Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours

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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours

Mount Batur Sunrise For Your Bali Trekking Tours


Do you looking for a hiking spot with breathtaking view and surrounding? Do you looking for mountain adventure during your visit to the exotic Bali Island? Then, Mount Batur sunrise trekking and hot spring tours might be one of the best choice you can have.

Before do mount Batur sunrise trekking tours, there is some important thing you should to know before go. You can get some information from articles, YouTube video and also in TripAdvisor.  But, if you still confused do communicate with local guide will also can give you future information. Example, you can also contact our costumers service in cash you need some information about Mount Batur. So, when you ready for hike you also already know some about this volcano.


Get To Know More About Mount Batur


Mount Batur is an active volcano that located in north part of Bali Island, exactly in Kintamani, Bangli. The highest peak is 1717 meters above sea level. Mount Batur consists with 3 peaks, and it’s called as Batur I, Batur II, and Batur III. Mount Batur is an active volcano. From the history, the last Mount Batur eruption is in 2000. From 1804, this volcano has been at least 26 times. When you just reach at summit, you can saw black lava from eruption on 1926. This black lava view became one of the main attraction you can find during your visit. In addition to that, you also can see 2 calderas in side of the mountain.


mount batur sunrise trekking tours


The first one is known as one of the largest caldera in the world with 13,8 x 10 km in width. For your information, these calderas are expected to be formed during a big explosion on 29.300 and 20.150 years ago. Inside from this caldera you able also to see second caldera with diameter of 7 Kilometers. This smaller caldera now become a big lake and the local called this lake with Lake Batur. Lake Batur is beautiful and can be another interesting thing you can find here. This gorgeous lake is located inside the caldera.  Lake Batur it self also known as crescent shape lake.


Basically, this mountain is occupied some of locals. They are live in 15 villages that are currently exist in the mountain. And four of them known as the main villages. It is including villages of Trunyan, Kedisan, Toya Bungkah, and Songan. Surround this area, agriculture and tourism became 2 of the most sector which local use to continue their life.


What Can You Do In Mount Batur?


If you interest in culture tourism, you can try visit Trunyan Village during after visit Mount Batur. Trunyan people’s is mostly a Hinduism believer, as most Balinese do. But, in their tradition they believe if they are is the first ancestors from the ancient Hinduism reign, Majapahit Kingdom.


During your visit to Trunyan, you will have to visit the ‘kuban’. Kuban is the village unique cemetery. Here the bodies did not buried or burnt like in most place in Indonesia. But, the bodies simply just put in open air and only covered by bamboos and cloths. Another thing you must try thing after visit Mount Batur is visit Lake Batur and it calderas. From 2012, Batur calderas are included as a part of UNESCO’s Global Geoparks Network.


The best way to visit mount Batur is by trekking to the main summit. During trekking, you can enjoy the best scenery of the mountain, calderas, as well as the Lake Batur. Bali Trekking Tours has been known as the most popular way to explore a mountain, not excluded the Mount Batur.


Why Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours Will Be A Good Choice?


Best view you can find usually comes around dawn and twilight. This is because during those times you might be able to see the amazing view of sunrise and sunset alongside the beautiful background of mountains or forest around it.

The good news is you can also feel the sensation of sunrise and sunset view from Mount Batur peak. We have various kind of itinerary for Bali Sunrise Trekking, and the best tour is Mount Batur. For example you can choose a short package or even include a hot spring visit after that. You can also take camping adventure during your trekking journey, so you will able to see sunset in first day and also sunset on next day.


Get The Best Guide For Your Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours


If you are looking for a reliable guide that will help you enjoy sunrise experience in Mount Batur, one of the best choice is Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking. This tour company is known for their great reputation in guiding experience, especially for Mount Batur hike. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tours which is create especially for those who want to get an sunrise experience in Mount Batur. Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking offers some package with different itinerary and price. Most package is also include pick up service you from your hotel.


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Private Tour

The most popular one is private package. You can just take the shortest program, with this you will directly drop back to hotel after hike.

Another package is include an addition to visit the hot spring. This package let you enjoy an additional 2 hours to enjoy at the hot springs. These natural spring is known as a good boost for your skin health as well as giving you a good rest after you sunrise trekking.

The third option is a full package for you to enjoy more about the Lake Batur. This is perfect for you who want to enjoy a sensation beautiful lake and mount Batur view restaurant as well as having lunch there.


All those packages will make sure you can enjoy your journey in Mount Batur. Transportation, English-speaking trekking guides, head light, entrance fee, as well as medical insurance will be covered in the package. All you have to bring is personal necessity, such as suitable clothes, sun cream, swimsuit, bag or backpack, and of course enough money.


More information about the package, other options, and Mount Batur trekking price can be found in their website There you can find more about another package to enjoy Mount Batur, such as camping and sunset trekking, as well as another major destination to explore in Bali.

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