batur Natural hot spring already IDR 200.000 or about USD 15/person.


If you stay in Ubud area we will pick you up at hotel on 2:15 AM with a private air conditioning car. Then will took about one and half hour drive from Ubud to the Mount Batur trekking start point, this place located at the Batur village in the Kintamani region Bali. You will meet our guide there, and he provided head light and walking sticks, and water. All of our driver and guide is English speaking, so if you interest you can got to learn about what it was like living and culture in Bali Indonesia.


What You Need to Bring?

For mount Batur Bali sunrise trekking and hot spring definitely you need to bring changes clothes or swimming clothes. You will not need to bring towel, because it will provide from hot spring company. Beside from that, during the hike you need also to wear thin jacket as a few moment before sunrise it can be cold up the mountain.


Short Details About Mount Batur Trekking 

Through this trekking we will bring you to climb the entire mountain in complete darkness it was start around 4.00 am. In the beginning of the hike you will hike through forest it is like vegetation. Then eventually the trail got steeper and turned to dirt and rock. After this point will many switchbacks, since the trail kind of just went straight up the side. For good fitness levels people normally the climb up to the top of mount Batur just took 90 minutes.


After a few minutes break, our mount Batur guide will bring you ventured down into the crater. Here you can watch he put some eggs and bananas in a hole on the side of the wall. It will cooked with the hot steam from the volcano activities.


While watching the beautiful sunrise, our trekking guide will serving you breakfast. It is consist with egg sandwiches, banana sandwiches, chocolate bread, cookies, hot drinks, and some fruits. After the sun rising, he will bring you hiked around the crater. This is to make a full loop and even hiked down to the edge of it to see how massive the Mount Batur crater actually was. If you not interested, you can go down with shorter trek as well.

Hike Down is a bit Extreme

The hike down, it was extremely steep. You need to stop occasionally to empty your shoes from sand or lava rock. A few minutes later you can see plenty of monkeys were they was friendly. They will not aggressive if you are not going to disturbing them.


One drawback to the trip was the hike down took a while since there was only one trail. Sometimes you are fighting the throngs of crowds the entire way down (especially for busy season on July until August). But if you left the top a little early you can beat most of the crowd.


In the end of the tour our driver will bring you go to the Batur natural hot springs. Got to enjoy the several pools of varying temperature before the rest of the hikers showed up. This activity is the best way to finish a long hike  through swim with a view of mount Abang, lake Batur and surrounding areas.


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