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Visiting Bali seems to be incomplete without visiting Mount Batur. It is a popular destination, especially for those who love trekking. You are about to go to the active volcano which offers outstanding scenery. The journey will be more comfortable because there are some facilities most trekkers need including Mount Batur toilet. We are ready to guide you to Mount Batur and see something incredible there such as the natural scenery, sunrise, and many more. Before that, let’s check the detail below so you are ready to go for great trekking to Mount Batur and feel the most unforgettable experience which worth it to share.

Mount Batur Is More Comfortable with the Additional of Mount Batur Toilet 

We guide you to feel the most excited trekking route to Mount Batur. During the exploration, you are about to see outstanding natural scenery which makes the journey looks fun. We have enough experience in guiding travelers or trekkers to go to Mount Batur so we know the best route to take. Moreover, we will guide you to see the most beautiful sunrise in the Mount Batur. You can take your time there and enjoy the scenery and sunrise. You don’t need to worry about anything because Mount Batur has been supported by several public facilities including Mount Batur toilet. You just need to pay Rp. 5000 – Rp. 10.000 to use the toilet. The toilet is also in a good condition.

We Guide You to Prepare Things You Need to Bring

There are several things you have to prepare before trekking to the Mount Batur. You don’t need to get confused about the things you have to bring for the trekking, we show you the things you need to bring for the trekking to Mount Batur. For example, you have to bring your walking shoes and make sure that it is comfortable to wear. You also need to bring a warm jacket because it is cold there. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the best objects and moment. It is also a must to bring enough cash money and you can use for a specific thing such as using Mount Batur toilet, buying some snacks, and many more.

Manageable Itinerary

Because we want to make sure that you get the best scenery, we manage a specific itinerary. Let say, we know that you need to fill energy before starting the trekking. Because of that, we give you a comfortable place to gather where you can eat some small food. We also manage the itinerary time to make sure that you can do the trekking comfortably even before you do it. You will also have free time and you can use it to go to the Mount Batur toilet if you want. You are about to enjoy the best sunrise in the most comfortable way.

Great Services Before the Trekking

There are also several services you can get from our Mount Batur trekking and hot spring package. Waiting for the tour guide in a restaurant while enjoying some small food is not the only service you get. Moreover, we give you time to enjoy breakfast while enjoying the sunrise. Interestingly, the breakfast is made at the volcano such as a banana sandwich, egg, fruit, and hot drinks. You may use the time based on your need before going to the next plan. Let say, you can go to the Mount Batur toilet first so you are ready to walk down to the crater successfully without any significant problems.

Professional and Experienced Tour Guide

You also need to make sure that you will be guided by a professional and experienced tour guide. It is very important because you are about to go to an active volcano mountain. Moreover, you also need to face local villagers who can’t speak any language except their local language. By taking our Mount Batur trekking package, you will be guided by a professional and experienced mount Batur tour guide who able to speak English. The tour guide helps you to translate what you want to the local villagers including if you want to use the Mount Batur toilet which is commonly guarded by a local villager.

A Variety of Attractions and Interesting Places to Visit

Mount Batur is not the only attraction you can enjoy. There are also some interesting attractions and places around the mountain you can visit. Our Mount Batur Trekking package offers more than just a Mount Batur trekking. For example, you have a chance to relax in a hot spring, swinging at Tegalalang, and many more. Even, you are able to stay at the foot of Mount Batur by taking our camping package. Once again, you don’t need to worry about anything because Mount Batur has been supported by public facilities including Mount Batur toilet. You just need to prepare cash money and read the list of the cost before using the Mount Batur toilet.

Great Mount Batur Packages for Trekkers

We offer a variety of packages whether for a private tour to group tour. A private tour is a good option for those who love to be a solo traveler or trekker and the mountain beauty’s fan. A group tour is a great option for family trekkers or friends who have the same hobby. We want to serve you our best services so you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Batur maximally. A Mount Batur toilet is one of a service which builds to make trekkers comfortable when they are visiting the mountain. At the same time, it keeps the nature clean and fresh so everyone can enjoy it over and over again.

So, what are you waiting for? Just prepare anything you need to go to Mount Batur and enjoy the outstanding scenery. We will help you to get the most unforgettable experience and you can share it to your friends later. Just check the complete detail by visiting our official website.



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