Mount Batur Trekking Hard

Mount Batur Trekking Hard

Mount Batur Trekking Hard

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Mount Batur Trekking Hard

Many people avoid doing trekking because they afraid that they will be too exhausted to complete the track. Not to mention you have to bring your own necessities which is sometimes heavy to carry. The rest of us argue that trekking is only for professional who has good physical performance. It will able to endure the pain, and get permission to get long vacation to complete the journey?


But does really hiking a mountain is not suitable for those who are not familiar with physical exercise? Basically hiking and trekking can be done by all people at all ages, but the problem is whether you choose the right place for the experience.


Mount Batur Is Suitable For Beginners

In Bali, there are several mountain that can be hike. But not all of them is appropriate for beginner hikers like mount Agung which takes hours of climbing can only be done by those who have experience trekking beforehand. However, mount Batur which is pretty close from Kuta is suitable for beginners. Even for those who have no experience in doing hiking before, it is suitable as individual, couple, and family attractions.


Why does people think that Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking is difficult to be done when it is suitable for beginners? There are several reasons why people think that hiking mount Batur without previous experience is impossible. First because they are not familiar with the surrounding. Many people know mouth Batur from the internet, they don’t actually visit the place and experience the hiking.


Just reading the information about the geographic of the mountain might make you scared, as you imagine a giant Vulcanic mountain that is dangerous; but actually it is not applicable for mount Batur. It is true that the mountain is tall, but you can do half of the journey with cars until you reach the last village to park your car and start climbing the mountain. To climb mount Batur, it only need one to two hours but never does beginners people send more than 3 hours to hike mount Batur.


Mount Batur as Popular Hiking Destination

Many foreign visitors assume that mount Batur as the main destination for Bali Trekking Tour is a spooky place where wild animals run everywhere. The mountain is entirely covered with thick bushes and tree which will make you difficult to walk. The ground is slippery where some strange animals such as leeches are everywhere not to mention mosquitoes and ants.


Believe it or not, mount Batur is not as dangerous as it sounds. The mountain is surrounded by mountain and lake view with beautiful golden color in the evening. Some parts of the mountain is covered by trees, but they are not as thick as it seems as local people also use the land on the mountain to do agriculture. As you hike the mountain, you can meet local farmers who do their job on their land, so you don’t have to afraid with wild animals that may attack you since it is very unlikely to happen.


Being unfamiliar with the location is also the reason why people have no interest in Bali Trekking. However, it is actually not a big deal as local people provide you with services, good directions, and some of the even develop tour package that are available for all years around.


How to Book Mount Batur Trekking?

You can plan your trip even before you are arriving in Bali by contacting the local tour service such as Bagus Bali Sunrise Trekking, as most of them have online website which can be access by the people trough the internet like wherever they are. Tourism package to mount Batur are varied in price and services, so you can choose the one that suit to your vacation plan.


They not only provide Mount Batur guide who understand the local people, environment and weather. Some of them provide door to door service where guide will pick you up at the hotel and take you to mount Batur and drive you back to the place where you stay. So you don’t have to worry about transportation to mount Batur, because the expense already include all of them.


Hiking Mount Batur as Exercise

Hiking mount Batur is not only about climbing the mountain and getting close to the nature, as you can also do any other activities while joining Bali hiking tour. Some of the trekking tour like mount Batur provide you with various activities that are suitable for individual, family and couple.


If you like to do exercise the  you might interest in taking water sports activities that are available near the lake in mount Batur. For couple, taking evening walk and biking are favorite, because you can enjoy the scenery without doing some serious exercise. If you are too tired to do activities, you can still enjoy your leisure time at the local cafes and restaurants while enjoying the mountain view around them. If you are interest in cultural activities, make sure you arrive in Batur at the right time, you might be lucky to join cleaning ceremonial by the local people to pray for the mountain.


Trekking to mount Batur is available in all year around, you don’t have to find a specific time to come to Bali for hiking since the tropical weather of the island makes the mountain accessible almost every day. You don’t have to worry about the eruption, because the government will notify you if visiting the mountain is too dangerous as the result of Vulcanic activity. Fortunately, in recent year the mountain has shown stable activities that makes the trekking save.


The local guides are also the expert of the surrounding. So they might help you to choose the route that suitable for you when needed. The local people are also kind, they will help you with directions and any other things as long as you ask them nicely. The nearby village provide visitor with excellent facilities, there are a lot of hotels, guest houses, restaurants, and cafes; so you don’t have to worry about your meals and accommodations. Since the location is quite close to Kuta, you can still have round travel for one day, so you can still enjoy the city life while traveling to a quiet mountain.

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