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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tips For Beginner
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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tips For Beginner

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Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour in Bali now become a one of the most a popular thing to do for Bali tourist. If you are looking into the best outdoor activity in Kintamani and want to challenge yourself, so joining a mount Batur hiking tour will be perfect choise! But may for thoose of you who dosn't have any hiking experience or for beginners, may you feel a bit worried to do mount Batur trekking. That is why we create this blog to tell you about the best mount Batur sunrise trekking tips for Beginner.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tips For Beginners

Maybe after read some review about mount Batur trekking, there lots of people's told if that mount Batur is quite easy, howevers if you come first-time hike to Mount Batur, we have some good tips for you and this tips is about Mount Batur sunrise trek for beginner, it is:

A. Please Consider with Your Physical Level Condition
When you browsed on google about Mount Batur trekking, may lot of blog or article say if Mount Batur is basically not tough. But, will much better if you do mount Batur hike you physically is fit, so that you can more enjoyable with your trekking. This trek will take around two hours from the base of volcano to reach mount Batur summit. Although this is short trekking category, but prepare for your peak performance and you abble to battle this mount Batur sunrise trekking well!

B. Thinking about the Best Routes to Mount Summit
To do mount Batur trek, there are 3 main trekking starting point use can take and for beginner, Toya Bungkah trekking routes is recommended. Via this starting point, you just need two hours maximum to arrive on the top. There also some local people's offering you to accross the routes with using motor bikes service, in case you feel very tired you can use the service to bring you up the mountain with the bike.

C. Preparation for Trekking
Do some preparation for your hike is important things. Following is all thing you need to prepare when decide to do mount sunrise Batur trekking:

  • Bring Warm clothes
  • Use comfortable shoes with good grip.
  • Bring some own foods and drinks

The last and also could be the most important thing before you go for mount Batur sunrise hiking is thinking about the right trekking tour company! By book a sunrise trekking with a recommended company, it will make you feel more safe and comfortable and we are from Bagus Bali Sunrise trekking is one of them. We believe all our mount Batur guide will glad to help you all the way up and down espesially if you are first trekker or beginners. So don't hesitate to book your Mt Batur trekking to with us now!

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