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Mount Batur Trekking Cost
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Mount Batur Trekking Cost

Bali trekking tours sound so familiar now. This kind of hunting activity invites people to enjoy more than one benefit. We usually lie down and watch movie or television on our vacation. By trekking, we finally get our body up and have ‘big gym’ in the nature. In traditional view, hunting activity is to search for animal. People usually use gun, spear, or bow as the hunting tools. Now, sunrise become the hunting object too. But we don't need all those kind of weapons to hunt. We just need tools to hike to get what we want. And the other weapon is a good camera to capture every beautiful moment in the Bali sunrise trekking.

The most important tool is our health. Without it, no matter how great our plan is, it cannot be enjoyed. It is significant to keep our bodies in a fit condition before the trekking begins. Not just that, we need to do exercise to train our muscles. The trekking activity will involved all our body parts so before start to trek, go to gym at least three times a week. Besides, the food that we consume is to be noticed too. We need more calcium.


The Financial Preparation

Talking about the cost to have Mount Batur hike and hot springs vacation is various. It depends on the travel agent that you choose. But there is an approximation of the cost so you will not completely ‘lost’ in finance planning. For sure, the package of the whole service will not become a problem. It is just around $50 (more or less). That is the cost that you have to pay for the trekking. Of course is it not included the flight, hotel and other stuffs.

So, actually the cost of the trekking won’t be a problem but still you have to bring extra money just in case. For the whole payment, here are tips to plan the finance. First, decide the time you will have a vacation in Bali, Indonesia. It is better that the time you will go is not so close to when you start saving. Second, ask the complete information about the ticket price and the hotel price. After the amount of ticket and hotel price is totaled, add extra amount for food and transportation like taxi or other.

Also, add extra amount for vacation package that you want to take. Third, after all the amount is totaled, divide it by the total month right before you go. Then we get the amount of money that you have to save every month. By planning and arranging the finance, you will not feel hard.


Another Preparation

After the preparation of the finance has done, you need to prepare the stuffs. The very important one is the Smartphone. Any information can be obtained by using Smartphone. Also, Smartphone already has camera. It can reduce the luggage. You don't need to bring a big camera. But, if you are a photography addicted and want to bring it, it’s up to you. The guide usually already bring one so if you are not satisfied with your Smartphone camera, you can ask the guide to take pictures then ask the guide to send the file. The gloves are also needed to protect your hands from rock scrap. In wet season, a water resist jacket is good. But Indonesia is a tropical country. Although you go there in dry season, there is still a possibility for the rain to fall.

It is just not much as in the wet season. Some people ask why we don't bring umbrella. It is good too for protection, but none of the former trekkers suggest to bring. In climbing, it is more comfortable if our hands are free. Bringing umbrella can ruin that. Besides, the wind blows every time, the umbrella could be broken easily. The medical supply is necessary in case you feel hurt. The guide usually brings the basic medication.


The Possible Itinerary

There are some areas that you can choose to stay; they are Nusa Dua, Kuta, Ubud, Jimbaran, Sanur, Legian, Kerobokan and seminyak. There are a lot of hotels there. Those 8 areas are the comfortable zones to start the trekking. Ubud is the nearest. If you choose a hotel in Ubud, you will be picked up at 2.00 am. If you choose hotel in the rest 7 areas, you will be picked at 1 am. If you stay in none of those 8 areas, you will be charged more for the ride and you will be picked up earlier. The extra charge is actually not so expensive. It cost you about Rp100.000,- (around $8-$9 dollars).

In the car during the road from the hotel to the climbing starting point, you can sleep to save energy. The road will take 1-2 hours. At 3 am, you will reach the starting point. If you are hungry, just ask some snacks. You might want some coffee or tea to erase your sleepiness. You will start to climb at 4 am. It means that you have an hour to eat snacks, drink coffee or tea and check your luggage. Make sure that you already bring all the stuffs you need. Short brief will be given by the guide, then get ready to climb.


More Cost On Guide

Some people ask about the importance of hiring guide. It is related to the cost. Some people who haven't been there is pretty sure that they can go up there without assistance from a guide. By using the map from the GPS tracker or Smartphone, the route is clearly seen. But if you know the condition, it is better to hire a guide. Without a guide, you could only save $20s, but you will feel so much more difficult especially if you meet a bunch of illegal guides who usually offer to use their service. If you already have the legal and experienced one from Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking, the guide could protect you from those illegal guides. Also he could help you to face unwanted situation. Thus, the Mount batur hiking tour price is worth to pay. Visit https// and get interesting price.

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