Mount Batur Trekking Advice For First Timer

Mount Batur Trekking Advice For First Timer

Mount Batur Trekking Advice For First Timer

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Mount Batur Trekking Advice For First Timer

Many people are afraid doing trekking or hiking while traveling abroad, there are reasons behind that; first, because they are not familiar with the environment so they can lost and mislead during the journey; second, they can’t speak the local language which is crucial during emergency time or whenever you want to get help from others. Other reasons behind their less interest in trekking is because of an assumption that it can only be done by professional, or those who are familiar with physical exercise and fitness. Those who are not categories as professional have less chance to complete the trek, which usually takes days. Instead of doing trekking or hiking, people prefer to spend their leisure times in restaurants or cafes that are full of live music.

However, those activities are actually common, you can met those place even outside of Bali island. It is more interesting if you visit Bali and experience the local as it is instead of spending times which at places which are specially designed for tourist.

Hiking Mount Batur is one of the possible way to experience Bali and the traditional value of the island as it is. Batur is considered as a sacred place for Bali people, they believe that god rest on the mountain; it is the reason why the local people celebrate the mountain cleaning every year. The ceremony take place two times in a year, there is no exact date when the ceremony will be held, because the local people do not decide them base on common calendar. If you are lucky, you may arrive at the right time and participate on the ceremony, if not you can still enjoy the local scenery which is as beautiful as Ubud and Kuta.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tours is now common among local and foreign visitor, as they can enjoy the beauty of sunrise which is more outstanding with the one that you saw on Kuta or Ubud as you see the sunrise at the peak of Mount Batur. It provide you with scenery of beautiful mountain and sunrise at the same time, which give you a magnificent scenery to be photograph. Although there our is famous and almost available every day, you have to note that there are several things that you have to pay attention before deciding to hike the mountain.

Mount Batur is an active volcano, although t is available all year around but sometimes the government will announce danger notification which restrict visitor to come to the summit of the mountain as the result of volcano activities. As long as there is not notification regarding the Vulcanic eruption then you can hike the mountain at any time you have. Since it is considered as a sacred mountain, you also need to pay attention to our behavior while traveling there. Do not litter is one of the most important thing that you need to think. Although the local people do the cleaning ceremony two times in a year it doesn’t mean that you can litter because the local people will not have enough time to clean all the trash left behind.

Bali trekking tour Mount Batur are usually available in Bali or you can arrange them before you arrive in Bali. Booking your tour package before your arriving date is recommended, because sometimes the tour are fully book during the peak season; it will be harder for you to find cheaper price during peak season, so you have to book it long before the date that you plan to have a trekking. Many people assume that you can hike the mountain by yourself, because it only took two hours to reach the summit. But it is wrong, although it is only two hours hiking but you still have possibility to get lost when you are not familiar with the surrounding.

Booking the tour package is necessary, so they can provide you with Mount Batur guide. Having a guide is not only required for safety reason, but they can also help you to find services and facilities that you need at the local area. You don’t have to worry about their language ability, as most of them are capable of speaking English very well, some of them are Multilanguage’s.

Booking tour package for Bali trekking adventure is not that hard, as it can be done from home. You can book all your tour package from they provide full service for both local and international tourist.  What so good about booking the tour online is that you can choose the tour package that you prefer without waiting to arrive in Bali first, you can compare the price and facilities that are provided with each tour package and choose the one that fit to your pocket. If you already in Bali, you can still book the tour that you like, because it is available every day; but remember to book it days before the exact date to make sure that they are not fully booked.

Bali hiking tour is not only for Batur mountain, some professionals prefer to visit mount Agung; but the it is a time consuming journey as you need full whole day to complete the trekking. It is not recommended for those who are not familiar with the activities, as it is more dangerous than hiking Mount Batur.

The last thing that you need to consider is to prepare your personal belonging, pay attention to the time when you take the trekking because you may need to wear multi layered clothes to avoid getting cold, prepare light meals and snack on your bag incase you get hungry along the way, bringing your raincoat is also necessary as the weather is sometimes unexpected. You don’t have to worry about the transportation, because each tour package may include door to door service which will pick you p on your hotel, if not you can also stay in Batur village before the hiking date, it is more preferable because you can enjoy the local attraction to the fullest by spending more days in the village.


Mount Batur Trekking Advice

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