Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Info

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Info

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Info

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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Info

Many tourist avoid doing extreme things when they travel abroad, there are several reason behind their action. First, because they are not familiar with the surrounding area, so they afraid that they cant ask for help when something happen when they are surrounded by unfamiliar people and places. The other reason is because they don’t plan to include extreme challenges when they decided where to go, most people will likely to think about what to do in tourism spots which include what to eat, what to visit, and where to stay. People also avoid doing extreme challenge because they travel with other family member, so it will be difficult to set things with other members.

However, not all extreme challenges are unfamiliar and limited for certain kind of people. one of them is hiking Mount Batur. Hiking may sound extreme right? Especially for those who are not a fan of doing physical activities or those who have no experience with trekking before. However, how if the hiking only last for two hours? It may sound impossible but it is the truth. Hiking Mount Batur will only take around two hours to complete, which means it is suitable for all age and all level of physical abilities that you have. You don’t have to be a professional to hike yet you can still the sensation of being separated with the city life.

Here Is Some Of The Things That You Need To Know Before Hiking Mount Batur

The Mount Batur tour is divided by three different kinds of tours including sunrise hiking, afternoon hiking, and daytime hiking. Sunrise hiking is the most famous one, because the weather is still considered fresh during the hiking. This type of tour will start early in the morning or it may start at midnight for those who live in central city because you need to take two hours drives from Kute and Ubud to Batur. Although it is considered as the most famous attractions, but many people did not choose this package because they cant afford the transportation from their hotel to Batur.

However, this problem is actually can be solved easily by booking the tour online at As the agent will help you to prepare everything from transportation, accommodation, and access to local attractions. Bagus Bali sunrise trekking will also help you to find the guide that meet your requirement, they also provide tour for those with limited budget where the tour member will share the expense together which make the journey much cheaper than you can imagine.

There are things that you need to prepare when taking Bali Sunrise trekking tours to Mount Batur, you have to wear layered of clothes to avoid getting cold. Although Bali is actually hot during the day, but it is pretty chilly at night. Bringing you own chocolate bar or snacks is also necessary in case you are getting tired a long he way, but don’t worry about the breakfast because there are a lot of cafes and restaurants that are available in the local village.

When taking the sunrise tour you can enjoy both Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot springs, after three hour tour you can take a good bath on the local hot spring to relieve your fatigue. You can also enjoy several attractions that are available during the day from water sport to cycling, just choose what you like.

Daytime hiking is usually pack with people, because many people prefer to hike the mountain in the morning when the weather is not to hot and come back to the nearby village before lunch time.  This type of tour is mostly preferable for those who brings family with them, especially those who bring children with them. hiking during the day is quite tiring, but you don’t have to worry because most of the parts the trekking route is shaded with trees. However, to avoid any heat stroke, you better bring your own comfortable hat to protect your head from the sun beam. Bring your own water, because you may needed during this time, pay attention to the weather; because when the it is pouring rain the agent usually cancel the tour because the trek will be too slippery to hike.

Opposite from Bali Sunrise trekking, you can also join afternoon hiking where you can see the sun set at the summit. It is preferable among young people, because it gives romantic feeling. Afternoon hiking will last until night, so make sure that you are not too tired to execute the journey. If you are planning to take this kind of tour, I recommend you to stay in nearby hotel within the village because you will be too exhusted just to come back to Kute or Ubud.  Both sunrise and sun set hiking give different view, as the color of the sky will be totally different depend on the time when you arrive on the summit.

The price for each tour package will be different depend on the service that you want to add on your tour, private tour will be costly compare to group tour where you can share the expense. Mount Batur trekking price usually cover the expense for the transportation, guide, and access to Mount Batur. But you may have to spend some money for local accommodation if needed, special arrangement for local attraction and restaurant are also available, all you have to do is to ask the agent about those services.

Booking the tour long before the deadline is recommended, because you cannot sure when the package is fully book then you might have to rearrange your tour from the very beginning. During peak season, it will be hard to find available group and guide to guide you during the trip, so making an arrangement before the due date is a must. Mount Batur trekking usually available trough out the year, but it may be close for safety reason; but the local government will notify you when you can come and when you cannot.



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