Mount Batur Trekking Alone Is Possible

Mount Batur Trekking Alone Is Possible

Mount Batur Trekking Alone Is Possible

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Mount Batur Trekking Alone Is Possible

Many people avoid doing extreme things when they travel by themselves, not only because it is dangerous but also because it may also unlikely that you will enjoy the journey by yourself. Even traveling to Bali, single travelers usually only stay up in central cities where access are easily and you don’t have to be afraid of doing things alone.


However, traveling alone is not less attractive than traveling with your friends and family, it is commonly preferable by those who like solitude and want to spend the time only by themselves. In some cases, traveling alone may expensive because you have to pay things all by yourselves while the services are for two or more people, like for accommodation for example, as you pay for one room which should be suitable for two people.


Traveling alone has benefits which are attractive for most of us, fist, you can arrange the pace of your journey by yourself without considering others as your journey is arranged only for your own. You can postpone some plan and change it to new destination whenever you want, choose the hotel that you want to stay, and decided how long that you want the journey to end. Because when you travel with your family, you need to consider the taste of your spouse as well as your child safety which makes you unable to choose the one that you like.


While traveling alone free you in making decision about what you want to do, how long, and where you want to go. Since there are lots of benefits by traveling alone, many tourist now days decide to travel by themselves, as it helps them you find their personal identity and passion of things.


Traveling to Bali by your own will not make you lonely, because Bali is full of people around the world so you can still manage to meet people from your won country. Bali has a large varieties of accommodations, services and tour packages that are available for single travels, so you don’t have to be worried about whether you can enjoy the attraction by themselves.


They are relatively cheap, as you actually can share the budget with people who also take the same activities. Many tour package in Bali is conducted in group, so you can book the one you like as it is almost available everyday except for package for specific local ceremonial which you have to book earlier and make sure that you arrive at the right season.


One of the preferable tour that are now available in Bali is Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking, it is not like any other Bali trekking tour because it is available for single travelers as well as mount batur group tour, it is also suitable for those who are professional in hiking and beginners who have no experience before. As you take the tour, you will be guided by local people who know the surrounding area, they will guarantee you that you will never lost during the trekking. Besides the trekking only take fir two hours, which is suitable for those who never climb a mountain before.


There is two possibility that you can choose in taking Bali trekking to Mount Batur, first you can stay at central city like Kuta or Ubud and then being picked up at midnight by the tour guide as it takes two hours ride from Kute to Batur. Another alternative is, you can stay at Batur and spend the night there so you can have more rest time than having to drive four hours in total.


Whatever you choose you can book the tour package online at as they provide wide variety of tour package that suit to your journey. The site not only a place where you can choose the tour package that you like, but you can also arrange local attraction that you want to join, so all your plan is just a single click  away.


Traveling to Mount Batur with agent is necessary, because they will help you to book facilities that you need, especially the Mount Batur guide, transportation, and accommodation. As Batur is crowded with people during peal season it will be hard to find a suitable guide when all tour packaged have been book.


Other alternatives is you can pay the local people as your guide for a day, but it might also be difficult to do; so, make sure that you book a tour package before you arrive in Batur. You can travel to Batur in group if you have limited budget on your journey, or you can hire personal guide if you prefer to be alone and not being disturbed by others. The type of tour that you want are all available in many forms, so you don’t have to worry.


Bali hiking tour is now famous not only by local tourist but also by international visitors, as it provide varied activities and destinations. Professional hikers prefer to go to mount Agung which take one day to climb the mountain, but they often come to Mount Batur first to exercise. While beginners prefer to travel to Mount Batur because the destination is shorter than the rest of Vulcanic mountain in Indonesia, as it takes only two hours in total. They can also stay in the village when they don’t want to go to the summit, as the scenery in the nearby village is also outstanding.


Visiting Batur will allow you do cycling along the rice paddies, doing water sports, and enjoying the sunset on the local restaurant. If you arrive at the right time, maybe you can also join he mountain cleaning ceremony where the local people conduct an even to pray for the mountain, it is usually held two times a year so make sure you note the date when the ceremony will be held. Traveling to Bali is not about sun bathing and going to local clubs, you can do a lot of thigs while you stay in the island, one of them is hiking Mount Batur.


Mount Batur Trekking Alone

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