Mount Batur Trekking Afternoon As Alternative

Mount Batur Trekking Afternoon As Alternative

Mount Batur Trekking Afternoon As Alternative

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Mount Batur Trekking Afternoon As Alternative

Traveling to Bali is not only about sunbathing and spending time in cafes and clubs, It is more than that. There are a lot of activities that you can do while staying in the island. If you like to mingle with nature, you can do some conservation activities that are available within the island as well as surrounding islands. You can also attend cultural activities that are available in specific seasons, sometimes if you are lucky, you can also participate with the local people during the ceremony.


Those who choose to do sport and other physical activities can also enjoy Bali to the fullest, as the local people already provide gym facilities which are varied in term of types and atmosphere. You can also do sports outside of the gym like jogging with the local people, cycling, water sports, as well as some extreme sports like climbing and bungee jumping. Bali provide you will all facilities that you can imagine, so you will not miss your modern life while being surrounded by traditional society where people are still living with traditional values.


One of the option that you can choose to enjoy Bali 100 percent is by taking Mount Batur Bali sunrise trekking which are available almost everyday as long as there is no danger notification from the government. People choose to hike Mount Batur because it short in distance, as it only requires two hours climbing.


It is suitable for those who come to Bali as single travelers because you can join group explorations; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to pay for the guide because you can share the cost with other travelers who join the group. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is one of the best attraction in Bali, because you can see the beautiful island as well as the beauty of the early sunrise that is only available in Bali.


Traveling to Batur to see sunrise is preferable because you can hike the mountain when the weather is still cool, so you will not sweat a lot during the climbing. The surrounding air is also fresh, which will help you to breath better than traveling at noon, which is not only exhausted but you air is not as fresh as in the morning. Traveling at noon is also less attractive because many people will also climb the mountain to see the view, and the number will be two times greater than the number of people who travel in the morning. The weather is also the problem, because Bali is considered too hot during the day, and not many people can stand the heat.


Another alternative to enjoy Mount Batur without having to wake up earlier is to take Bali trekking guide and tour to Mount Batur in the afternoon. You might be asking why you have to spend your relax afternoon time which should be with tea and biscuit, but we insist on recommend you to take trekking to Mount Batur? Well the logic is quite simple, if you enjoy the beauty of sunset in Kuta and Ubud, can you imagine how beautiful it is when you can see the sun set at the summit of Mount Batur.


To hike the mountain in the afternoon, you don’t have to wake up early in the morning, as the transportation will pick you up at the hotel at noon after yu have your lunch. It is quite convenience for those who have difficulties to wake up early. The teat in the afternoon will not be has strong as at noon, and the temperature will gradually drop as the sun set.


It is possible to find Bali trekking to Mount Batur for the afternoon package, although the sun rise touring is more popular than the afternoon hiking. The easiest way to get your package before your arrival time is too book them online at or you can book it later after you arrive in Bali. They provide variety of tor package that might fit to your liking, if you prefer to hike in the morning, they ill pick you up in the midnight and drive you to the nearest village to Mount Batur.


However, if you prefer afternoon hiking time, they can provide you will accommodation when you think that it is too late to come back to your hotel in Ubud. Spending a day in Ubud is wise decision, because you can enjoy local activities and restaurant that are available in nearby village. If you wish, you can climb Mount Batur in both morning and afternoon, and within those waiting time you can spend the rest of your day doing activities like cycling, and doing water sports. If you are too exhausted for the nest climbing, then you can rest at the local cafes o refresh your body and mind.


What so good about booking your tour package beforehand is that the agency will guarantee give a best Mount Batur guide who will accompany you during the hiking. Finding a guide is quite challenging, as they not only have to be familiar with the place but they also must know what to do during emergency time, not to mention their ability to speak several languages.


Booking the tour online will help you to find the guide that you like to have, an sometimes you can choose the one that you like. Basically you can choose the guide based on their language ability or based on their rate, nothing is impossible when you have access to the website, you only need to ask them the requirements that you need during the hiking.


You can also book other facilities to compliment your travel to Mount Batur, including accommodation, transportation, and local activities they can be arranged by the agent, as long as you have a Bali hiking tour clear plan, then you only need to click the website. You don’t have to worry about the price, as each tour is available for single, group, and family package; so, the price will be calculated based on the package that you have in mind.


Mount Batur Trekking Afternoon

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