Mount Batur Trekking From Lovina

Mount Batur Trekking From Lovina

Mount Batur Trekking From Lovina

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Mount Batur Trekking From Lovina

Bali beaches, paddy fields, and the island’s panoramic view have long been the major attraction for visitors. However, if you have the opportunity to stay longer in the island of God, you must include adventurous tourism attraction into your agenda. Bali trekking tour are the answers for those who are looking for arduous trip. Trekking and hiking around Bali are obviously an exceptional experience.

Tourists will be taken through challenging path while savoring the stretch of beautiful nature. Bali’s famous arrangement of paddy fields, green forest, and clear water in the river, sandy beach, and coffee plantation will make you enjoy every single minute of your journey. Not to mention, you can also witness the charming traditional routines in Bali villages. Feel the warmth and hospitality during your trekking and hiking trip.

Mount Batur Trekking From Lovina

Mount Batur is located in the district of Kintamani, precisely in the northwest of Mount Agung. It becomes one of the most-sought trekking destination in Bali. It has one of the world’s biggest caldera. Inside the caldera, there is crescents-shaped lake, known as Lake Batur. The area around Mount Batur is a fertile soil with lake, crater, and caldera as main tourism interests. Besides nature tourism destination, Mount Batur is also a cultural, sacred site as we can find the Trunyan people. They claim to believe in Hindu which was inherited from the country’s noted ancient empire, Majapahit.

Since the mountain gets big interest from adventure seekers, tours providers facilitate visitors from different spots, one of them is Lovina. The Lovina area is in the north part of the island, 9 kilometers away to the west part of Singaraja. Panoramic beaches and dolphins are main interests there. No wonder numerous tourists choose stay around Lovina to seek for the Mount Batur trekking. It takes about 1.5 hours of driving from Lovina to common opening sequence of the trekking itinerary. If you seek for magnificent view of Mount Batur sunrise trekking, prepare yourself to be ready just in few hours after midnight. Tour provider will start the agenda at around 2am by picking you up.

Shortly before the trekking begins, Mount Batur guide will give you helpful information and instruction to keep the journey safe. Make sure you contact a reliable provider that provides skilled guide to accompany your trekking adventure. It may get tricky to walk up through the slope of Mount Batur under dark sky. Therefore, aside from carefully listening to the instruction, visitors also have to maintain a good stamina. The sunrise trekking normally reaches the peak at around 6am. Here, have the opportunity of extraordinary breakfast with meal which is cooked with the volcano steam. The breathtaking view is worthy for all the efforts. Have your breakfast while enjoying panoramic sunrise. Besides the gorgeous, colors of sun rising, visitors also can see the beauty of Lake Batur and overlook Mount Rinjani.

Count all of these excitements into your list. Bagus Bali Sunrise, a tour provider founded by a Batur Village-born, has range of Bali trekking tour packages. If you look for one, simply visit the our website to find the most suitable package. Tracking down arduous path is not the only attraction you will most likely experience. Bali districts definitely has a lot to offer. Camping in the nature, rafting, cycling, stroll through coffee plantation and witness the making of Indonesia’s signature Luwak coffee even make the whole trip memorable and special.

Mount Batur sunrise trekking might be a huge attraction for most tourists but what is the solution if you can never be amorning person (to catch the sunrise)? Bagus Bali Sunrise also provides day trip and sunrise trekking if waking up early is really an issue for you. At that time, the view is still amazing. The sunrise trekking from Lovina costs similar as pick up at Kuta area or around IDR 1.500.000 for two persons. Generally, there are options to go as small group or larger one by joining with another visitors.

Prepare yourself as well as possible for an impressive trip. Ask what complementary included in the package, so you can bring your personal cares such as medicines, and extra clean clothes. Things which are generally included in the package are professional Mount Batur guide, driver, mineral water and snacks, tickets, and safety equipment.

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What To Expect Around Lovina?

Lovina is known as one of Bali’s beautiful beach located in Buleleng District. The beach is known for the dark sand and the dolphin flocks swim freely in their natural habitat. Do not miss the opportunity to witness this amazing mammal. Contact a dolphin tour provider to manage your trip. The dolphin tour cost is around 150.000 rupiahs. Very affordable with relatively good service. As one of the main destination in Bali, Lovina is also supported with fine restaurants that sells local and international dishes and hotels.

However there are a lot more than just a pristine beach to explore around. Near Lovina, precisely in the Kalibukbuk Village, you can visit the Kalibukbuk Temple. It was first found by a local who intended to dig a well. The Kalibukbuk Temple is presumed to exist since 6-14C. If you like the sacred ambience in spiritual site, you can also visit the Budha Banjar Temple, in Banjar Village. Located around mountains, the site offers  peaceful quietness. Still from the site, do not miss the Banjar hot spring. The hot water there is high in sulphur so it is said to have the medication effect for skin diseases. There are three hot springs in the location, each with different level of heat. Meanwhile, in just 3 km away from Lovina, you can visit the Sing Sing Waterfall. To get there, youu will have to pass local farming with the backsound of falling water, calming and refreshing. The Sing Sing Waterfall is located in Temukus Village, Buleleng District. For watersport enthusiasts, just visit the Krisna Watersport in Singaraja, Temukus Village. The place offers various exciting watersports such as parasailing, donut boats, banana boats, canoeing, and fly fish.


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