Mount Batur Trekking Experience

Mount Batur Trekking Experience

Mount Batur Trekking Experience

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Unforgettable Experience With Mount Batur Trekking


Mount Batur Trekking Experience


The island of Bali has become one of the biggest tourism destination in the world. The beautiful landscape of the island obviously has many interests to offer. Other than the natural, peaceful, and awesome beaches, Bali has famous view of tidy paddy field arrangement, forest, mountains, and charming traditional villages as tourism attractions.


All those nature landscape gives chances to conduct range of activities during Bali trip. Beach strolling, cycling, and watersport are some of them. However, if you seek for more adventure in the nature, our Bali trekking tour are the answers.


Walking down unusual tracks to catch breathtaking scenery is what attracts visitors the most. The tour guide of Bali trekking and Bali hiking tour will take you to experience an exceptional adventurous trip by enjoying the beautiful landscape such as paddy field, coffee plantation, and traditional villages that shows culture of the locals.


Mountain Batur Trekking

Mountain trekking is famous among Bali trekking tour. Mount Batur, as one of ancient sites in the island, has placed itself in the top list of trekking attraction. It is an active volcano that was first erupted in 29300 years ago. Mount Batur is located in the center of two calderas, precisely on the north west of Mount Agung.


If you look for something adventurous, then the Mount Batur sunrise trekking is a must. Contact a trusted provider to manage the trip. The whole trip approximately takes about 10 hours, started with picking up at the hotel. The biggest preparation for this awesome Mount Batur trekking experience is probably waking up very early, just few hours after midnight as you will be picked up at around 2 am.


You can choose some notable spots for staying. Tranquil traditional village is an option if you want a peaceful moment. Numbers of Bali villages has great hotels, villas, and restaurants. Budget is nothing to worry as accommodations are costed in ranges of price, all with interesting facilities.


Do not forget to try local dishes at the nearby restaurants. If you cannot be familiar with local taste, restaurants there also sell wide range of international menus. Besides all of these facilities, you can watch locals’ routines such as farming and the process of Luwak coffee making, indonesia’s signature drink which is internationally acknowledged as one of the world’s best coffee.


Why Mount Batur Trekking Experience is Worth?

What makes this Mount Batur trekking experience is worth to fight for? It is definitely the amazing view at the top. After hiking up the path for two hours, you will be mesmerized by the changing colors of the Bali sky during sunrise. The moment certainly promises good captures for photography enthusiast. It is so breathtaking that people who are not skillful in taking pictures can capture beauty too.


While enjoying the sunrise, you will be served hot drinks and breakfast such as toast and egg which are cooked by the volcano steam, one you will never forget. If you are lucky with the weather, there will be about an hour of time to stroll around the crater before starting the descend back down. At the peak, visitors can literally touch the cloud, see the creeping smoke of the volcano, and witness the beauty of Lake Batur and the backdrop of Lombok’s Mount Rinjani.


Find A Reliable Tour to Get Better Experience

A reliable tour provider is needed to guarantee your trekking experience managed yet memorable. Visitors can choose various packages of Bali trekking and hiking tour. The price is around USD 40 – 55 for each person. These providers allow visitors to go privately or in larger group by joining another tourists. The essential thing is, a Mount Batur guide is highly recommended.


Aside from most reviews that say Mount Batur trekking path is friendly for all, a guide is advised to accompany the whole journey since he has learnt every detail of the path through the top. Moreover, the trekking begins in the dark that it may be difficult to track the path without instructions. It is reported that numbers of tourists get injured in some occasions due to the absence of tour guides.


Mount Batur sunrise trekking may sound amazing but that is actually not all. As waking up early is difficult for some people, visitors can opt for day or sunset trekking. The view is still fabulous and you do not have to wake up early.


Bagus Bali Sunrise is one good option for your Mount Batur trekking experience. It provides all amusing packages stated earlier. Simply visit to find one meets your expectation the most.


Preparation: Equipment And Physical Condition

With the amount of approximately USD 50 for the trekking tour, providers include essential equipment for the adventure. Usually, the inclusions are coffee after picking up, flashlight, raincoat, and mineral water. However you should be aware of your own needs. Bring personal medicines in case of some incidents. Basic personal care and protection such as sunscreen, sun glasses, and hats will be obviously helpful. If you seek for good captures, camera is certainly a must. Do not forget to gear up yourself with proper trekking shoes and warm clothes. It is advised to wear layered clothes as the weather might change.


Physical preparation is as important as basic equipment. Although reviews claim that anyone with average fitness level can do the Mount Batur trekking, make sure that you are in a good stamina before starting the journey. Regular exercise and gyms will likely help you to reach the peak faster. The friendly track even allows advanced  hikers to run, some reviews said. Even though so, be careful and stay alert. Always go  with a trained Mount Batur guide. Be cooperative with the guide. Listen to the information and instruction before and along the hike.


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Mount Batur trekking experience has attracted a great numbers of tourists. Some even claimed that it was the most memorable attraction during their Bali trip. The magical, charming sunrise view definitely pays off the hike. Certain packages allow you to also enjoy another outdoor activities such as camping and rafting.


Mount Batur Trekking Experience

Bali Trekking Tour @2021

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