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Mount Batur Trekking Companies

Are you looking for Mount Batur trekking companies?

Bali is not only about the beaches and temples; but even the mount in it is really magnificent. One of them is Mount Batur. Mount Batur is an active volcano located in the area of Kintamani. The last time it was exploded is in 2004. Meanwhile, the most massive explosion was in 1926 that temporarily buried Batur Village with its lava. Nowadays, the village has been built up along with a temple namely Pura Ulun Danu Batur. The temple is well-known as the most beautiful temple in Bali anyway.

Mount Batur is also famous for its stunning landscape when you have been on the top particularly with its sunrise and sunset. There are two main alternatives to the trip; they are in the afternoon to see the sunset and in the evening to see the sunrise. The approximate trekking hours are about 1.5 – 2 hours. Doing the trekking in the evening and night tends to be longer for the limitation of sight and others. Sure, there are many things to be prepared including the gloves, socks, thick jackets, and more. It is by remembering that Mount Batur weather is really cold mainly if you are on the top.

Interestingly, Mount Batur is one of the most recommended mountains to climb for the beginners. Why? It is due to both Mount Batur sunrise trekking Ubud and Kintamani that are quite easy to pass through. The lines are not too sloppy and dangerous. With additional tools like trekking poles, it is not really difficult to reach the top only in a few hours. Of course, make sure to bring foods and drinks to consume during the trip. If you are not accustomed to, it is still really tiring. Particularly if you are coming to see the sunrise, it is suggested also to bring your sleeping bags. You may need to wait for some hours before the sun is coming out. So, it is better to take a rest or even sleep before that.

So, are you ready to start the trip? First of all, you need to make a group consisting of some people so that your trip is more interesting. But if you prefer the Mount Batur solo trek, that’s okay. A tour guide is an important point mainly if you still don’t have any insight regarding the field to pass through.

Bagus Bali Sunrise is a recommended Mount Batur Trekking Company as it provides you with complete services starting from a picking up service, guide, restaurants for dinner or breakfast, and still some more. You don’t need to go to the office to start the trip. The driver of Bagus Bali Sunrise is the one that will pick you up in the hotel.

Well, after all the preparations including choosing one of the Mount Batur trekking companies, let’s start the trip. To reach the starting point, it depends on the distance from the hotel. A coffee break is conducted before starting to climb up. So, enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks while enjoying the beautiful landscape of Kintamani for around a half of an hour. Then, you can start to climb the mount.

Approximately, the top of the mount can be reached for around one hour and a half. It is relatively short, isn’t it? However, for the night trekking to see the sunrise, it can be longer for around 2 hours or more.

On the top, you may wait for some more hours for the sunrise or sunset. There is a Mount Batur Camping area on the western edge of the mount. If you are bringing a tent, you can build it up there. But commonly, since it is such a short trip, a tent is commonly not really needed. It is only in the night trip in which you may bring the sleeping bag. Sure, it is for taking a rest or sleeping. Despite watching the sunrise or sunset, there are actually some other fascinating things to do while doing this sunrise trek Bali. In fact, the landscape is really beautiful.

Well, the sun is now coming out or down. The scenery is heavenly along with the fog surrounding the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, the golden beam makes the mount look perfect even on the top. Not to forget, Mount Batur has green forestry and hills around. With the entire beauty, it is not exaggerating to say that your tiresome can just simply fade away after being on the top. For further proof, you can see and read the Mount Batur trekking review. Of course, it is not complete without perpetuating the moment. So, prepare your camera and take some pictures of Mount Batur.

Aside from the main landscape beautifully formed from the sunrise or sunset, there are still many things to see when you are at the top. They are including the Mount Batur hot springs and Lake Batur. Of course, those spots are clearly seen when the fog has been disappeared. So, since you have some hours there, use this moment well.

After enjoying the summit of Mount Batur, it is the time for you to go back. Similar to when you climb up the mount in the beginning, you need about 1.5 hours to go down. Despite an interesting tip, there are more facilities given by Bagus Bali Sunrise as one of the most trusted Mount Batur Trekking companies in Bali. Yes, you can enjoy a tasty dinner for the sunset trip or a great breakfast for the sunrise trip. After finishing the meals, the driver will drive you back to the hotel.

Well if you still looking for best mount Batur Trekking Company, we are from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking is one of the right choices!


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