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To watch the beautiful sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur does cost quite a lot. This may be an obstacle for those who vacation with moderate capital or budget traveler.

However, the an unforgettable experience when you do mount Batur sunrise trekking will pay all the costs you incur.

Well, so you are not mistaken in determining the appropriate provider and price according to what you have to note a few things.

Some important things you need to think first in choosing a tour service for the right mount Batur trekking price, namely :

A. Thorough advance what is included in the price given by the tour provider will you choose. Usually the price for mt Batur sunrise trekking suite will include :

  • Coffee break before the climbing begins: it is important for you to back up energy during the ascent takes place.
  • Presentation of hot drink and a breakfast at the summit of Mount Batur: air at the top is relatively cold will cause you to feel hungry then make sure the price includes the breakfast which completed with a hot drink (If you buy your own, then the price will be much more expensive).

B. Choose tour providers that provide private tour service.

The price for the mount Batur private tour service is a bit more expensive than the share group tour. Well, there are some advantages that you will be able to correspond with the price you paid for them :

  • Your guide will be more focused in providing services to you and of course your safety is guaranteed,
  • You do not need to share a vehicle with someone you do not know,
  • The journey of you travel or during ascent speed can be adjusted with your skill level ability (no much waiting for other guests)

C. Choose a provider that gives different prices according the packages included. More simple mt Batur packages for trekking selected then the price will also be more affordable. If you want your trip more memorable strongly recommend to complete your tour with a hot spring and a coffee plantation program.

D. Choose a provider who has had a good rating on TripAdvisor or in other words having enough good mt Batur Trekking review.

Pay a little more expensive to tour providers that have enough excellent mount Batur trekking review will be much better than you choose a cheap price with dubious or average service.

Well, enough of some things you should consider before choosing service to mt Batur trekking with prices to match.

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Mount Batur Trekking Price – Private Tour

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Enough of our information about the mount Batur Bali trekking guide price may be useful for you in choosing the right tour operator.






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