Mount Batur Trekking Duration

Mount Batur Trekking Duration

Mount Batur Trekking Duration

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Mount Batur Trekking Duration

Bali’s nature landscape is a complete package of tourism objects. Even though its beautiful beaches are still the most-talked about, another tourism interest in the island has drawn a huge enthusiasm. Outdoor activities are one of them. These are suitable for those who seek for adventure after relaxing on the beach.

Bali trekking and Bali hiking tour are famous among adventurous, sporty visitors. Those activities give a little test to your stamina through the path you have to get through. However, do not have to worry about the difficulty level as it is said that people on average stamina are most likely able to succeed the trekking and hiking.

Why is Bali trekking tour and hiking worth trying? It is because the exceptional experience you will find along the journey. Tour guide will take you to the main destination while passing the beautiful nature and charming Bali culture. While tracking down muddy, steep terrain, you will witness mountains, the green forest, small rivers, paddy field arrangements, coffee plantation, and so much more. Those views create an obviously enjoyable journey and yet the atmosphere at the main destination really pays off all the efforts.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Sunrise trekking is highly popular among tourists. Mount Batur as one of the biggest trekking attraction allow visitors to take Mount Batur sunrise trekking. This is a tour that promises a picturesque nature view at the mountain top, with clouds around. Enjoy the special, rare moment while having breakfast and hot drinks. To catch the perfect sunrise, you have to be ready very early. Tour providers usually begin the Mount Batur sunrise trekking itinerary as early as 2am by picking you up in hotels. Before driving through the starting point of the trekking tour, the provider usually treats customers with coffee and snacks. This is in order to gain some energy too.

It takes about 2 hours of driving to reach the trekking starting point. The average 1.000.000-1.700.000 rupiahs cost for the trekking tour includes comfortable vehicle with air conditioner, driver, and fuel. After reaching the starting point, the trekking journey begins and usually takes about 2 hours before getting into the peak. The time is for those who have good level of stamina. It will probably needs an extra 30 minutes for those who needs longer break. However, the path of Mount Batur sunrise trekking is not highly arduous as anyone with average stamina is assumed capable to also reach the top. However, Mount Batur trekking duration depends more likely on your fitness level.

Is it safe to walk up the terrain for 2 hours without a guide? It is not advised to do it on your own. Although the path is relatively friendly, a trained Mount Batur guide is highly advised to go with. Reviews on travel advisors or blogs even clam that a little run is possible.  Even though so, safety is the number one rule. Besides, the difficulties you will face along the path does not rely only on the path physical condition, but also on how you maintain your fitness, as it is stated before. Do not worry if you are not going to gym or exercising before, as long as you control your breath, the 2-hour hiking is going to be just fine.

The presence of the guide is important as he already knows the condition of the terrain. Not only does a guide give you information about the route, but also what more important is he also prevents you from getting injured because unexpected obstacles you may find along the journey.

The Mount Batur sunrise trekking trip likely reaches the peak at 5.30am or just shortly before the sunrise. Visitors has about an hour to stroll around the crater. There are monkeys playing around the temple and smoke that creeps out of the volcano. When it comes to sunrise, you will witness a breathtaking view, it is what makes the place among the famous trekking destination. The colors of sunrise and clouds are just awesome especially for those who love photography. The place will give you awesome captures. Experience an exceptional moment of enjoying hot drinks and light breakfast which is cooked by the volcano steam, surrounded by picturesque view.

After about an hour, Mount Batur guide will take you back down. Some might wonder that the descend will be shorter than the hike. Actually, it needs about the same time, approximately 2 hours. The itinerary usually continues with light meal before going back to your hotels. To sum up, the whole sequence of Mount Batur trekking trip is about 10 hours. It is started with picking up then driving through the starting point. The mountain trekking takes about 2 hours, the same goes with the descend back down after about an hour of strolling at the peak. You can choose to spend the 10-hour duration privately, in a small group, or in a larger group by joining another visitors. The long hours are obviously enjoyable from the start. Choose reliable provider for your trip. Bagus Bali Sunrise through the website provides interesting packages for your Bali trekking tour.

Additional Equipment

To make the Mount Batur trekking trip worthwhile, be ready with all the preparation. Check what is included and what is not in the tour package. Wear proper clothes which will warm you as the trip begins in the dark and the weather at the top is pretty cold. Wear outdoor-purposed shoes for comfortable hike up. Although it all begins in the dark, be ready with sunscreen, sun glasses and cap. The guide usually hand you a flashlight. However, you might need both hands free when climbing up certain spots. Therefore, equip yourself with a headlight. Camera is also important thing to bring even you are not a photography enthusiast. The changing colors of the sky during sunrise, creeping smoke and clouds, and the whole beautiful nature view which surrounds the mountain peak must be captured. All the beauties do not even require a high skill to produce good shots.



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